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"He's coming!" Zeng Ke stood up from his seat and said nervously, "Leader, you should see his speedboat! Is the plan about to start now?"

"Look at yourself!" Zhao Yu scolded him, "Captain Dou is good at observing details. Don't let him notice anything funny about you! Besides, it's too early to confront him. We must wait for Gao Facai, Ran Tao, and Wu Xiumin to get everything in place on their ends! Remember, no matter where we go, we are the leaders, and the leaders cannot be nervous!"

"Oh... Okay!" Zeng Ke nodded, but still seemed slightly worried as he said, "I am afraid that Captain Dou is so smart that he won't be fooled by us."

"You don't have to worry about that!" Zhao Yu said. "If he doesn't fall into our trap, only two things can explain this. First... We must have shown our flaws and allowed our plan to be seen through. Second... The murder on the island may have nothing to do with him. Hence, Zeng Ke, we won't lose anything if we fail!"

"Yes, we are all counting on you, leader!" Zeng Ke nodded, while he complimented him.

With a cold smile, Zhao Yu turned his eyes to the sea and said fiercely, "Judging from my experience, since there is so much evidence that is all pointing to Captain Dou, he is certainly not innocent in this matter!"

As soon as Zhao Yu's voice fell, Captain Dou's speed boat arrived at the command vessel. Captain Dou and several policemen carried the lunch warmer and came onto the deck.

At the sight of Captain Dou's untidy dress, Zeng Ke could not help but shiver. He could hardly believe that this untidy person could be a murderer!

Zhao Yu, however, showed no emotions on his face. When he saw Captain Dou arriving, he immediately went out to greet him.

Zhao Yu smiled at him and asked, "Captain Dou, how was the matter regarding the fight going?"

"It's almost done!" Captain Dou responded in a hurry. "Bureau Chief Wang stayed at the bureau to deal with it."

Zhao Yu pretended to be concerned about him as he said, "Well, since we are friends, let me help you solve the matter quickly. Actually, the simplest way to deal with this kind of fight is to break the people's arms and legs to make sure they can't fight any more!"

Hearing Zhao Yu's joking words, Captain Dou and the other policemen all got awkward looks on their faces. No one had expected that the Special Investigation Group leader from the Criminal Division could speak like a hooligan!

"As I just said, the matter is almost handled already!" Captain Dou hurriedly waved his hand. "Anyway, we could never bother you with such a trifling issue!"

Captain Dou's forehead was sweating profusely. After a few seconds, he pointed to the warmer and said, "Well... You have been working hard these days, so today, Bureau Chief Wang specially ordered Quliang casserole stew fish for you. Please try it while it's hot. It's very good!"

"Oh, good! Thank you. Let's eat together." Zhao Yu smiled.

"No, thank you. We've already had our lunch!" Captain Dou said. "The other policemen on the island also have much work to do. You enjoy though, please..."

After that, Zhao Yu and Captain Dou spoke a few more trivial words, then Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke ate the lunch. The casserole stew fish was so appetizing that Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke ate a lot of it!

After the meal, while the policemen were cleaning up the dishes, Zhao Yu pulled Captain Dou aside and asked him seriously, "Captain Dou, can you accompany me to the crime scenes once more this afternoon? I thought of something yesterday..."

Captain Dou looked at him and asked, "What did you think of?"

Zhao Yu narrowed his eyes. He looked at Captain Dou and had a strange feeling about the man in front of him.

"Well, I was thinking about footprints..." after he said this, Zhao Yu talked a lot about the island's geology, such as how some places had soft soil, so there was a greater chance on one's leaving footprints and so on. In short, he insisted that Captain Dou accompany him to the crime scenes again to investigate this specific matter.

As Zhao Yu was an absolute authority in this case, Captain Dou did not dare to refuse him, and he immediately asked some of his people to come over, then went to the island with Zhao Yu. As soon as they left, Zeng Ke quickly turned on his laptop and began to work on his own specific tasks as planned.

Once they arrived on the island, Zhao Yu led Captain Dou and others around it. In the blink of an eye, more than two hours had passed. During this time, in order not to arouse Captain Dou's suspicions, he had put forward a lot of strange and insignificant inferences and questions, which triggered their continued discussion.

It wasn't until 3:30 p.m. that Zhao Yu's mobile phone rang. This was all planned beforehand. Once Zeng Ke had confirmed some new information, he would inform Zhao Yu by a short message. As Zhao Yu was the leader, nobody dared to peek at his mobile phone.

Hearing the notification, Zhao Yu quickly checked the message. When he looked at it, his eyes suddenly brightened and he immediately sent an OK meme back to Zeng Ke. This was the signal that meant that their plan had officially started!

To complete his performance, Zhao Yu led Captain Dou and the others around the crime scenes for another hour before heading back in the direction of the command vessel. Unexpectedly, just as they came to the crew's tents, Zhao Yu's mobile phone rang again.

Zhao Yu answered the phone carelessly, but suddenly trembled violently and shouted excitedly, "Zeng Ke, what did you say? Really?"

Captain Dou frowned curiously when he heard Zhao Yu speak so loudly.

"Okay!" Zhao Yu said excitedly.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu turned to speak to Captain Dou and the others, "Zeng Ke said that he just found a mysterious figure in a clip from Xie Hao's phone! He then compared that image with the crew members, and he discovered that this figure is not a member of the crew!"

"Oh!" Captain Dou responded in surprise. "This means that, on the night of the murder, there were others on the island!"

Zhao Yu pretended not to see Captain Dou's nervousness and shock, while he said excitedly, "Although the figure is somewhat blurry, its image could be fixed with the right software. Thus, we will soon know the mysterious man's identity! I now know that others were involved in this case!"

"Um... Yes!" Captain Dou agreed verbally, but his eyes could hardly hide his nervousness.

"Captain Dou, let's hurry back to the command vessel and have a look at this new information!" Zhao Yu pointed in the direction of the vessel as he said to Captain Dou, "However, the footprints are also important, so maybe we can find the footprints of this mysterious man according to the location markers that are shown in the clip?"

"Yes, I'll send someone there and have them be on standby!" Captain Dou said.

"Okay, let's go!" After that, Zhao Yu hurried back to the command vessel. Captain Dou ordered a few people to stay on the island, then quickly followed Zhao Yu.