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752 The Story of the Lighthouse

Back in the room, Zhao Yu had a strange feeling upon seeing the points he had earned and the devices he had just received from the Miracle System. In fact, he felt that he had done a terrible job.

After making so much of an effort, he was still in the same place! Moreover, regarding the Gen Li hexagram, there was no sign of meeting any new friend at all so far!

Even so, his adventure score had still reached 130% and he had received a super device, the Invisible Pseudo-Lethal Drug! After taking this drug, a person could fake his own death for 30 minutes! This was a very powerful device.

As Zhao Yu tapped on the bathroom glass with his fingers, he was still thinking about the illogical score. It was clear that his performance was not good, so he couldn't understand why his score was so high, nor could he figure out why he had been rewarded with a super device. He had to wonder...

Is it because of the plot of "Lighthouse?" The plot was adapted from a real story, so could the island's killings be related to the real story?

But... What about the clues that were left on the dead bodies? Who was the real murderer?

Zhao Yu sighed heavily and felt a deep sense of exhaustion overwhelm him at that moment. It seemed that he should stop thinking about the case and go have a good rest. After he made up his mind that he would start with the original story of "Lighthouse" and see if he could find any new clues in the morning, Zhao Yu went to bed.

That night, he had strange dreams. He dreamed about the couple who guarded the lighthouse. He also dreamed about Guo Yihang and the sailor who was wrongly executed via the death penalty.

Then, he dreamed of Miao Ying. In his dream, Miao Ying had returned from abroad and had joined him in solving this case. In fact, they solved all of the cases in the yellow notebook.

Of course, in his dream, he and Miao Ying shared a few passionate nights together. In addition, his young apprentice, Su Jinmei, also got in his bed again. What surprised him the most, however, was that he also dreamed of the actress Li Qian!

Li Qian had an attractive and mature temperament. Zhao Yu dreamed that she was wearing a sexy evening dress to have dinner with him while the cook Zhang Yong had brought them a plate of roast pork.

While he was dreaming about all of these things, Zhao Yu slept through the night and didn't wake up until eight o'clock the next morning. After he awoke, he stretched out on the soft bed, feeling mentally and physically refreshed.

Nevertheless, when he pulled back the curtain, there was no bright sunshine that greeted him. Instead, it was very cloudy and cold outside.

At that moment, he remembered that it was hexagram time. So, he opened a new hexagram.

However, when he saw the new hexagram, he cursed immediately, "Holy shi*!"

Strangely, he had opened another Gen Li hexagram, just like yesterday! Although a Gen hexagram was very good, the following Li hexagram didn't make sense to Zhao Yu. He had wanted a Kun Gen hexagram or a Qian Gen hexagram, as either of those would have helped him close the case.

By the time that Zhao Yu got up, Wu Xiumen and Zeng Ke had already been waiting for him for a long time. They all went to the restaurant to have breakfast together.

As Quliang was a small city, there was hardly a decent hotel in the whole city. The hotel they were staying at now was the Quliang Hotel, which was the best hotel in the entire area. Although it was a four star hotel, it could hardly meet the standards of a real three star hotel in a bigger city.

Nevertheless, Bureau Chief Wang Chenggang was very thoughtful, and early in the morning, he had sent someone to bring them a few local treats. As Wu Xiumin enjoyed some of these delicious snacks, she turned to look at Zhao Yu.

She then asked, "Leader, are you okay? Last night, you looked like you were suffering from acute fatigue syndrome. It's not good for you to go on like that. If it turns into something chronic, it will have a great impact on your health. I know some good doctors, so how about you go and see them once this case is over?"

"You..." Zhao Yu was about to refuse, but as he looked at Wu Xiumin's earnest face, he managed to keep his temper under control and simply finished his porridge in silence.

"Leader, I was thinking about what you told me yesterday!" Zeng Ke put down the porridge bowl and chopsticks, then asked, "Do you think that the case is related to the plot of the film? But... There is something that I could never figure out..."

"What plot?" Wu Xiumin didn't understand, as she wasn't involved in their earlier conversation. "What do you mean? How is the storyline related to the case?"

Zeng Ke didn't reply to Wu Xiumin's questions, but went on to say, "I thought that maybe someone in the original story saw the crew shooting his own storyline. Then, in anger, he killed them!"

Wu Xiumin was shocked by Zeng Ke's thoughts, so she dropped her cake on the table. "Zeng Ke, stop being silly! This is nonsense! If the people from the original storyline were still alive, they would be very old now. So, how could they kill six people?"

"The victims were poisoned," Zeng Ke answered timidly.

"Yes, but the cook Zhang Yong was carried to the garden and buried alive. Could an old man in his seventies carry him?" Wu Xiumin shook her head. "And... How could they know so much about the secrets of the film crew? The two have no relationship with each other at all."

Zeng Ke turned to Zhao Yu and changed his words immediately, "Of course… Umm… That's what I meant. I also thought that the murders were absolutely irrelevant to the film plot!"

Zhao Yu ignored them both, while he took out his phone and called someone. Unexpectedly, he called Li Qian.

"Hello, lady, how did you sleep last night?" he asked her.

"Officer, you..." Li Qian obviously didn't expect for Zhao Yu to call her.

"Hey, don't get me wrong..." Zhao Yu said. "I'm not flirting with you. I just wanted to ask something. Look, you are the heroine of the film, so you must know the plot very well, right?"

"Um..." Li Qian was obviously a little confused. There was a long silence before she said yes.

Zhao Yu asked,"So… You played the wife of the lighthouse keeper in the film?"

"Yes… Officer, I'm confused... What's wrong?"

"Ha ha ha ha..." Zhao Yu laughed in a strange way, then said, "Don't panic. I just wanted to confirm with you about one thing. Was this script really written by Cai Jinda? And... Is it based on a real event?"

"Yes, I'm sure that the script was written by Cai Jinda. He had been preparing it for two years. Although it is a small-cost production, Cai Jinda has been looking forward to getting famous again with this film!" Li Qian answered him earnestly.

She then added, "This story was indeed adapted from a real event! The original story happened on Yongjin Island, and the same lighthouse that we've all been to is the lighthouse from the original story!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu suddenly felt goose bumps on his skin.

"Officer, I thought you knew about all of this!" Li Qian said. "All of the locals have all heard of this story. In fact, many people still enjoy talking about it often! Nobody knows whether that sailor was really wronged or whether the murderer is the sailor or the wife of the lighthouse keeper."

Her eyes were wide as she continued to explain, "Cai Jinda wrote a smart ending. Although he used this story as a base, he did not give an exact answer as to who the murderer was. Instead, he maintained three possibilities, then left a thought-provoking and suspenseful cliffhanger ending!"

She then concluded, "Hence, this film is neither a documentary nor a straight feature film. In a sense, Cai Jinda has created an entirely new plot mode! So… If it hadn't have been for the murders, maybe I would have become famous once the film was released!"