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"Hey, leader Zhao, be careful." Under the lighthouse, Captain Dou caught hold of Zhao Yu and asked him, "What are you doing? The lighthouse is like the leaning tower of Pizza. It can collapse at any time!"

"Well..." Zhao Yu scratched his hands and corrected him, "It's Pisa..."

"Leader Zhao, did you find anything? Do you think that there is something in the lighthouse? What on earth did you find?" Wu Xiumin frowned.

Captain Dou waved them over quickly. "After the incident, I sent some people to search the lighthouse, two times! As all of them are professionals, searching inside and outside, it's impossible for them to have missed anything! Our dog was also with them, and they all found nothing."

"Are you sure that it's all been searched?" Hearing Captain Dou's words, Zhao Yu asked for verification, but did not stop walking towards the lighthouse.

"Yes, I'm 100% sure!" Captain Dou swore. "Leader Zhao, how about I send someone to search it again after daybreak, and even have them dig up the ground around the lighthouse. However, that's really dangerous, and if you were to be put in any danger because of it, none of us could afford that!"

Hearing Captain Dou's words, Zhao Yu quickened his steps.

"Leader Zhao, don't go." Captain Dou caught ahold of Zhao Yu. "I'm not joking. It's dangerous!"

Besides Captain Dou, his fellow policemen also came forward to stop Zhao Yu from advancing any further on the unstable grounds. But, after all, since Zhao Yu was their leader, they dared not overstep his authority. So, Zhao Yu reached out and pushed them away.

Zeng Ke was also concerned about Zhao Yu. He looked at the lighthouse in the dark and rushed up to seize Zhao Yu's sleeves.

He then said, "Leader... We can go there tomorrow. The light will be brighter then. Besides, what could you possibly see this dark evening?"

"Leader Zhao, we took numerous pictures when we were searching the lighthouse earlier. You could have a look at those pictures first, then come back when it's lighter." As Captain Dou tried to persuade Zhao Yu, they arrived at the entrance of the lighthouse.

The entrance was full of weeds and there was no door, leaving only a dark and gloomy hole, which made the visitors panic-stricken. "Dam*! This is not right." Zhao Yu cried, while he suddenly stopped at the entrance and gave up exploring its interior.

He was not really interested in the lighthouse, but only in verifying the side adventure! When he was looking at the direction of the lighthouse, he noticed that the score would increase. However, when he insisted on going up to the lighthouse, the score did not increase anymore!

This could only mean one thing... There was nothing for Zhao Yu inside the lighthouse! This made Zhao Yu really confused! The case was already complicated and confusing enough, but he didn't expect that the side adventure would be so strange as well!

He had to wonder… Why did my looking at the lighthouse increase the scores, while entering it didn't?

Zhao Yu stepped backwards helplessly. He looked up at the lighthouse again and searched around it with his eyes. However, after scanning many rounds around the lighthouse, he couldn't figure anything out.

But, Zhao Yu didn't give up that easily. He set up an invisible detector and an invisible perspective device, then redid the search carefully. Yet, he still got nothing.

Zhao Yu was extremely puzzled, as were the others. They didn't understand his weird behavior at all. Nevertheless, after seeing that Zhao Yu had finally given up on the idea of going up the lighthouse this night, they were all relieved.

"Leader Zhao, you've been busy for a long time. Bureau Chief Wang has booked a hotel for you in Quliang. Why don't you have go and have a good rest tonight?" Captain Dou spoke flatteringly to Zhao Yu. "You can rest assured that we will take good care of everything on the island in your absence!"

"Hmm..." After hearing this, Zhao Yu nodded slightly.

His past work had let Zhao Yu understand one thing... A lack of energy was never helpful for solving a case, but only made it more difficult. Therefore, if he wanted to solve this case, he must remain in good physical condition.

At this moment, it had been 24 hours of nonstop investigating, and his team was exhausted. As it was not necessary for him to stay onsite, he decided that it was better for him to have a break, which might let him gain some inspiration, along with physical rest.

With this in mind, Zhao Yu agreed with Captain Dou's proposal to return to the dock, where the three of them then took a police speedboat to Quliang City. The three men were really worn out. Even though the speedboat bumped over rough and turbulent waves, they each took a nap and slept soundly on the speedboat.

Captain Dou arranged a special bus for them after returning to Quliang, which took them straight to the hotel. Zhao Yu wanted to invite Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin to have a late snack with him, but looking at their tired faces, he dismissed the idea.

Their rooms were next to each other. Wu Xiumin went upstairs and into her room first after she said good night to the other two men. The room between Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke was Zhao Yu's. Zhao Yu entered his room after seeing Wu Xiumin retire to hers safely.

Zeng Ke's room was next to Zhao Yu's. Zeng Ke went to the door and yawned and just as he was ready to open the door with his room card, Zhao Yu suddenly came out of his own room, then excitedly pushed Zeng Ke onto the wall!

"What the heck?" Zeng Ke was shocked.

Zhao Yu nervously grabbed Zeng Ke's collar and said to him, "Zeng Ke, I probably understand it all!"

"Leader, what do you understand?" Zeng Ke broke out in a cold sweat.

"The lighthouse!" Zhao Yu glared at him excitedly as he explained, "I thought there was a problem inside it. But, in fact, it's not inside it, but outside it!"

Zeng Ke gently loosed Zhao Yu's hands, which finally relieved the strong pressure from him. Before he could reply, Zhao Yu kept ranting.

"Not outside!" Zhao Yu shook his head. "But… The lighthouse itself!"

Zeng Ke frowned and asked, "Leader, how about you take a rest, then we can maybe talk about this later?"

"I may have overlooked something!" Zhao Yu seemed crazy to Zeng Ke. "Zeng Ke, what is the film 'Lighthouse' about? What is the plot of the storyline?"

"I thought that this information was sent to you long ago." Zeng Ke didn't expect this random question from Zhao Yu. "It's actually a very simple story. In the 1980s, a couple guarded the lighthouse on the island. Then, one day, the couple rescued a young shipwrecked sailor. However, the rescued sailor fancied the young and beautiful wife of the lighthouse keeper. In the end, he took the keeper's wife from him and brutally murdered the keeper."

After hearing the story, Zhao Yu seemed to have thought about something. But, before he said anything, Zeng Ke added, "However, the most incredible thing about this film is that it has three parallel stories! What I told you just now was the first one, and the second and the third ones both have really thought-provoking reversal endings. This story telling technique is really smart!"

"Reversal endings?" Zhao Yu was confused by the terminology.

"In the second story, the keeper's wife seduces the young and strong sailor because of her loneliness and intolerance of her husband, the keeper. Then, the lighthouse keeper finds out and has a dispute with the other two people. In the end, the young sailor accidentally kills the lighthouse keeper!" Zeng Ke explained.

"And in the third one?" Zhao Yu felt his heart beating faster as he asked.

"The third one is even better! The murderer is not the young sailor, but the wife of the lighthouse keeper! The lighthouse keeper was abusive towards his wife, and this made the wife desperate. When the young sailor arrived, the wife finally found the opportunity to get rid of her abusive husband," Zeng Ke told the third story plot with excitement.

"First, she killed the keeper. Then, she secued the sailor, convincing him to have sex with her. After the arrival of the police, the first story took place again. The wife told the police that it was the sailor who had murdered her husband, then raped her! The sailor was then arrested and sentenced to death!" Zeng Ke concluded in a high-pitched voice.

"Holy shi*!" Zhao Yu felt his blood boiling. Could the parallel perspectives be the core of this case?

"Leader... Here's something even more interesting!" Zeng Ke went on to say, "Although the script was written by Cai Jinda, it's clearly stated in the credits that this film is based on a true story!"