Crazy Detective
750 What Instructions?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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750 What Instructions?

"Leader, I don't quite understand. We've been standing here for ages. What on earth are you looking at?" Zeng Ke asked Zhao Yu curiously as they were standing under the old lighthouse.

Zhao Yu looked at his watch. There were still ten minutes left before it would be the exact same time that the accident had occurred. He had arrived a little early today.

Since the murder had happened two days ago, no policemen were on duty here anymore. All they could see now were the yellow caution lines and the white lines that outlined where the scriptwriter Cai Jinda's body had been.

The place where the writer Cai Jinda was killed was right below the most southern point of the lighthouse. The murderer had hit him over the head with a huge and heavy rock, which had killed him instantly.

Among the many deceased victims, besides Xu You, who was burned to death, he must be the most tragic one. When it was found, his corpse had no face at all!

The Forensics Department had calculated that the rock that killed him had weighed 25 kilograms. They also determined that it had been falling from the lighthouse!

After carefully studying Cai Jinda's head wound, Gao Facai calculated that the rock had been pushed out of the lighthouse by the murderer. The murderer had also apparently had catapulted the rock from the lighthouse with a great amount of strength, which made the stone produce a very strong destructive force. Although Cai Jinda was only hit once, he couldn't survive such an intense blow.

After carefully observing the crime scene on the ground, Zhao Yu raised his head again and looked up at the lighthouse. Tonight, the moon was so bright that he could see the outline of the lighthouse easily, without even having to turn on his flashlight.

As a result of its suffering years of blowing winds and the rain's erosion, the lighthouse was badly damaged. In fact, it looked like it could collapse at any time.

While he was looking at the tall lighthouse, Zhao Yu muttered to himself, "Is there any other possibility for this murder?"

"Oh? Our leader has another good idea!" Seeing Zhao Yu thinking, then barely hearing his mutter, Zeng Ke asked Zhao Yu excitedly, "What possibility are you thinking of?"

"If Guo Yihang, Gao Peng, and Qiao Ruxue were not the murderer, then is there another plausible explanation?" Zhao Yu pondered for a second, then said, "Well, I always thought that this case was really weird!"

"Weird? How?" Zeng Ke asked.

"Um... For example... Um... Let's say..." Zhao Yu stammered at first, then finally drew a conclusion, "I just think it's so weird!"

"Master, you just said that…" Zeng Ke was starting to get really confused now.

Zhao Yu ignored him, continuing to mull things over aloud, "The murderer killed people in different ways, left clues on the deceased and spared the life of a witness. The witness made us believe that the murderer is Guo Yihang. Then, we found that Guo Yihang had disappeared! Then, we went to investigate Qiao Ruxue and her husband, but found that they are clean! Isn't this all so weird?"

"Leader, you... What on earth are you trying to say?" Wu Xiumin was rolling her eyes now.

"Hmm..." Zhao Yu paused, trying to collect his thought. He then said, "Let me say it this way. I think that the case might not be a premeditated murder! Maybe, this case was an accident!"

"Leader! You are brilliant!" Zeng Ke acted amazed but really thought Zhao Yu was a bit mad at this point.

"Or... You are absolutely nuts!" Wu Xiumin added. "Putting drugs in drinking water, killing people in different ways, leaving clues on the dead bodies, sparing Kang Leming's life, hanging Li Qian, and burying Zhang Yong...All of that… You think all of those things were an accident?"

"No..." Zhao Yu hastily explained, "What I am trying to say is that it may have been caused by an accident!"

"Master," Zeng Ke asked, "what exactly are you trying to say?" Were they trying to kill each other? Or… Do you suspect Li Qian and Zhang Yong?"

"No!" Zhao Yu denied his colleague's assertion, then explained, "Don't interrupt me, just let me finish. I mean to say that the murderer might just have wanted to kill someone in the crew, but when he killed that one person, the whole thing just somehow spun out of control. So, then he had to kill more people!"

"Wow! There's a great Hollywood movie script right there! One sniper killed five innocent victims. The police thought that he was a mad killer, but they didn't realize that only one of the five people was the sniper's actual target." Zeng Ke couldn't wait to interrupt and share his two cents.

"Da*n! Are you going to let me finish or not?" Zhao Yu stared at Zeng Ke with a frightening look, instantly silencing him.

He then clarified, "Specifically, I think that, after the situation got out of control, the murderer had to kill all of the people who knew about the first murder, so it escalated into the mass murder that we now have on our hands!"

Zhao Yu then added, "So, changing the ways of killing and leaving clues were just to hide the original motive of the first killing! Hence, we need to find out the murderer's real motive in order to be able to finally solve this mystery!"

Hearing Zhao Yu's conclusion, Zeng Ke, and Wu Xiumin were both shocked and tongue-tied.

"Okay, you can talk now!" Only then did Zhao Yu allow them to speak. "Go ahead and try to prove me wrong!"

"Leader, there is only one thing about what you just said that I don't understand." Zeng Ke raised his hand weakly, then asked, "Your analysis and conclusion are perfect, but... Who is the murderer?"

"Um... This... Well..." Zhao Yu suddenly had the idea of strangling Zeng Ke to death.

"At least one thing is for sure!" Wu Xiumin, calmly interrupted them. "This murderer must have known the inside story of the crew! At the very least, the murderer had to know about these people's backstory with Qiao Ruxue. So, the murderer must be one of the crew members."

"Yes." Zhao Yu nodded quickly. "Even Qiao Ruxue herself did not know that Qin Hao used cefuroxime to make her allergic reaction occur! Therefore, this murderer must be a powerful person within the crew or in the company!"

"Gee, that means you have to investigate a lot of people now!" Zeng Ke said. "There are so many executives at Champion Pictures. Who knows which one of them is our guy? It's also possible that the murderer is someone in the crew, but has already left Yongjin Island!"

Wu Xiumin then voiced her opinion, "This man would have to know a lot about the island!"

"Don't worry!" Seeing that the side adventure was about to begin, Zhao Yu said to the two with confidence, "Believe me, the time to witness a miracle is approaching!"

Just as Zhao Yu was laughing wildly, the time had come for the side adventure. He quickly became silent and observed his surroundings carefully in order to prepare himself for any unexpected event.

However... As the watch ticked away the seconds, Zhao Yu's expression gradually turned from one of excitement to one of frustration. Seeing that Zhao Yu's mood had clearly shifted, Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin held their breaths. In their eyes, Zhao Yu looked a bit mental at the moment!

Five minutes later, Zhao Yu finally lost his composure. After cursing in the air and reopening the map on his mobile phone, he compared it with his current location. The location was right, so he had to wonder…

Why was there is no response?

Did I miss anything?

Just as Zhao Yu was about to really lose his temper, he suddenly found that his side adventure score had unexpectedly increased by 5 points.

What is this?

Zhao Yu quickly looked around the surroundings again. When he looked at the lighthouse once more, the score increased by another five points!

This time, Zhao Yu finally understood what was happening. He stared at the lighthouse, which was now right in front of him, and murmured, "That is today's side adventure!"
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