Crazy Detective
749 Who Else?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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749 Who Else?

No one noticed that it was getting dark. Throughout the afternoon, Zhao Yu had combed over almost the entire Yongjin Island, trying to get an overall picture of the island's geology and geomorphology.

Although more clues continued to surface, the case didn't get any clearer, only more complicated and confusing!

Ran Tao and Qiao Ruxue talked for quite a while. According to Qiao Ruxue, Guo Yihang was handsome, but extremely self-centered. He only considered how everything would affect him first, and he never considered others' feelings.

Besides that, although Guo Yihang seemed to be manly and heroic on the surface, he was actually an absolute coward! Even rats and cockroaches terrified him, let alone the thought of killing anyone!

Therefore, Qiao Ruxue was very sure that Guo Yihang couldn't be the murderer at all! He had neither the ability to kill, nor the motive to kill.

Qiao Ruxue tried hard to recall the past, but she could hardly think of anyone who could commit a murder in order to avenge her. According to Qiao Ruxue, the people she knew in the past had just wanted to take advantage of her. If there had been such a kind-hearted person in her realm, she would not have jumped out of the building!

After hearing about this seemingly dead-end, Zhao Yu and the others were very disappointed. They had really thought that they could get some new clues from Qiao Ruxue.

Nevertheless, Zhao Yu did not give up, but asked Ran Tao to have another good chat with Qiao Ruxue about all of the suspicious people from her past. Zhao Yu never expected that the murder case on this isolated island would become so difficult! Up to now, they still hadn't even found a solid suspect!

Although Kang Leming's testimony pointed to Guo Yihang, it was clear that this was flimsy, at best, and not enough to place Guo Yihang's as an official suspect yet. Zhao Yu was thinking of all of these things, trying hard to figure everything out...

If it wasn't Guo Yihang, who was the murderer?

Also, what was the motive for the murders? What was the purpose of the clues that he intentionally left on the dead bodies?

Was it all done really to avenge Qiao Ruxue?

Zhao Yu was struggling with the same clues as before, having made no significant progress at all! This only made him more upset.

An accident? Revenge? A conspiracy?

At this moment, Zhao Yu, Wu Xiumin, and Zeng Ke walked along the coastline towards the lighthouse. Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke did not know that Zhao Yu had chosen to go to the lighthouse at this exact time on purpose. The reason for this was that today's side adventure was there!

Such a clear instruction certainly inspired Zhao Yu! He believed that there was a reason that the system chose the lighthouse specifically as the site for the side adventure.

Zhao Yu thought that there could a great possibility that he would get new case clues from this forthcoming side adventure, thus achieving a breakthrough!

"Leader!" During the journey, Zeng Ke was still explaining his thoughts, "I think that, besides the other suspects, Tan Tao needs to investigate Qiao Ruxue more carefully! I have a feeling that this case may have something to do with Qiao Ruxue!"

Wu Xiumin said, "Zeng Ke, don't you remember? Ran Tao confirmed that Qiao Ruxue has an alibi. She hasn't left Jinhai in nearly a month!"

"Of course Qiao Ruxue wouldn't handle such an unsavory thing herself!" Zeng Ke said. "But, since she's rich now, she could pay someone to kill people!"

"Six bold murders? Is your brain damaged?" Wu Xiumin retorted. "Qiao Ruxue is doing so well now, why would she take such a risk that might ruin her life?"

"Well, it's certainly not impossible!" Zeng Ke was stubborn. "What if the crew knew that Qiao Ruxue had become rich, so they wanted to blackmail her with her past secrets? So, in order to protect herself, Qiao Ruxue killed them!"

"Hey! You just reminded me of something!" Wu Xiumin said. "It might be Qiao Ruxue's husband!"

"Oh?" Zeng Ke was stunned by Wu Xiumin's bold guess.

"Maybe, since Qiao Ruxue's husband knew that Qiao Ruxue had been bullied before, he wanted to do something for his wife." Wu Xiumin continued, "Then, because Li Qian and Zhang Yong were not involved with the bullying, the murderer let them live! And, since Guo Yihang was Qiao Ruxue's ex, her husband also hated him, so he not only killed Guo Yihang, but put all of the blame on him!"

"Wow, that's really impressive!" Zeng Ke said.

He turned his head and looked at Zhao Yu. "Leader, I think we really need to investigate this couple! This is the only motive and explanation that makes sense right now."

"Don't worry. I actually thought about this possibility long before now, so I've already asked Ran Tao to check it out! But..." Zhao Yu frowned as he said, "But, even though what you have just said seems to make sense, there is a one bug in the ointment."

"Oh? What is it?" Zeng Ke had a confused look on his face.

"If Qiao Ruxue or her husband had done this, they wouldn't leave any of the clues that we have seen! They wouldn't want to attract our attention by bringing up the past! The clues that were left do exactly that, right?" Zhao Yu asked.

After hearing this solid logic, Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke had to nod to acknowledge that Zhao Yu was right. Zeng Ke then said, "Yes… You're right. If they did it, they would also not have used so many different ways to kill the people, would they? As our leader said before, just simply poisoning the crew would have served their purposes."

At this moment, Zhao Yu received a text message. After reading the message, Zhao Yu shook his head helplessly and said, "It seems that we aren't on the right track! Ran Tao just texted me that Qiao Ruxue's husband had bypass surgery half a month ago and has stayed in the hospital until now."

Zeng Ke shook his head. "So, it seems that it has nothing to do with him."

"Could it be a cover-up?" Wu Xiumin was still doubtful.

"No. Ran Tao has double-checked the medical records. It's absolutely true!" Zhao Yu shook his head.

At this time, Wu Xiumin also received a text message. After reading it, she said angrily to the others, "The policeman in charge of investigating the cameraman Zhang Chenggong has found more videos and photos in his studio. Moreover, they have found indecent photos and videos of Qiao Ruxue!"
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