Crazy Detective
747 I“m at the Racetrack
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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747 I“m at the Racetrack

"Leader... Wait for me..." Zeng Ke caught up with Zhao Yu, then asked eagerly, "Leader, what do you mean? We just figured out that if we can't catch the murderer, the insurance company must pay for accidental deaths. Also, there is definitely something wrong with that Gao Peng! So, why don't you continue?"

"Um..." Zhao Yu impatiently made a gesture to Zeng Ke before taking ahold of his shoulder and leading him over to the deck.

He then said, "Zeng Ke, we must take into account the actual situation!"

"What is the actual situation?" Zeng Ke asked as he shook his head, still unable to understand him completely.

"Zeng Ke..." Zhao Yu said in all earnestness, "If Gao Peng was killing these people for insurance compensation, why would he have made the murders so complicated?"

"Complicated? How is it complicated?"

"Isn't it complicated?" Zhao Yu asked.

Before waiting for a reply, he explained, "If he wanted the insurance money, why not poison the crew directly? Wouldn't it look more like an accident that way?"

"Um... This…" Only then did Zeng Ke understand Zhao Yu's meaning.

"Or... Wouldn't it be more convincing to push people into the sea and fake a collective drowning scene?" Zhao Yu asked.

Again, before getting a response, he continued, "If it was for insurance, then why should he leave a living person? Moreover, why would he leave clues on the bodies?"

Zhao Yu shook his head, then explained further, "Leaving clues and a living witness would make people think that the murderer is Guo Yihang. Then, the insurance company could use that to argue that this is a murder and refuse to pay the compensation. In this way, Gao Peng wouldn't get any money at all!"

"Oh..." Zeng Ke frowned, still trying to understand Zhao Yu's explanation.

Zhao Yu had a good reason to say all of that. Although there were many cases where killers committed murders in order to get insurance money payouts, those criminals would make the murder look like an accidental death. But, what happened on the island were clearly murders!

Nevertheless, Zeng Ke still insisted, "Leader, even if Gao Peng had nothing to do with the murder, we should still do a background check on him carefully, just in case we missed some other clues."

Zhao Yu said as he patted Zeng Ke on the shoulder. "Zeng Ke, I know that you dislike him. You think he's rubbish! However, a man like him simply couldn't carry out such a complicated murder! If you really want to solve this case, you can't bring your personal emotions into it. People like Gao Peng are everywhere in this world, so you'd better learn how to do this now!"

Zhao Yu's words were undeniably true, and Zeng Ke nodded silently. At this time, Captain Dou and Bureau Chief Wang Chenggang came up to Zhao Yu with a big bag of lunch boxes.

Bureau Chief Wang said, "Leader Zhao, you've worked all day. Please try our local fried rice with sea cucumbers. It's authentic Liu Ji fried rice!"

Before the lunch boxes were opened, they smelled an appetizing aroma coming from them. Captain Dou took the opportunity to report to Zhao Yu, "Leader Zhao, the investigators we sent to Caohai have sent back some information. Guo Yihang hasn't returned home yet. Although, we have taken full control of his house! As soon as he appears, we can arrest him at once!"

Zhao Yu nodded and asked casually, "Where is Qiao Ruxue? Isn't Caihao her hometown, too?"

"Oh..." Captain Dou paused, then said with a little nervousness, "We have already sent someone to her old house, but Qiao Ruxue's family has long since moved. But, we are still looking for her!"

"Moved?" Hearing this, Zhao Yu felt something was fishy, so he asked, "What happened to Qiao Ruxue? Is she still alive?"

"Oh, we checked with the hospital," Captain Dou said. "We confirmed that Qiao Ruxue did jump out of the building, but she did not die! The doctor said that she was lucky. She jumped from the fifth floor, then was discharged from the hospital after only one month."

He took a breath, then continued, "She suffered just a slight fracture and a concussion, nothing too serious! But, rumors are what kill people, and neighbors said that it was probably because of this that her family moved! But, you can rest assured... As long as Qiao Ruxue is still alive, we should be able to find her!"

During their conversation, Zhao Yu made his way back to his temporary office, while Captain Dou followed him and kept reporting to him, "Leader Zhao, the dive team has also started their work. Do you have any specific search area that you want them to focus on?"

Zhao Yu shook his head. After all, he didn't expect too much from the underwater search. So, he turned to ask Captain Dou, "What happened with the surveillance camera? Did you find anything suspicious?"

As he asked this, Zhao Yu pushed open the door to the office and walked in.

"Still nothing!"Captain Dou responded helplessly. "We have carefully checked the surveillance videos that were positioned near the beach that night. Although the cameras captured several people, these people have all been cleared of any suspicion! Also, the beach area is vast. If the murderer did not take the public road, it would be very difficult for him to be captured by the cameras!"

"Well, later, you can let Zeng Ke handle all of those surveillance videos!" After Zhao Yu said this, he felt a little hungry. So, he picked up a lunch box and got ready to enjoy some local cuisine.

"Um... We have issued a warrant for an arrest!" Captain Dou said as he handed Zhao Yu some disposable chopsticks. He then said, "I believe that we will definitely find Guo Yihang!"

As Zhao Yu took the chopsticks, he had to admit that he thought the exact opposite. He felt that it would be impossible to find Guo Yihang. He might have even been killed by the real murderer!

During the meal, Captain Dou asked about Gao Peng and the insurance compensation scheme again. After hearing about all of that, although Captain Dou agreed with Zhao Yu's assertion, he said that he would send someone to follow up on the matter to see if there were any other secrets behind it.

Even though the stir-fried rice with sea cucumbers tasted good, after its long-distance transport to the command vessel, it had basically gone cold. So, Zhao Yu finished his meal quickly, then stood in front of a white board and began to analyze the case.

At this time, Zeng Ke came to report that Gao Facai had gone to the hospital to identify Kang Leming's wounds. After conducting a comparison, Gao Facai believed that the weapon that killed Xie Hao and stabbed Kang Leming should be the same weapon, a knife with a blade that was only 10 centimeters in length!

Zhang Yong said that he had a fruit knife that matched that description, and he mentioned that he never saw it again after the crime. From this point of view, this fruit knife was probably the murder weapon!

Zeng Ke had just finished reporting the situation, when Zhao Yu's mobile phone suddenly rang again. Unexpectedly, it was Ran Tao.

Interestingly, as soon as the phone was picked up, Zhao Yu heard the sound of horse hooves in the background!

"Master, how's the case going? Did you find the murderer yet?" Ran Tao asked him loudly. "I'm in Jinhai now! Did you hear that sound? I'm at a racetrack!"

Over the phone, Zhao Yu also heard Tycoon barking in the background. He then asked, "Ran Tao, didn't you go to Nanjiang? How did you get to Jinhai?"

"Master!" Ran Tao laughed and said, "Didn't you tell me to investigate Guo Yihang and Qiao Ruxue? Well, I'm with Qiao Ruxue now! Listen, Qiao Ruxue is riding a horse! She is a good rider, too! By the way, the horse that she rides, she bought by herself. It was very expensive..."


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