Crazy Detective
744 Zhao Yu’s Conclusion
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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744 Zhao Yu’s Conclusion

"You said Xu You was burned at this place! Are you two sure?" Zhao Yu pointed to the white lines on the dock as he asked Li Qian and Zhang Yong.

They both nodded. Then, Li Qian said, "Yesterday, we were both very frightened! First, we saw Qian Jin hanged! Then, we saw Xie Hao's head.. It was cut off! We were so frightened that our minds went completely blank. All we wanted to do was to leave the island quickly. So, we ran here. Then we saw Xu You's burnt body!"

"Hmm..." Zhao Yu took the last bite of his fried dough stick, wiped his mouth with a napkin, then asked, "Why are you so sure that the one who was burned must be Xu You?"

Just as Zhao Yu asked the question, Li Qian nodded with absolute certainty, but Zhang Yong only shook his head and shrugged.

"I recognized Xu You's clothes, and the corpse looked exactly the same as his figure!" Li Qian said confidently.

"I was too scared to look at it very carefully!" Zhang Yong confessed.

"Leader Zhao, do you think that it wasn't Xu You who was burned to death?" Captain Dou scratched his head. "Don't you have a professional forensics pathologist?"

"Hmm..." Zhao Yu inserted a straw into his soymilk and took a deep suck. The soymilk had warmed a bit, but Zhao Yu still drank it thirstily.

At this time, Zhao Yu did not say a word. Then, after thinking for a few minutes, he suddenly pointed to a young policeman under Captain Dou's command and said, "You, lie on the ground! Let me have a look!"

"Hmm... What?" The others couldn't understand what Zhao Yu was up to.

Zhao Yu showed the young policeman a photo of the crime scene, then said, "Please, take the same posture as Xu You… Like in the photo..."

"Okay..." Surrounded by the others, the young policeman lay within the white lines on the ground, clearly confused.

Zhao Yu smacked his lips, nodded, then snapped his fingers. After that, he turned and walked straight towards the center of the island.

Captain Dou scratched his head and could not understand what he was doing at all. Li Qian and Zhang Yong followed Zhao Yu quickly, as did the other policemen.

The young policeman, who was still on the ground, felt embarrassed. So, he got up quickly, dusted himself off, and ran to follow Zhao Yu as well.

Zhao Yu walked ahead of them without saying a word, and as the group followed behind him in a confused daze, it all looked quite funny. Soon, Zhao Yu came to the tents.

He looked around and didn't pay much attention to any single item at te scene, but he looked very serious. The others couldn't figure out what he was wanting to do at all.

As Zhao Yu came to the tent where the actor Xie Hao had died, he asked another young policeman to come over. The young policeman had just started to take a step forward, when he was suddenly stopped by Zhao Yu!

Then, Zhao Yu made a knife gesture with his right hand as he aimed it at the policeman's neck. The young policeman was very cooperative, and as Zhao Yu made a wave with his arm, the policeman fell down directly.

"No!" Zhao Yu, clearly frustrated, showed the picture of the death scene to the young policeman and explained, "The knife cut the left artery at the throat. You wouldn't die so quickly like that! You have to first cover the stab wound with your hands and struggle for a while!"

"Eh?" The policeman seemed confounded for a moment, but then began to act according to Zhao Yu's instructions.

"Here... Come over here a little. Kick the chair..." Zhao Yu instructed the young policeman's movements like a film director. "Over there... Hit the sleeping bag over there... Now, fall to the ground... Crawl... And… Now… You are dead!"

After hearing the word "dead," the policeman lay on the ground and did not move again.

At this time, Captain Dou frowned and asked, "Leader Zhao, didn't the deceased take some anesthetics before he died? If so, why did he struggle so much when his neck was cut?"

"Shh..." Zhao Yu hissed at him mysteriously. He then stood there thinking for quite a while.

A few minutes later, Zhao Yu led the others to the tree, which still had the ropes hanging from it. As soon as they saw the hanging ropes, all of the policemen stepped back. They were clearly a bit worried as to how Zhao Yu would reenact this scene...

He wouldn't really hang a live person in order to solve this case, would he?

Fortunately, Zhao Yu did not really ask anyone to hang himself. Instead, he made some gestures under the tree for quite a while, trying to tie knots around the trunk as if he were the murderer.

After that, he looked at the other crime scenes, while making strange hand movements at every one. He would occasionally ask Li Qian and Zhang Yong for some more information, but he did not say much overall.

However, unlike last time, after Zhao Yu came out of the tents, he did not go to the lighthouse, but went straight to the windbreak along a weedy path. After yesterday's search, the police had basically figured out Kang Leming's escape route, which he took after he was stabbed by the murderer. They had been able to piece it together based on the blood traces that he had left on the ground.

As he made his way down this road, Zhao Yu looked quite strange. He was holding a wooden stick and moving it back and forth, like a shepherd. The others had no idea what he was doing.

Along the way, Captain Dou wanted to say to him something several times, but he eventually shut his mouth tight and did not make a sound. Finally, when Zhao Yu found the place where Kang Leming had fallen, he stopped. He looked at his watch, seeing that an hour had passed since they had started revisiting the scenes!

At this time, a shrewd young policeman volunteered to help. "Leader Zhao! I'll play the victim this time!"

After that, he lay down where Kang Leming had been stabbed. However, this time, Zhao Yu did not use his stick to mimic any stabbing motions, as he was currently lost in thought.

After about ten seconds, Zhao Yu's mobile phone rang. It was Wu Xiumin.

"Leader, you were right! Kang Leming really knows a lot about Qiao Ruxue!" Wu Xiumin said excitedly.

She then went on to give him the full details, "First, he introduced Qiao Ruxue to the director Qian Jin. Then, Qiao Ruxue joined Champion Pictures. After that, the cameraman Zhang Chenggong did take videos of Qiao Ruxue! But, we don't know what those videos are about yet."

She took a breath, then continued, "Third, 'Crazy Delivery Woman' does have something to do with Qiao Ruxue! Although the company's top management didn't want to say much about this, there must be some dirty business afoot. Fourth, although Zhang Meiwei is a new actress, she has a relationship with some top political figures. So, the company dared not reject her!"

Wu Xiumin continued, "Therefore, Qian Jin is very likely to be the one who caused Qiao Ruxue's allergic reaction, so that Qiao Ruxue would have to give up the role to Zhang Meiwei! And... I checked Qiao Ruxue's medical records. When she had to give up the role, she went to see a doctor and stayed in hospital for quite some time."

She shook her head. "The records show that her face was red, swollen, and had rashes on it. This makes it obvious that it was an allergic reaction. Moreover, as it only showed up on her face, it's very likely that it has something to do with the makeup that she was wearing!"

Speaking of this, Wu Xiumin grew solemn. "Leader, it looks like what the clues led us to believe really is true! Oh, and there's another important thing that I haven't told you yet. After talking to some of their old classmates, Zeng Ke confirmed that Guo Yihang and Qiao Ruxue were in a relationship when they were classmates at Nanjiang Film and Television School. Therefore, Guo Yihang should be the murderer!"

"No!" Shockingly, just as Wu Xiumin's voice fell, Zhao Yu suddenly cried out in a decisive voice, "You're wrong, Xiumin! I have already gone over every crime scene yet again, and I am now very sure of two things. First, there is more than one murderer! Second, the murderer is absolutely not Guo Yihang!"
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