Crazy Detective
737 Suspicious Witnesses
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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737 Suspicious Witnesses

"no way!" when wu xiumin said the name of the murderer, li qian couldn't believe her. "how could it be him? why?"

chef zhang yong shared a similar opinion. "that young man is quite gentle. how can he be the murderer?"

"this is kang leming's own confession. unless he lied, it can't be wrong!" wu xiumin pointed to the screen and said, "the murderer is the one who disappeared… guo yihang!"

"guo yihang, 27, an actor, graduated from nanjiang film and television school and lived in fuyuan county, caohai city." zeng ke read out the information about guo yihang.

as zhao yu listened to zeng ke reading guo yihang's background, he was lost in his thoughts. it never occurred to him that the murderer could be so quickly exposed, since he was so meticulous in the way that he killed the people.

zhao yu still couldn't believe it... how could it be so coincidental that guo yihang disappeared, while kang leming just pointed out that he was the murderer?

could this really be the truth?

"well... although he is older than me, that young man is still a boy!" li qian said. "when we were shooting, his mouth couldn't help but shake while he was kissing me! i deliberately stuck out my tongue, which made him shake even more!"

li qian exhaled a smoke ring as she expressed her doubts, "how could such a shy and naive person be a murderer?"

zhang yong agreed. "yeah! this kid is new to our crew, too. so, why would he kill so many people that he barely knew?"

just after zhang yong had finished speaking, zhao yu's mobile phone rang. it was captain dou, whose anxiety could be noticed from his voice immediately.

"leader zhao, i just heard that there is an update from the hospital, right?" captain dou asked excitedly. "the wounded person said that the murderer was the missing guy, guo yihang! so, i'm rushing to issue a warrant for his arrest!"

zhao yu thought for a moment and said, "okay, yes. you must find this man first! but... did you find anything there?"

"we found the speedboat. it was abandoned on a beach that was far away from the city. we don't have many monitoring cameras in that area, but we are still searching!" captain dou said.

he then added, "now that we can be sure that the driver must be guo yihang, we have cordoned off the entire quliang area, as well as having sent people to guo yihang's hometown. you can rest assured that if this kid really did it, we'll catch him!" 

"good!" zhao yu said.

after he hung up the phone, zhao thought for a moment, then turned to wu xiumin and said, "please contact the hospital again. ask them for the medical records of kang leming."

wu xiumin immediately asked in a low voice, "leader, are you suspicious that kang leming is lying?"

zhao yu bluntly expressed his doubts, "i just think that this is still too weird! based on how the six people were killed, i think that the murderer should be a pro. so, how would it be possible for such an experienced person to leave behind any witnesses who could identify him?"

zhao yu continued, "kang leming had many stab wounds. as such, the murderer had no reason to spare his life!"

"then... i'll go get the medical records. also, one more thing..." wu xiumin paused. "if we look at kang leming's blood report, we can know whether he lied or not! if he also took sedatives, it means that he was telling the truth. if not, then we'll have to talk to him seriously!"

while wu xiumin was calling about the medical records, zhao yu asked li qian and zhang yong about guo yihang. both of them said that they really didn't know much about the new actor, only that he often had headphones on and seldom communicated with the others.

"what about kang leming?" zhao yu then asked about the seriously injured person.

"um... he also does a lot of things, such as running errands, cameraman assistance, lighting and sound." this time, zhang yong took the lead in answering zhao yu's question. "also, this man is good at pleasing others. as such, the directors and scriptwriters are all very fond of him!"

"zhang yong, i'd say that he has a glib tongue." li qian gave a different opinion. "think about his sneaky eyes! i guess you don't know what he's doing behind our backs?"

"what do you mean?" zhao yu asked.

"leader, the report is here!" at the same time, wu xiumin suddenly interrupted them, "you are right. kang leming's injury is really a little strange! the murderer took seven stabs at him, but all of them avoided any vital organs!"

"oh!" hearing this, zhao yu was surprised and quickly went to his computer.

wu xiumin continued, "it's not easy to too receive seven stab wounds and not die!"

"in that case..." zhao yu paused and thought for a while. "either kang leming is lucky or the murderer intentionally spared his life!"

"but, why would the murderer do that?" zeng ke didn't hold the same opinion. "he had clearly already seen the murderer. so, in my opinion, the murderer must have thought that he was going to die after the seven stabs! besides, even if seven stabs were not enough to kill kang leming, he would have been likely to die due to excessive blood loss!"

"hmm..." zhao yu nodded first, then shook his head. "but, i still think there's something wrong with kang leming! what if the murderer hoped that kang leming would accuse guo yihang, and this is all a part of the murderer's plan?"

"leader, what you are saying is getting more baseless!" zeng ke insisted on his own opinion. "how can we find witnesses guilty instead of the suspect?"

"zeng ke, would you wait for a moment? i haven't finished yet!" wu xiumin held her cell phone, then turned to zhao yu and said, "leader, i think there was nothing wrong with kang leming! he survived because of luck."

zhao yu asked, "why?"

"because..." wu xiumin passed the mobile phone in front of everyone and said, "the murderer left something on kang leming's body, too!"

everyone was shocked as they looked at the phone carefully. it had a picture of kang leming's arm, upon which was a word that had been written with an oil brush in english... "mommy"!

"mommy?" zeng ke raised his eyebrows. "what does that mean?"

"oh..." after li qian heard the word "mommy," she suddenly thought of something and cried out, "i think i know what that means! i just wanted to tell you! kang leming looks innocent, but he's actually a pimp!"

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