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731 A Horror Film?

"From the beginning to the end, the experiences of these two were only told by them alone. As such, no one can prove their stories at all! What if it's all a lie?" Wu Xiumin asked. "What's more, what they said is really contrary to common sense!"

Captain Dou shared similar concerns, "Yes, that's why we didn't take them to the hospital! When the policemen arrived on the island, only two of them were alive, and we thought that was a bit odd!"

Zeng Ke thought about it for a while, then asked, "Wu Xiumin, what do you mean? Are you saying that you think that the killings on the island was all a plot made up by these two survivors?"

"If all of the victims were poisoned, then the cook is most likely the one who did this!" Xiumin said. "And, if they didn't have drugs, it proves that the two survivors are lying! So we have to give these two people a thorough test to see if they are lying or not!"

"It has all been arranged!" Captain Dou smiled and said, "As it is our usual routine, we have already arranged blood tests for the two. So, it shouldn't take too long to get the test results back!"

Wu Xiumin then turned to Zhao Yu and said, "I'll go interrogate those two people now. If they are lying, I'll be definitely able to tell!"

"Don't worry!" Although Zhao Yu was frowning, he was obviously much calmer than the others. "Xiumin, since they are already in our custody and are being watched, then there is no need to rush over there!"

He then added, "In a short while, we will have more information from Gao's discoveries, so then you will be more confident when you take that evidence to interrogate them! So, let's finish going over all of these crime scenes first, then we can talk about the interrogation!"

Hearing her leader's words, Wu Xiumin held back her excitement and went to the next crime scene with the others. In fact, the real reason that Zhao Yu had insisted that she stay was that he had a strange feeling, and he immediately became lost in his thoughts...

What if the murder was really a joint performance of the actress and the cook... The hanging one couldn't die, and the buried one survived! This would definitely attract the police's attention to them!

And... The least logical thing is the USB that was found in the cameraman's mouth. If the actress really killed the cameraman because he took those indecent shots of her… Well... She just would never do that, surely!

Of course, if they really did commit the crime, the case would be simple. But, what if they are not the two murderers? In that case, this could really be a tough case!

As Zhao Yu pondered all of these factors, it made him realize how important it was that he know all of the facts and details of the case before proceeding to the next stage.

Then, on the way to the lighthouse, where the next crime scene was located, Captain Dou reported to Zhao Yu all of the updates from the local police. "After the incident, we reported the situation to the Provincial Office immediately. At that time, the officers dispatched the maritime police, who took control of the case and began to investigate the surrounding islands."

He took a breath, then said, "At present, no suspicious vessels have been found! At the same time, we also sent the police to carry out a thorough search on the island, which has not been completed yet. But... To be honest, although Yongjin Island is far from mainland, anyone can reach the island if they have suitable means of transportation!"

He sighed. "This means that, after the killing, the murderer had enough time to escape. Therefore, it is highly possible that someone came to this island that very night to commit the crimes!"

"Whether it's an outsider or a local," Zeng Ke said, "the USB is enough to prove that the murderer must be someone who knows the crew very well!"

Captain Dou shook his head and asked, "But... Why? It's just a film crew, after all. What's the big deal? Why did the murderer must kill so many people?"

"We can't know for sure yet," Zeng Ke said. "It's also possible that someone came to the island on holiday, and occasionally met these filmmakers, then randomly committed a robbery and murder!"

"Don't talk nonsense!" Wu Xiumin said. "That's impossible! All of the deceased victims died in different ways. It was clear that it had nothing to do with any robbery. If it was for money, the murderer would have chosen a more direct and convenient way of killing people!"

"Yes!" Captain Dou agreed. "In fact, there are still several wallets, computers, and cameras left in the tents! So, it seems like we can rule robbery out as a motive."

As Captain Dou spoke, they came across many policemen who were searching for evidence. Zhao Yu was surprised to find that there were many houses and buildings on the north side of the road.

The first few houses in sight were very old wooden houses, most of which had collapsed because of their old age. But, as they went forward, several brick houses gradually emerged into view.

These brick houses were at the center of the buildings, and they were are quite well-preserved. The tiles on the roof were mostly intact, and the paint was not completely peeling off of the doors.

"Captain Dou..." Zhao Yu couldn't help but ask when he saw the houses, "Are these houses where the people who guarded the lighthouse lived?"

"Yes!" Captain Dou confirmed, while nodding his head. "In the 1970s and 1980s, the lighthouse played a very important role on the island. The fishermen of Quliang all depended on the lighthouse to help them navigate their vessels safely. However, since the 1990s, electronic devices have become so popular that the importance of lighthouses has greatly diminished."

Captain Dou sighed. "Although there are not many unique points of interest or fancy beaches on the island, some young people in Quliang still come here sometimes for a picnic or to go camping. Oh, by the way, sometimes in the summer, our local schools even organize summer camps. In fact, my daughter has participated in a few..."

As Captain Dou kept talking, they walked along a stone path that led through the brick houses and ended at the lighthouse. Under the lighthouse, the police's lights were on, allowing everyone to see the whole picture of the lighthouse, which had clearly seen better days.

Due to the erosion of wind and rain, the top of the cement lighthouse had completely collapsed! The lighthouse's body was full of cracks.

"I really forget how tall it is! It should be about twenty meters! Lighthouse managers used to light this old lighthouse up every night to guide fishing boats home safely," Captain Dou recalled.

Zhao Yu looked at the slightly depressing ruined lighthouse and asked, "So, why did the filming crew shoot here? Are they making a horror film?"

Captain Dou scratched his head and sighed. "Sir, don't say that please. So many people have died here. If you mention any more about horror movies and the like..."

"No, they're not making a horror movie. It's actually a literary film..." Zeng Ke picked up his mobile phone and began to read the filming materials of the crew to the others.

At that moment, Captain Dou raised his hand and pointed to the cordon under the lighthouse and said, "Look, everybody! This is where the last deceased man was found! That man died in a terrible way. He was hit in the head by a big stone."