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729 Indecent Clips

"Hey..." Captain Dou took Zhao Yu and the others under a big tree beside the tents. He then pointed to the highest treetop and said, "This is where the third body was found and where the female survivor was hanged!"

Zhao Yu and the others took out their flashlights and took a closer look at the treetop. They saw two strong ropes still hanging down from it.

"Two people were hanging side by side, very close together. But one was killed, while the other survived!" Captain Dou waved to a policeman nearby, who immediately took out the crime scene pictures and showed them to everyone.

"The deceased victim is the director!" Captain Dou announced. "I remember his name is Qian Jin, which means making a great fortune, so it was very easy for me to memorize!"

"Qian Jin!" Zeng Ke added, "This 51-year-old man has worked in the entertainment industry for decades. He is not only the director of the film, but he is also the nominal producer of the film."

"Wow, so many titles? That's a lot of power, isn't it?" Wu Xiu sighed.

"Not exactly. There is a great difference between a small film director and a mainstream director," Zeng Ke said. "A director for such a mini crew has to play many roles and do a lot of things on his own!"

As everyone was discussing the details, Zhao Yu was lost in thought...

So… The director was hanged, but the lead actress survived? The killer... Why would he make such an arrangement?

Did the murderer not worry at all that the survival of the actress would be detrimental to him?

As Zhao Yu recalled the hexagram that he saw today, he realized that everything in front of him was really in line with the Kun Gen hexagram!

After all, so many people had died. That was the Kun part of the hexagram! Then, a major case was corresponding to the Gun part of the hexagram.

Thinking of this, especially regarding the Gun part of the hexagram, Zhao Yu figured that there must be some more important clues...

At that moment, Zhao Yu looked up at the rope that was hanging on the tree and wondered if the hexagram was suggesting that the clues of this case had already appeared!

"Come on... Let's go and see the next crime scene. Uh... Let's go this way first. It's closer!" At this time, Dou Zili lit his third cigarette.

He then said to the three, "After the tents crime scene, the following crime scenes are all quite scattered!"

"Scattered?" Zhao Yu was surprised to hear this.

He assumed that the places where the deceased had been found would be relatively concentrated in the same area. If they were dispersed further apart, it seemed that it was impossible for there to be only one murderer. After all, the murderer had only one night to commit the crimes!

Shortly after this, under the leadership of Captain Dou, they crossed the woods beside the tents and came to a cliff by the sea. The cliff was five or six meters high, and under the cliff were some huge black reefs. The ferocious waves that beat against the reefs seemed extremely dangerous and frightening.

"The cameraman was pushed down by the murderer from here," Captain Dou said as he pointed to an area below the cliff. "The man fell directly on the stone right there, and when the police found him, he had already stopped breathing!"

"Captain Dou, you aren't being precise!" Wu Xiumin couldn't stand it anymore. "As criminal police officers, we can't just assume that the deceased must have been pushed down by the murderer. Is it possible that he jumped down of his own accord?"

"Huh? Oh... Oh..." Hearing Wu Xiumin's words, Captain Dou realized that his words were not entirely appropriate.

So, he urgently explained, "Oh! Sorry! I guess I took that for granted. Next time, I will pay better attention. Um... I'm really scared by all of this, so please forgive me!"

"Leader, the cameraman's name is Zhang Chenggong, and he is 51 years old!" Zeng Ke read the information that he had gotten about this victim. "This person holds an important position in Champion Pictures. He also has a close relationship with the company's senior members!"

"Hmm..." As Zhao Yu was thinking about something, his phone suddenly rang again.

When he took out his mobile phone, he saw that it was a call from the forensic pathologist, Gao Facai. Zhao Yu instinctively felt that it must be something important.

As soon as Zhao Yu answered the phone, he heard Gao's excited voice, "Leader Zhao, we are still on our way to Caohai City, but when I was sorting the bodies, I found something that might be useful to you in solving the case!"

"Oh? What is it?" Zhao Yu's asked. 

"One of the deceased male victims clearly fell from a high altitude!" Gao said. "I was curious when I saw the tape around his mouth, so I took the tape off and found a USB inside his mouth!"

He then added, "The USB is now sealed in a plastic bag. As we have already read the information that was on the USB, we found something special..."

"Oh? What is it?" Zhao Yu asked in a hurry. "Is he the one who fell from the cliff, the cameraman of the crew named Zhang Chenggong?"

"He's a cameraman... That's a good explanation!" Gao Facai spoke the words, but didn't exactly answer Zhao's question.

He then said, "I have asked my assistant to send the information that was in the USB to your independent cloud. So, you can check it with your account number and password. However, it is quite a large file, so it may take a while. Also, I will send you the photos of the deceased victim, so that you can confirm everything with the local police!"

"Okay!" After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu hastily repeated Gao's words to the others, and all of them felt a sudden tremor in their hearts.

Zeng Ke quickly turned on his laptop and checked their independent cloud account. Although there was a signal on the island, they were quite some distance from the base station, so getting the Internet connection was a little slow.

Finally, they managed to get the photos. Zhao Yu quickly showed the photos to Captain Dou, who nodded affirmatively. He believed that the man with the USB in his mouth was indeed Zhang Chenggong, the cameraman who had fallen from the cliff!

At this time, Zeng Ke finally opened a small video that that Gao Facai had sent. When they looked at it, they were all shocked.

None of them had expected that it would be a clip of a girl changing clothes in a dressing room! After the second video was opened, it turned out to be an even more obscene clip of a woman's bathroom! There were even more shocking scenes that followed, all of which were clearly filmed secretly.

"Here!" Zeng Ke exclaimed as he looked at the screen and pointed to it. "Here's the latest dated footage. Look at this!"

The video showed a lady, who was answering the call of nature under the cliff at the seaside. The camera's lens angle looked like the video was being shot from a crack in the rock. Apparently, this video had being shot by a hidden cameraman!

When he saw this lady, Captain Dou's eyes brightened and he pointed to the photo and said, "Yes, that girl is the surviving actress! My God... What is this?" 

After hearing Captain Dou's words, the others realized that these clips must have been taken on Yongjin Island!

As they kept watching the footage, the actress was just about to do her business, when she turned around and saw the person who was filming her!

"As*hole! Don't you even feel a bit guilty for spying on me so shamelessly? Get out of here!" The actress put on her pants as she shouted angrily.

When he was exposed, the cameraman didn't panic at all. Instead, he just kept on filming. At the same time, his sneer could be heard from behind that camera, and it gave gave Zhao Yu and the others goosebumps.