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721 Five Unsettled Cases

"To tell you the truth, you really surprised us. We thought that you were a professional agent!" Miao Ying looked at Zhao Yu and asked, "How on earth did you manage to do that? How do you know that it's the honey shop?"

"I've spoken to the people at the embassy countless times," Zhao Yu said. "They came to blackmail me first, otherwise I would not be so angry! You know, I'm vengeful. Whoever provokes me will have to pay the price."

"Ha ha..." looking at Zhao Yu's proud face, Miao Ying couldn't help but laugh. "It's undeniable that this time your shamelessness won out!"

Miao Ying looked at Zhao Yu with admiration. "You can even crack the terrible Headless Female Corpses Case!"

"Of course... Otherwise, I couldn't win such a beauty back!" Zhao Yu moved to caress Miao Ying's face, but Miao Ying quickly escaped.

"Don't act like a fool," Miao Ying said, pressing Zhao Yu's dirty hand away. "I guess that mysterious organization discovered the secret transaction, so it sent someone to investigate it! But, I don't quite understand why they want to kill all of the vault guards?"

Miao Ying continued, "Maybe they have internal conflicts, or perhaps they think that the vault guards made a mistake!"

"Yes, that's what I thought, too," Zhao Yu added. "But, I prefer the former guess, because the vaults were all forcibly pried open. So, the guards must have been there for several days, which means they don't have the key either!"

"Yes!" Miao Ying agreed. "They must be in collusion with the local police. Although they caught an innocent Thai girl, they were not worried about her at all."

"However, it was not long before I came to them," Zhao Yu continued. "They didn't know what I was there for! When they found out that we weren't looking for that Thai girl, they wanted to silence me forever!"

"Yes!" Miao Ying added. "They suspected that you had something to do with the vault trading, so they wanted to know your background. Then, they killed the Thai girl in your room and shot the police with drones to frame you!"

"Yes!" Zhao Yu nodded. "They must have found out who I am."

He and Miao Ying looked at each other. Even after such a long time, they still were each other's perfect partner.

"But, they didn't know that they would become the victims of their own trap!" Zhao Yu said.

Miao Ying kept silent for a moment, then said, "They underestimated you! You did what a hundred agents probably wouldn't have been able to do! I'm so proud of you."

"No big deal." Zhao Yu was pleased and said, "You know, I'm good at what I do. Well, when you find the den of this organization, I will destroy them for you!"

"Hmm..." Miao Ying made a fake smile and said, "Let's talk about the current situation. The information you got from them, together with the information that I got, has given us an advantage."

Zhao Yu said, "Now that the spies among us have basically all been captured, let's take the lead and beat them!"

"In the future, we will make good use of the information you have in order to unite other companies and find allies to fight together." Miao Ying said.

She then turned to gaze affectionately at Zhao Yu. " Of course, these things have nothing to do with you anymore! They've helped you destroy all of your videos on the Landing, as well as all of the evidence! So, your safety and that of the little girl can be guaranteed!"

"I'm okay, but what about you?" Zhao Yu asked anxiously.

"Well, we are different," Miao Ying said. "Although my identity in China has been erased, my father is still a very big target. Besides, I left some clues in the Landing, so I will not be able to regain my identity anytime soon!"

Seeing Zhao Yu's eyes revealing his disappointment, Miao Ying quickly added, "But,I believe it won't be too long! When the war begins, they will have no time for my affairs. But, for now, my father wants me to keep an eye on the situation patiently, and then he will let me reclaim my identity after making sure that it is safe!"

Zhao Yu sighed, then said, "When I get back, I'm going to start on the next case in the yellow notebook! So, you have to take care of yourself!"

Hearing this, Miao Ying immediately started rubbing Zhao Yu's shoulder and saying, "Darling, can't you start with something else first? Although I can't regain my identity now, I'll be back soon. Or… Can I go with you secretly?"

"Are you crazy?" Zhao Yu shook his head. "You know that I don't have the final say on these cases. So, you'd better get back as soon as possible! But... I will miss you very much!"

"You will?" Miao Ying embraced Zhao Yu and spoke in a charming voice.

"Of course! Should there be any question of that?" Zhao Yu kissed her and said, "Otherwise, how could I possibly come all the way to New Zealand for you? Do you know how much you turn me on?"

Miao Ying smiled coquettishly, then said, "I'm not used to having you speak such filthy rubbish in my ear! Okay, I promise you, I'll be back as soon as possible!"

She then added, "Also, I haven't forgotten about those big cases in the yellow notebook. I think about them everyday! I can't wait for you to tell me about all about them!"

For the next hour, Zhao Yu dedicated himself to telling her about solving the cases. As Zhao Yu drank an entire bottle of red wine, he spoke with a strong voice, while Miao Ying listened carefully, not daring to miss a single detail.

After Zhao Yu finished, Miao Ying was stunned. "Oh, I'm so sorry that I missed such wonderful cases!" Miao Ying said. "I really can't wait... In two days, I'll ask my father again!"

Suddenly, Miao Ying thought of an important thing and asked, "Darling, as you have solved one of the five unsettled cases, which of the remaining ones do you plan to look into first after you get back?"

"You're wrong," Zhao Yu said. "There are actually only three unsettled cases left. That dismembered body case has been solved!"

"Oh? Was it? When?" Miao Ying was curious. "Why didn't I hear about it?"

Zhao Yu quickly pulled out a small notebook that detailed the five state-level unsettled cases from the yellow notebook. He then shared its contents with her.

As she peered at it, she could clearly see that the five unsettled cases were...

1. Ziliu Town Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case. 2. Beiqian Devil Case. 3. Jinzhong Headless Female Corpse Case. 4. Wenxi City Baishan Reservoir Dismembered Body Case. 5. Huayun Mountain Massacre Case.

"Captain Jing was the one who investigated all of these cases, but he didn't solve any of them!" Zhao Yu said. "The Wenxi City Baishan Reservoir Case was the last one, and it happened not very long ago. The case was solved by the local Criminal Investigation Department last year. The murderer was a forester in the Baishan Mountain, who was mentally disturbed. It is said that there were many female victims, all of whose bodies were dismembered after their murders. Interestingly, a person with a special ability helped a lot with arresting the murderer!"

"What special ability?" Miao Ying was curious.

"Apparently, if this person touches the remains of the deceased, he can find the corpse! It's truly unbelievable!" Zhao Yu answered.

"Hmm..." Miao Ying was suspicious instantly. "Even if such a special ability is real, then only the body could be found with it. How could it help find the murderer?"

"Who knows? To me, it's mostly nonsense! Maybe the specialness of the ability if just an exaggeration." Zhao Yu shook his head. "But, it's true that the case has been solved! For some reason, the local police deliberately kept it secret. Even I did not know about its being solved until I was in the Special Investigation Group. So, anyway, there are now three cases left. If you don't come back as soon as possible..."

"I'll come, I'll come... So..." Miao Ying pointed to Zhao Yu's little notebook and asked again, "Well... Which of the remaining three cases do you intend to handle first?"