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712 The Thrill of Scheming People

Just as Zhao Yu had planned, when the police car ran into the shop, the spies in the shop were naturally taken by surprise, especially the one who was tapping on his keyboard near the entrance. He had was greatly shocked!

Shattered gassed flew everywhere. It even hit the person who was fiddling with the travel suitcase.

Then, Zhao Yu fired two random shots again. The other two men were naturally shocked. When they saw another police car in front of the shop, then witnessed a few armed policemen get out of the car, they instinctually realized that the policemen were there to hem them in!

When the policemen fired shots at the shop, the men didn't hesitate, but took out their weapons and immediately began shooting.

The men were using guns with mufflers. Hence, there was no sound when they fired. Meanwhile, the guns that the policemen were using were giving out loud bangs, which was terrifying!

Then, the person who was on the phone upstairs heard the commotion and quickly ran downstairs. When he saw that they were being attacked by the police, he quickly tapped on his phone as though he was trying to contact someone. However, he realized that his phone didn't have a signal!

It turns out that Zhao Yu had planned this part of his scheme long ago. In order to prevent his enemy's requesting for backup or contacting his planted agent, Zhao Yu had used a Signal Jamming Device to block the signal!

The person who was trying to make the call got anxious. He had no choice but to shoot at the police with his other two allies.

The policemen had never seen such a fierce battle, and due to their fearful natures, they hid behind the police car and shot randomly at the shop. This was merely to make a show of strength, so no one was hit at all!

Although the spies in the shop had excellent marksmanship, they couldn't get any good shots at the police outside, so they ran away. Little did they know that, when Zhao Yu had stolen the police car, the policemen had already requested for backup from the headquarters. So, at that very moment, the police forces from the entire island were rushing to where they were!

Within a minute's time, another police car had arrived. Looking at the backup's arrival, the three spies could no longer contain themselves. The one that held the travel suitcase opened the back door and ran into the courtyard of the shop. This was because there was another back entrance there, which was connected to a narrow alley that led to the main street on one end and the forest on the other end.

However, Zhao Yu had been waiting at the courtyard all this time. When he saw that the person who held the travel suitcase was trying to flee, he immediately fired two shots! One hit the person's shoulder and the other one hit his arm.

The suitcase fell and the person who was shot held his shoulder as he retreated into the shop.


Zhao Yu humped and thought to himself... You just got a taste of your own medicine!

That very moment, a few more police cars arrived. Just like what had happened to Zhao Yu before, besides guns, they had also brought more powerful weapons, like shotguns! Now, the shop was beyond recognition from all of the bullet holes!

Plus, the policemen weren't dumb, so they had allocated a few police cars to park at the back alley of the shop in case anyone was to try and flee from there. Zhao Yu saw that his plot was working, so he quickly flew the Invisible Aircraft a safe distance away, then waited patiently for the story to develop.

Humph! Actually, I have to admit, this is a great feeling!

As he expected, the show arrived at its climax very soon. As the fire at the main entrance was ferocious, the three spies who were hemmed in had no choice but to try the back entrance as their escape route. So, they ran to the back entrance altogether!

Zhao Yu saw that the policemen that were positioned at the back entrance weren't really paying attention. So, if those people were to rush out now, they might get away while they were distracted! Hence, Zhao Yu quickly fired a shot into the air to alert the policemen.

However, he never thought that this would cause a few accidents...

The first accident was that, after those people ran out, the very first person was holding an umbrella. Zhao Yu's bullet hit the umbrella, but didn't go through it!


Zhao Yu was surprised by this. There even had a bulletproof umbrella!

The second accident was that Zhao Yu had only detected three people previously, but there were obviously four people running out from the shop! Besides the three men, there was a woman!


He then suddenly recalled that there had been a female shop manager when Su Jinmei and he had visited the shop earlier! The woman must be that same store manager!

But… My Invisible Fluoroscopic Device is so impressive, so why didn't it detect her? Where was she earlier? Is there a hidden space inside the shop?

Just as Zhao Yu was pondering all of these things, the third accident took place. After Zhao Yu had fired a shot that hit their bulletproof umbrella, the spies were able to determine the direction where the bullet was shot from, so they immediately turned and fired a shot at Zhao Yu!

It was lucky that Zhao Yu had quick reflexes, so he flew above the rooftop and dodged the bullet just in time. Then, under the cover of the umbrella, the four of them opened the back door and rushed into the back alley. However, the police cars were already there. As both parties met, they immediately started a gun war!


One of the policemen's shotguns led the fight and suddenly shot one of the spies! The rest of them immediately counterattacked and shot back. Then, they suppressed the policemen easily.

At that moment, Zhao Yu became distressed, as he found that there was a black jeep that was parked outside the back entrance. Looking at the location where the jeep was parked, it obviously belonged to the spies, who were clearly going to use it as a getaway car!

In fact, they had just now opened the car door and gotten in the car! They had even drug the spy who was shot by the shotgun earlier into the car, too!

Bang bang bang.

The policemen were obviously afraid of death, so they only cowered behind their cars and fired their guns randomly. They didn't even hit the jeep at all, which was quite a bug target!

Vroom vroom vroom.

The spies started the car engine and were going to leave in their jeep. When Zhao Yu saw this, he clicked his tongue in distress and was getting impatient.

If the spies leave, my plan might be ruined! What should I do? Why didn't I notice the car? If I would have pierced the tire earlier or stuffed the exhaust pipe, everything would've been fine!

Just as Zhao Yu was busy trying to figure things out, he suddenly realized that, although the spies' jeep engine was running, they weren't driving away yet.


Then, one of the policemen with a shotgun finally seized the opportunity to aim his muzzle at the jeep and shot. The shotgun's bullet shattered the rear window of the jeep.

The spies in the jeep quickly counterattacked again. Then, one of the spies suddenly climbed out of the car and threw a black object at the police officers!

A grenade?

As Zhao Yu looked on, he was dumbfounded to see that the grenade had landed, then exploded underneath the police car! The police car flipped, then landed heavily on the ground.

Suddenly, the outer wall of the shop collapsed and dust filled the air. It was complete chaos!

As she saw that the police's manpower was diminishing, the female spy extended her hand out of the window and pressed a button on an object that looked like a remote. But, nothing happened to the shop at all, even when she pressed on the button over and over again!


Zhao Yu finally understood what was going on. She trying to activate a bomb by using a remote. She was intending to blow up the entire shop in order to destroy all of the evidence!

Wahaha. Zhao Yu laughed as he hid on the rooftop. Luckily I have great insight and already blocked all of the signals with the Signal Jamming Device! Humph! Go ahead and press the button! Now, let's see what else you can do...