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707 The Most Terrifying Counterattack

The foreign man pressed Zhao Yu's arm, intending to break Zhao Yu's arm with his strength. However, at the crucial moment, Zhao Yu lowered his head, tapped on the Invisible Disguise Machine, and used the most terrifying mask!

The mask was a combination of Frankenstein and Black and White Impermanence. Now, not only was this face covered in patches, but all of its features were also bleeding.

The worst part was that his tongue had suddenly become a foot in length! It was extremely shocking and terrifying!

Zhao Yu turned around and got really close to the foreign man's face. He even licked him with his long tongue!

At first, the foreign man was thinking of breaking Zhao Yu's arm, but Zhao Yu had just turned into a scary ghost in the blink of an eye!

"Ah!" No matter how capable the foreign man was, he couldn't endure such a scare. He suddenly fell on the ground.

"Wahahahaha." Zhao Yu pretended to be ghost for the first time and made an eerie sound.

However, he wasn't very experienced at that yet, so he figured that he might as well pull a trick on the man by doing a funny vampire jump. He then skipped towards the foreign man eerily.

"Ah!" Under the illumination of the lightning stick, which was growing dim, Zhao Yu really did look like an evil ghost from hell.

As he was scared stiff, the foreign man was in no mood to fight anymore. He quickly ran towards the forest, limping all the way.

That was easy peasy! Zhao Yu thought to himself.

That moment, Zhao Yu wanted to use the Invisible Aircraft to fly low again. He believed that if he could fly and hug the foreign man at his waist, the man would definitely faint!

However, just as Zhao Yu prepared to take off, there were two accidents. The first accident was that the Invisible Aircraft reached its time limit, which rendered it incapable of being used anymore. So, if he wanted to fly, he had to use another one.

The second accident cost a human life. After the foreign man ran into the forest, there were suddenly several gunshots!


Bang bang.

Hearing the gunshots, the foreign man retreated, while covering his chest. He didn't dare to look up at Zhao Yu, but ran towards another direction in the forest instead.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to chase after him, but he was frightened by the gunshots. He wondered if the foreign man had other allies.

But, if he had allies, why would they shoot at the foreign man?

Regardless, Zhao Yu had no weapon, so, just to be safe, he quickly hid behind a tree and slowly poked his head out to check his surroundings. At that moment, Zhao Yu saw someone run out from the forest. It was Su Jinmei!

The worst part was that Su Jinmei was holding a gun. Moreover, that gun was aiming in the direction where the foreign man had just disappeared!


Zhao Yu was confused. He didn't understand the situation at all.

He quickly turned around and pointed at Su Jinmei. "Hey, Jinmei, where did you get the gun? What the heck happened?"

As he yelled to her, Zhao Yu had totally forgotten what he looked like! As he revealed himself, Su Jinmei was frightened, so she shot at Zhao Yu!


Luckily, Su Jinmei's shooting skills weren't great, so she missed.

"Ah! A ghost!" After firing off a shot, Su Jinmei turned around and ran.

However, the forest was shrouded in total darkness, and she forgot that there was a tree directly behind her. As she wasn't paying attention to where she was running, she hit the tree. As she collided with the tree, she lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

What the heck?

Zhao Yu scratched his head in disbelief. Then, he remembered his ghastly appearance, so he quickly turned off the Invisible Disguise Machine and changed his face back to its original state. He then ran to Su Jinmei.

That very moment, Su Jinmei was still slightly unconscious and couldn't move. As soon as Zhao Yu saw that she was alright, he began to worry that the foreign man was fleeing. Hence, he took her gun and chased after him.

Zhao Yu noticed that there was a blood trail that the man had left behind. Hence, it was obvious that Su Jinmei had managed to hit the man with a few shots. This made Zhao Yu certain that the man couldn't have gotten too far.

As Zhao Yu followed the trail of blood, he noticed that the blood was getting more and more dense. He then looked up and saw the foreign man among the bushes.

The foreign man was lying on the ground, soaked in his blood. Zhao Yu then realized that he had been shot in his chest and right below his neck. He had already stopped breathing.

D*mn it!

What happened?

Although this man had framed him and killed Han Dewang, there would obviously be hell to pay if Su Jinmei killed him. Besides, Zhao Yu wanted to force the truth out of him, so if he dies, they would possibly lose out on gathering several important pieces of intel from him. Plus, if the memory card in the drone couldn't prove their innocence, this guy's confession would be the only way that they could clear their names!

Tsk tsk.

What should I do?

Zhao Yu had never expected that things would turn out like this. Helplessly, he flipped the foreign man over and searched his body to see if there was anything useful on it.

The foreign man didn't wear much clothing, but he had brought a lot of things with him. He had a communication device in his ear, but luckily, Zhao Yu had already turned on the Signal Jamming Device, so if the foreign man had other allies, they wouldn't be able to communicate. In other words, his allies shouldn't have found out what had happened to him.

Then, Zhao Yu found an old flip phone, a pair of car keys, and a setup that looked like a GameBoy. Zhao Yu felt that the setup might be what controlled the drone.

Looking through the things, Zhao Yu was thinking. He tried to follow any clues to figure out a way to find this man's allies.

Just as Zhao Yu was searching the body, Su Jinmei shouted with a tearful voice from the forest, "Zhao Yu, Master. Zhao Yu, where are you? Woo woo woo. Woo woo woo."

Hearing her whiny voice, Zhao Yu sighed. Although Su Jinmei was a burden, she was only an inexperienced girl, after all. So, he could not really blame her. All things considered, she was tough enough to not have a mental breakdown after what had just happened, so that had to get her some brownie points.

Hearing Su Jinmei's call, Zhao Yu quickly walked towards her and asked, "What did I say earlier? Why won't you listen?"

Zhao Yu naturally reprimanded her the moment they met in order to reiterate his authority as her master. However, Su Jinmei, who was terrified, just leapt into Zhao Yu's embrace and started to wail, "Woo woo woo woo woo woo..."

Looking at Su Jinmei crying, Zhao Yu then asked, "Tell me, why did you come here? And... Your gun... Where did you get it?"

"Woo woo woo..." Su Jinmei shivered in fear as she complained to Zhao Yu, "Master, I'm so scared. Did you know that I… Saw… A ghost? It was a real ghost! And, the ghost was wearing something like you have on right now!"