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703 Excitement of Bloodthirstiness

Although the speculation seemed ridiculous, Zhao Yu thought that there was only one explanation that would be reasonable. Then, he also understood why the killer was still able to catch up with them after shooting the first bullet.

The moment he thought of this possibility, he was surprised to realize that…

If there is a killer that can fly, wouldn't that mean the killer is still around, keeping watch?

Taking consideration of that, Zhao Yu couldn't help but lift his head to look around. However, just as he lifted his head slightly, he suddenly thought that he couldn't just look for the killer so easily, as he might be able to fly! Also, the killer had a gun, and once he realized that anything was strange, he would shoot Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei at any time!

Then, Zhao Yu pretended to be calm as he pulled Su Jinmei into the forest. He thought that entering the dense forest would allow them to evade the killer temporarily.

On the way to the forest, Zhao Yu's thinking gear was spinning quickly. He then had a new idea...

Firstly, as the mysterious killer had been after him but never shot him, this meant that his previous guesses were right! They had wanted to corner him to see if he was related to Miao Ying, and also to find out his background.

Thinking about this possibility, Zhao Yu even regretted calling Ma Runkui. If the information they discussed was found out by the mysterious killer, it might cause some negative effects once they discovered that Zhao Yu was from the Central Criminal Division.

Secondly, Zhao Yu naturally knew that it was impossible for a human killer to be flying around in the sky. Hence, he determined that the killer was most likely not a human, but a flying device, such as a drone!

However, Zhao Yu didn't know much about high-tech weapons. He only always heard Zeng Ke bring up the subject of high-tech weapons when he was in the special investigation group.

Zeng Ke once brought up the fact that the American military had invented a mini drone. Its size was small, like a dragonfly, so people wouldn't notice it.

Besides its investigating and eavesdropping capabilities, the scariest thing about the mini drone was that it carried explosive chemicals within it. Once it got close to someone's body and ignited itself, it could kill someone!

It sounded unbelievable, but Zhao Yu had been assured such a thing existed in reality. However, Zhao Yu knew that the drone that killed Han Dewang shouldn't be that kind of drone, but another kind of gun-firing drone, which was even more terrifying!

Ever since they had fled, Zhao Yu had his Invisible Detector activated. So, if a drone was to really get close to them, he should be able to tell. But, as there was no response from the detector, he could not quite understand what this meant...


Zhao Yu then realized that, if it wasn't caught on the detector, it meant that the drone was further away from him. In other words, it was out of the twenty meter detection range.

Then, even after Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei entered the forest, he still didn't stop investigating. He used an Invisible Browser to check everything out. Specifically, he keyed in several words, like drone, assassination, and penetrating bullets into the browser.

And… Lo and behold… Who would have guessed that there was really such a drone that could fire a gunshot in the world?

The Invisible Browser functioned well. It could search for things that a normal website wouldn't be able to show. According to the search results, there was a gun-firing drone that had been recently invented by a weapon manufacturing company in the United States of America!

They had used a light bullet that had a high penetrating power to overcome the flaw between the counterforce of gun firing and the impetus of the drone. Hence, the invention of the gun-firing drone that starts with the letter K!

All of its details were written clearly on the browser. Not only was there a detailed introduction, but there was even a simple blueprint.

According to the introduction, due to the instability of the drone, it wasn't going to be massively produced. In fact, it had yet to even be manufactured! There were only a few in existence!

It was said that, besides assassinations, the drone was even capable of facial recognition, automatic tracking, distanced control and other amazing functions like self-explosion!


Looking at the search results on the browser, Zhao Yu understood something else as his heart continued to beat. Someone who possessed and used such a deadly assassination weapon that was invented by the American military and was still in the stages of research wouldn't be any ordinary person! Hence, this case was not only about the drone's capabilities, but was also obviously clearly linked with its having a strong backer!

After realizing this, Zhao Yu felt relieved. If everything was really related to Miao Ying, it at least meant that Miao Ying was working for the nation and was not the enemy of the people or a traitor!


No wonder Miao Ying insisted on leaving me! It seems that her opponent was really powerful! She must have been worried that she would bring me trouble, so she left me behind.


After he discovered the strong capabilities of the opponent, not only did Zhao Yu not retreat, but he a faint excitement and bloodthirstiness filled his heart!


He smirked coldly and thought…

Alright. If this is so, let's meet these powerful opponents!

Miao Ying, take a good look at me. You didn't want to bring me along, right? With my capabilities, I'll show you that I am amazing, too!

If I can take care of all of these b*stards in the Landing, remember to come and look for me, then let me join you in the battle!

Zhao Yu got even more excited as he thought such a possibility. He already even had a few plans in his head. That's why he had told Su Jinmei to hide behind the tree as he went to meet the mysterious killer!

As he had expected, as Zhao Yu stood in the forest and increased the detecting range of the Invisible Detector by throwing in his accumulated points, the detector quickly responded. He never thought that he would really catch a flying surveillance device in the air at a thirty meters distance!

As the forest thrived with densely lush shrubbery, the thing must have been able to fly low enough to follow Zhao Yu. Moreover, wherever Zhao Yu walked, it must have been able to follow Zhao Yu from afar and maintain over a thirty meter distance so that Zhao Yu couldn't notice it!

Thirty meters!

Uh oh...

Zhao Yu suddenly realized that his plan A might not be feasible! He had originally planned to use the Power Jamming Device to turn off the power source of the drone so that it would drop and break. However, the range for the Power Jamming Device was limited to twenty meters too. Hence, the drone was out of reach!

Tsk tsk.

As there was a facial recognition function on the drone, as well as an automatic tracking function, it had already locked onto its target, which was Zhao Yu! So, wherever Zhao Yu moved, it would adjust itself to him. Under such a circumstance, Zhao Yu naturally found it difficult to decrease their distance below twenty meters.

However, Zhao Yu had already decided to fight against this strong opponent, so he wouldn't allow this minor obstacle to stop him! He merely used another system device to take care of the problem.