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702 Flying Murderer

"I know my baby well!" Zhao Yu smiled bitterly and said. "If it was nothing extremely serious, she would definitely not leave me! So, the trouble that she was in was definitely a big deal! The opponent that she was fighting against was definitely beyond our imagination!"

"We're doomed. We are just looking for a person, and we are in big trouble!" Su Jinmei said in distress. "Master, have you ever thought that an enemy that even master's wife couldn't fight against might be much too powerful for the both of us to handle?"

"It's not that I'm looking down on you, but even if we organized our thoughts and found the true murderer, what could we do about it? Don't forget, we are escapees!" Su Jinmei said hopelessly.

She then added, "You said it yourself, those people are professionals. So, they would definitely have destroyed the evidence! Look, the hotel surveillance was definitely tweaked, so we will never be able to clear our names! What should we do?"

"Shh!" Zhao Yu quickly signaled her to be quiet as he said impatiently, "Disciple, you have belittled your master. The battle has just started, so don't go praising the spirit of the enemy and belittling our own!"

"Battle?" Su Jinmei nearly fell down after hearing that word. "Oh please! We are escapees now! Moreover, we don't even know where the enemy is, yet you dare speak of a battle!"

She sighed. "Plus, have you seen how Han Dewang died? We don't even know where the bullet came from! For a battle, we at least have to be able to see our opponents!"

When Su Jinmei mentioned the bullet, it reminded Zhao Yu of those two creepy bullets. In that moment, he realized that he had not clarified about the bullets!

The first bullet was shot through the hotel balcony, but there were no buildings around the balcony! The bullet that shot Han Dewang was even more creepy and unbelievable…

Tsk tsk.

Zhao Yu thought of something else when he was reminded about the bullets. At first, he thought the first bullet was shot from one floor above them from inside the hotel.

He thought that, while they were on the third floor, the criminal might have hung upside down on the fourth floor balcony to shoot the bullet from there. Then, it didn't seem like such an impossible shot!

But, what about Han Dewang?

How did they kill him?

The two of them were already very far away from the hotel, and the police cars were very far behind them. Theoretically, no one could keep up with them! So, he had to wonder…

Where did the murderer who shot the bullets hide?

"Master, what's going on? You don't look quite right. What did you think of just now?" Su Jinmei saw that Zhao Yu was behaving awkwardly.

"Wait... Don't talk!" Zhao Yu stopped her and started thinking carefully. Although he couldn't understand about the bullets, he knew how he should investigate the matter.

He first tapped on the device called the Memory Replay Device in his head. He then replayed the scene from when Han Dewang was shot.

As the acquired video could be replayed countless times and could be slowed down or paused, Zhao Yu was able to see everything very clearly. In the end, when he was rewatching the scene where Han Dewang was killed, he was shocked. He couldn't help but lift his head.

However, he had merely lifted his head up ten degrees, when he suddenly recalled something and lowered his head again. At the same time, he looked over at Su Jinmei.

"Master, what did you just think of? Quick, tell me!" Su Jinmei realized that Zhao Yu was acting weirder, so she urged him to speak up.

Zhao Yu steadied himself and pretended to be calm as he pulled Su Jinmei towards the bee farm.

"Hey? Master, why are we going back?" Su Jinmei was confused. "Aren't we going to the city? Why are we walking back to the forest?"

"I'm tired. Let's rest!" Then, Zhao Yu pulled her back into the forest before Su Jinmei could complain any further.

As the Landing belonged to the pacific temperate climate, the plants on the island were generally tall and lush. As the two of them entered the forest, they were greeted by damp and stuffy air. The surroundings were dark, and they couldn't see anything.

However, Zhao Yu continued to walk further with Su Jinmei for a few minutes in the dark until they reached the depth of the forest, where they stopped before a tall tree. Zhao Yu pushed Su Jinmei behind the tree and told her softly, "Jinmei, wait for me here. Don't move! I need to take care of something. Wait for me here, understand?"

"Master, don't be so mysterious, okay? I am really scared! What are you going to do?" Su Jinmei asked anxiously.

"Shh!" Zhao Yu waved at her to be quiet, then said, "If I tell you to wait, then you shall just wait! Stop your nonsense!"

Then, Zhao Yu turned and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Zhao Yu walked along the route that they had taken earlier.

As he walked, he spent another two hundred accumulated points on the system. He used the points to strengthen the Invisible Detector that he was going to use.

After strengthening it, the range that the Invisible Detector could cover had doubled from the previous twenty meters to forty meters. In the end, after the expansion of the range, Zhao Yu finally found the thing that he was looking for!


Oh, I see!

Then, Zhao Yu finally understood what had happened and where the two creepy bullets came from! When Zhao Yu was rewatching the video of when Han Dewang was shot, he realized something extremely weird...

Before Han Dewang died, he had extended his hand and wanted to open the door on the passenger side of the car. Just then, the gunshot was heard! Then, Han Dewang's fresh blood splashed all over the car window!

As Zhao Yu was burning with impatience and was frightened, he didn't see clearly how Han Dewang lost his life. That very moment, he finally saw it clearly and was amazed. This was because Han Dewang had gotten shot in his back, but the bullet went through his chest and caused the blood to splatter on the car window!

However, Zhao Yu knew the power of the bullet. If it killed Han Dewang instantly like that, the bullet would have definitely hit the car window. Not only would it have shattered the car window, but it would also have possibly hit Zhao Yu too!

However, the car window was obviously intact, and there wasn't even a trace of a bullet!

How could this be?


Very soon, Zhao Yu understood what had happened by rewatching the video of when Han Dewang was shot yet again. It turns out that the bullet was shot from high in the sky!

It shot through his chest at a forty-five-degree angle. Although the blood splashed on the car window, the bullet hit the car door. Hence, the window was still intact.

Oh my God!

Even though the Memory Replay Device wasn't very clear, Zhao Yu remembered clearly that, around the billboard where Han Dewang was shot, there weren't any tall buildings. There weren't even any two-story buildings!

Under such circumstances, it would be impossible for someone to shoot Han Dewang from that kind of angle. Unless… The killer can fly!