Crazy Detective
701 Reasonable Guesses
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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701 Reasonable Guesses

"actually, you're right." as they were walking towards the city along the outer wall of the bee farm, zhao yu told su jinmei, "after we got to the landing, there was only one thing that we did, which was to look for miao ying! plus, we only used one method to look for her!"

"yes. we checked the surveillance videos of all the shops. hmm..." su jinmei suddenly realized something and stared at zhao yu. "do you mean that the videos that we asked the shop owners for had something on them that shouldn't have been recorded, and that is what caused this situation now?"

"mmm... at first, i really thought so!" zhao yu nodded. "maybe, one of the surveillance videos recorded the crime scene of a criminal gang. regardless if it was a murder or drug exchange, we must have offended them by accident, and now they are taking their revenge!"

"yeah, i thought about that earlier," su jinmei said emotionally. "i figured that the videos must have recorded something related to the thai girl's case, so they killed the thai girl and left her in our room to frame us!"

she then said with her eyes wide, "oh my god! no wonder you kept bringing our tablets everywhere! if it was really like what you have guessed, doesn't it mean that we have been holding on to the evidence that can prove our innocence? master, hurry up! are the tablets really waterproof? can they be turned on?"

"don't worry. the tablets are fine, but i'm not done yet!" zhao yu creased his eyebrows and said, "although our guesses seem to be reasonable, it doesn't quite make sense to go into further detail at the moment! mmm... it's just like what i said before..."

zhao yu then spread his hands out and seemed helpless.

"what you said earlier?" su jinmei was confused at first, but then she suddenly recalled, "oh, you said that if we were to really discover the criminal gang's secret, they could have come at us directly instead of trying to frame us!"

she then asked, "master, what if the criminal gang is as crazy as you? meaning, they did all of this just to watch a show... to see how messy a situation we would be in?"

"what do you mean by 'crazy like me?'" zhao yu shook his head and asked. "think about it! the landing is merely a small island. does the criminal gang have to make such a scene? are they that silly? they attracted the attentions of all of the police in new zealand, so aren't they afraid that everything would be publicized even faster now?"

"mmm… this is true." su jinmei creased her eyebrows. "wow...framing... killing... shooting police and killing han dewang, too! this is too crazy. such a case would definitely make it to the front cover of every new zealand publication!"

"yeah!" zhao yu nodded and said. "if i were these criminals, i would at least try to steal the surveillance videos. there's no need to make such a scene, right?"

"true!" su jinmei finally understood. she then sighed and said, "this is quite illogical!"

"look, we need to go through the whole situation again!" zhao yu then explained patiently, "if han dewang wasn't the cause, nor was it a criminal gang, then there is only one possibility left!"

"what is it?" su jinmei was curious.

zhao yu first bit his lips, then said solemnly, "miao ying!"

"huh? what?" hearing miao ying's name, su jinmei was astonished.

she blinked her eyes and asked, "master, are you joking? you think it's her doing? what is going on? are you two playing a game or something?"

"of course not!" zhao yu quickly explained, "we wouldn't play games with human lives! disciple, think about it carefully. see if i'm right. let me ask you, don't you think that what we went through is a little unexplainable?"

"obviously!" su jinmei nodded heavily and said. "i wish this was a dream! why don't you let me bite you and see if it hurts?"

"well, because it was so unexplainable, i thought it must be related to miao ying!" zhao yu said. "we came here to look for miao ying. otherwise, why would we get involved with such a high-level incident?"

"hold on. you're losing me," su jinmei said. "say it once more. why would we come across a high-level incident just because we brought up the subject of master's wife?"

"jinmei, let me be honest with you..." zhao yu sighed. "until now, i have no idea why miao ying left me! all this while, i have thought of many possibilities. i even imagined that she left to go save the world."

he shook his head, then added, "however, among all of the possibilities that i thought of, there was one that had the highest possibility. miao ying and her family might be fighting a strong enemy! the enemy could be anyone. it could even be an amazing criminal gang, an assassin, or even an entire nation."

"oh my god. an entire nation?" su jinmei was shocked by his words.

"i'm just guessing, but the existence of a powerful enemy might be real. do you understand?" zhao yu continued to explain when he saw su jinmei nod. "think about it carefully! do you remember how nervous miao ying looked in the surveillance video from the cafe?"

"i remember. she even brought a gun with her," su jinmei said.

"miao ying must be getting ready for something dangerous!" zhao yu said confidently. "as such, the people that she had to deal with must be very skillful and professional!"

"oh my god. i think i understand now!" su jinmei shivered in horror and said, "from the surveillance videos, we can see that master's wife went towards the port. so, she might have succeeded! maybe she killed someone or stole something from someone! then, she must have taken the ferry and left."

"yeah! yeah!" zhao yu nodded in satisfaction and said, "miao ying must have succeeded."

"yes! but, then we went to look for her and asked the shops for their surveillance videos!" su jinmei said. "so, the bad guys found out that we are looking for master's wife!"

"so, they didn't kill us, but framed us by using brutal methods!" zhao yu clenched his teeth and said, "their aim was to see if they could force miao ying out by using the two of us!"

"ah! my god!" su jinmei was dumbfounded. "how could this be?"

"so, do you think my guesses make sense now?" zhao yu asked. "the landing is like the island of the dead! it seems that there are many shocking secrets on this island!"

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