Crazy Detective
699 Absolute Power
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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699 Absolute Power



a loud engine roared on the road, and it could be heard across the vast expanse of land. at that very moment, a few police cars hemmed zhao yu in from all four directions.

even so, zhao yu was still stepping vigorously on the gas pedal, attempting to push the car forward, but the car's wheels were only spinning on the ground. there was nowhere to go, and the screech of the tires was loud and the exhaust pipe was puffing out dark clouds of smoke.

the police officers on both sides of the car were shouting. finally, they lost patience, so they aimed their guns at zhao yu and su jinmei!

what… 200 points?

this is robbery?

at such a crucial moment, zhao yu was still communicating with the system. it turned out that he was trying to strengthen the energy booster.

originally, the energy booster could only increase a living thing's energy, so it was only effective for use on a human body or an animal. however, zhao yu was trying to use it on the car. specifically, he wanted to increase the horsepower of the car with the device.

however, it turned out that, when the system was upgraded for the second time, zhao yu was already researching about the possibility of this very experiment. he wanted to try and see if he could adopt a new approach in using the devices that were provided by the system in order to increase the power of a certain attack device.

hence, he had an idea! if he used the energy booster on a car, it would no doubt make the car more powerful! however, this move seemed to be useless because zhao yu ran out of the invisible accelerator! although he still had one invisible spring launcher left, just one wouldn't be able to deal with so many cars!

at this point, zhao yu's only had a total of 460 accumulated points. although he felt a little heartache over using 200 points at one go, he obviously didn't have any other choice.

so, he immediately tapped to strengthen his device and directly spent two hundred accumulated points on it. almost immediately, the strengthening process was completed. the energy booster was officially ready to be used on the car!

looking at the other party, who was preparing to shoot them, zhao yu didn't hesitate, but released the device on the car that he was driving.


the car responded immediately. the motor sound was different now, and it was roaring angrily, like a beast!

there was even a cloud of black smoke that came out from the exhaust pipe! zhao yu could feel the gas pedal become heavier, and it required more strength to step on it!

"yes!" feeling the motor's transformation, zhao yu spat out an english word in excitement, while his eyes were beaming with joy.

come on!

let's do this!

as he stepped heavily on the gas pedal, the car, which was almost dying before, suddenly sped up and dashed forward! the driver of the police car driver, who was blocking him in front, thought that their roadblock was a successful plan, but he never expected that zhao yu's car would suddenly be powerful enough to push his car forward!

the driver was frightened, and he quickly slammed on the brakes. however, his car wasn't in control anymore, as zhao yu was pushing his own car forward faster and faster!

"what? oh my god!" due to the emergency, not only did the driver step on the brakes vigorously, he even pulled up his hand brake!

in the end, due to the brakes being unable to resist the high force that was coming from behind, the front of the police car sunk in, while zhao yu's car pressed it further and further forward. as he continued to plow forward, the back of the police car was lifted up entirely!

then, as the police officers saw their comrades in danger, the police officers on both sides started shooting at zhao yu's car.


the police car window wasn't bulletproof, so it shattered!

"ah!" su jinmei covered her eyes and lied down in the back of the car.

meanwhile, zhao yu turned the steering wheel and stepped heavily on the gas pedal. he then swung the car to the right!

with one loud bang, he hit the suv, knocking it into the drain by the side of the road! then, zhao yu turned in the opposite direction to go after the other police car, which quickly dodged him. however, in dodging him, the police officers drove straight into a residence along the road!

zhao yu had acted ferociously and quickly. then, without the threatening situation of the bullets being fired at them anymore, zhao yu got a confidence boost.

he revved the car forward and smashed into the back of the police car that was blocking his front yet again. the police car was catapulted off of the ground that instant, then flipped before it landed with a thud.

however, due to the strong impact and the law of inertia, after it landed, the car kept going, gliding some distance before hitting the outer wall of a person's house. zhao yu could even hear the resident cat utter a frightened meow!

zhao yu had taken car of the police cars very quickly, and at that moment, there were only two police cars left. these two cars were chasing closely behind him.

zhao yu smirked, but didn't step on the gas pedal and leave just yet. on the contrary, he started to back up!

huh? su jinmei was dumbfounded and entirely caught off guard. she thought that zhao yu had gone mad!

the drivers of the two police cars were shocked too. they had never expected that zhao yu would back his car into them!

as zhao yu's driving was brutal and fast, he had reached them in the blink of an eye. the driver of the police car was frightened, so he quickly turned in another direction to dodge zhao yu. in the end, the back of zhao yu's car hit his car and spun it towards a tree.

"ah!" the driver in the last police car had never seen such a rude and unreasonable criminal! he quickly turned the steering wheel and tried to flee the scene.

"wahaha." zhao yu laughed maliciously as he hit the side door of the last police car.


the police car door was dented, and the body of the police car was twisted. the police officers in the car were screaming in terror.

zhao yu chuckled as he put the car into reverse to back away. then, he sped forward and hit the exact same spot again!

as the police car couldn't withstand the assaults anymore, it suddenly was sent careening to the side of the road.

"motherf*cker!" zhao yu clenched his teeth and cursed. he then stepped on the gas pedal steadily and drove away from the distorted police cars.

once zhao yu had driven a good distance, su jinmei finally relaxed a little and looked outside the window. however, when she saw that zhao yu had just dealt with so many police cars, she wasn't happy at all. on the contrary, she looked even more worried than before!

"we're doomed!" su jinmei sighed. "master, we are really in big trouble!"

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