Crazy Detective
698 Taking Charge of My Own Destiny!
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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698 Taking Charge of My Own Destiny!

Zhao Yu saw that Su Jinmei was trembling in fear, so he told her to move to the backseat while he took the steering wheel and stepped on the gas pedal.


Responding to Zhao Yu's aggressive driving style, the police car suddenly sped up and shot towards the traffic police that were setting up a roadblock! When the traffic police saw Zhao Yu driving the police car towards them at such a high speed, their faces grew pale and they moved out of his way immediately!

Then, as the cars that were forming a roadblock had yet to join completely together, Zhao Yu revved the engine and rushed the car through the gap furiously. The strong impact pushed all of the police cars aside, and some were even pushed into the drain on the side of the road. A few of the traffic police officers had also gotten a bit banged up in the process and were groaning in pain.


After careening through the roadblock, although Zhao Yu's police car was a bit dented, it could still be driven normally. So, he continued to speed along the road.

However, since he was held up earlier, the police cars that were after him from the hotel already had caught up with him! At the current moment, they were sounding their police sirens altogether.

"No way! Master!" Su Jinmei was worried. "If we do not shake them off soon, even if we reach Danny Street, we won't be able to go and look for Han Dewang!"

"Then, we must tell Han Dewang to come over and look for us!" Zhao Yu called Han Dewang again and told him to wait for him on the street.

Han Dewang agreed immediately.

Tsk tsk.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu recalled Han Dewang's earlier behavior. Zhao Yu felt that the tour guide didn't behave like a criminal! In fact, he thought that he might actually not have anything to do with the incident whatsoever! However, just to be safe, Zhao Yu thought that it would be best to meet with him first in order to ask him some thorough questions!

As Zhao Yu drove very quickly, the police sirens seemed to have faded. However, the two of them were very clear that they would catch up with them again in no time. Plus, it was hard to say if there would be another roadblock in front of them later on.

Danny Street was one of the main roads in the Landing. Han Dewang had said over the phone that he would be waiting for them under a huge billboard. He had said that the image on the billboard would be of a beauty in a red dress, who was holding a famous local honey in her hand.

Unexpectedly, the billboard was located near the corner of Danny Street. Hence, Zhao Yu saw the billboard very soon after he turned onto the road. He had no choice but to slow down and stop the car under the billboard.

"He's there!" Su Jinmei saw the tour guide walk out from a house. He then started walking towards the road.

Su Jinmei quickly rolled down her window and shouted, "Tour guide, we're here! We're here!"

Han Dewang heard her calling and quickly looked over. When he saw Su Jinmei in the police car, he was stunned. Then, he waved his arm and started walking faster.

At that moment, the police sirens could be heard from the distance. They were growing louder, signaling that the police were getting nearer. Zhao Yu panicked and honked his horn rapidly.

Hearing the horn, Han Dewang could tell that Zhao Yu was rushing him. So, he jogged over.

Just as Han Dewang was nearing their car, something terrifying happened! Han Dewang extended his arm to reach out for the passenger car door, but there was a thud at that very moment! Also, the car window was covered in red!


That red was actually human blood that had splashed on the car window! It was suddenly a bloody scene!


When Zhao Yu came back to reality, he saw that Han Dewang's body was lying on the ground.

"Ah!" Su Jinmei got a shock, too. When she saw that it was human blood that covered the car window, she screamed her lungs out.

Zhao Yu had never expected that such a terrifying scene would occur. How is this possible? Why would Han Dewang suddenly be assassinated?

Zhao Yu looked outside the window in confusion. The surrounding area was quiet and dark, and he could barely see anything!

"D*mn it!" Zhao Yu slammed his fist on the steering wheel and stepped on the gas pedal to drive off again. After he drove off, he saw in the rearview mirror that Han Dewang was still lying on the ground!

Han Dewang really died!

What's going on?

Su Jinmei was crying in distress, while Zhao Yu was left speechless, a million thoughts whirring through his mind. He still couldn't understand what had happened exactly.

However, before Zhao Yu could make any sense of it all, he saw a black SUV dash out from the right side of the road! The car immediately drove towards Zhao Yu!

There was a police light flashing on top of the car, signaling that it was a local police car. Since the SUV was huge, Zhao Yu didn't dare hit it forcibly.

He had no choice but to make a sharp turn into the alley on his left instead. However, the SUV clashed against his car vigorously anyway, as the two cars were right next to each other in the alley!

Luckily, Zhao Yu was experienced in car chases. After he taking a few more sharp turns, he finally managed to shake the SUV from their tail.

However, just as he finally got rid of the SUV, he ran into two other police cars that were coming after him from different directions! The worst part was that there was another police car that was blocked Zhao Yu in the front. They were clearly trying to corner him!

Zhao Yu revved his engine again, then rammed into the car that was directly in front of him a couple of times. However, the police car didn't budge, but continued to block Zhao Yu.

At the same time, the SUV and another police car caught up with him. They sandwiched Zhao Yu's car in between them, so he couldn't move at all.

The police officers in the police cars were all armed. They aimed their muzzles at the two of them and shouted at them continuously. They were expressing that they were going to pull the triggers if Zhao Yu didn't stop the car!

"Master, listen to me. We have to give up." Looking at such a scene, Su Jinmei was entirely hopeless.

She begged, "Master, we can't escape! Why don't we just give up? Since we are from the Republic of China, if we turn ourselves in, they won't hurt us. Master, please! Stop the car!"

"Jinmei," Zhao Yu clenched his teeth and replied, "If we could stop, don't you think I would? But, think about it! We can't give up! Think about the earlier two shots that were fired! Don't you think that, if we were arrested by the police, we would share the same fate as Han Dewang?"

"What? Why?" Su Jinmei was dumbfounded by his words. She then shouted, "Who is the killer? Why would he want to kill us?"

Zhao Yu explained, "With the first shot, he caused a dispute between us and the police! With the second shot, he killed Han Dewang directly!"

Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, "I feel that, regardless who the killer is, he is obviously trying to kill us! Once we give up, it means that we are not in the game anymore! Do you understand? They might kill us anyway! This has nothing to do with framing!"

"But, I still don't I understand... Where's the killer? We are so far away. How could he follow us? This doesn't make any sense!" Su Jinmei was on the brink of breaking down.

She then asked again, 'Who wants to frame us? Master, we didn't step on anyone's toes, right?"

"Well, it wouldn't happen for no reason!" Zhao Yu pressed on the steering wheel and said, "Not only did we apparently offend someone, that someone is apparently someone pretty powerful!"

At that very moment, the three police cars sandwiched Zhao Yu's car right in the middle of them. Then, yet another two cars came from behind and blocked off Zhao Yu's only path of retreat.

"Master, we're doomed!" Su Jinmei said hopelessly. "If we don't give up now, we will definitely die! If we give up, we might have a string of hope!"

"You're wrong, Jinmei!" At the crucial moment, Zhao Yu's eyes were twinkling with an awe-inspiring gleam.

He looked around coldly and said, "I am taking charge of my own destiny! I, Zhao Yu, will never just resign to my fate! Regardless of who is behind this, I will find him and make him pay!"
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