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697 Save Ourselves

Within a few seconds, the police whose throat had been seized by Zhao Yu fainted due to lack of oxygen. Zhao Yu then shouted at Su Jinmei, "Alright, open your eyes!"

When Su Jinmei saw all three police officers on the ground, her legs nearly gave out from under her. "Master, we were already arrested. This will be considered as an assault on a police officer! And, they have guns! How did you do this? You weren't hit, right?"

"Okay, save your fretting bullsh*t!" Zhao Yu said as picked up a gun and a pair of car keys. He then pulled Su Jinmei away and started to run!

As they ran, a police car that had chased them from the hotel caught up to them. As they were running away, Zhao Yu kept pressing on the remote control, trying to locate the car that it belonged to.

As he did so, he received a responsive blinking from the side of the road. It was a police car that's lights had flashed!

Zhao Yu didn't think much about this, but opened the car door and got in the car immediately. When they saw Zhao Yu appear, the few security guards that were at the noticed him and shouted at him as they towards him.

Then, a most depressing thing happened! As Zhao Yu got into the car, just as he was in a rush to start the engine, he was shocked to find that there wasn't a steering wheel in the car!


Su Jinmei got in from the other side of the car. When she saw that Zhao Yu was in a daze, she shouted, "Master, what are you doing? Give me the keys! I'll drive!"

Zhao Yu lifted his head and cursed under his breath. It turned out that he had forgotten something very important.

As New Zealand was an English colony, the driver's side was opposite from Chinese cars! This meant that seat that he was in was actually the passenger seat. So, of course there would not be a steering wheel there!

Bang bang.

The security guard had finally reached the car and was banging his fists on the windows. He even extended his hand into the crack of the window to try to open the door on Zhao Yu's side!

Zhao Yu quickly passed the keys to Su Jinmei, while he pushed his door opened forcefully. This caused the security guard to stagger back several steps from the car.

Then, Zhao Yu closed the door and Su Jinmei immediately started the car engine and drove away. However, at this time, the other police officers had already caught up with them.

They saw that Zhao Yu wanted to run away, so they started shooting again. Amid the crossfire, one of the rear-view mirrors was shot through entirely!

"Ah!" Su Jinmei was so frazzled by the gunfire, she was driving all over the road.. She even drove into the opposite lane! There was a taxi that happened to be driving in that lane, and they looked like they were going to crash into each other!

But, at the most crucial moment, Zhao Yu reacted quickly, grabbing the steering wheel and steering the car back into its lane. It barely dodged the taxi!

However, the taxi driver was very frightened, so he took a sharp turn. He then hit a garbage can by the roadside. But, since he wasn't driving very fast, he wasn't hurt.


As Su Jinmei stepped heavily on the gas pedal, the car wheels screeched and smoked. The car then shot forward at lightning speed. It was like an arrow that had been shot out from a bow as it drove towards the other side of the island.

"Go!" The police officers quickly got in their cars and started to chase after them.

Once she was sure that the police cars were far behind them, Su Jinmei asked Zhao Yu anxiously, "Master, can you tell me what is going on? How did we escape all of a sudden? And, where are we going now? Are we going to the port to sail away? I felt like I got hit by a bullet just now, too! Hey... Are you still checking the tablet now?"

"Settle down!" Zhao Yu said. "Yes, I am checking my tablet. I need to check on the situation at the port!"

Su Jinmei remembered that Zhao Yu could see the live surveillance videos at the port on his tablet, so she quickly asked him, "We just jumped into the water. Does the tablet still work?"

"Yes. It's waterproof, so it's fine. Yours is as well. However, they are closing down the port. This means that they have been alerted that we are on the run. Hence, we can't go there!" Zhao Yu said.

"I looked at the map earlier. There is another smaller port in the Landing. Why not give it a try?" Su Jinmei asked. "I can drive to the seaside to see if there are any speedboats!"

"No way." Zhao Yu put down his tablet and said, "Su Jinmei, try to calm down. Even if we found a boat to leave the Landing, where could we go after leaving the island? After all, we are suspects on the run now!"

"The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Auckland! If we can just get to the Embassy, there must be someone there that could help us prove our innocence!" Su Jinmei was so anxious, tears welled up in her eyes.

She then pleaded, "Master, we become convicted murderers in New Zealand! I want to go home!"

"Looking at the current situation, I doubt that we would be able to make it to the Embassy!" Zhao Yu said. "Plus, the girl that died is Thai, so them sheltering us would definitely cause an international dispute. Think about it... The bullet that was suddenly shot out... Don't you understand? This is not a simple case of someone framing us anymore!"

"What else could it be?" Su Jinmei shook her head, clearly confused. "The murderer is Han Dewang! As long as the police arrest him, we can prove our innocence, right?"

Zhao Yu couldn't help but pout when she brought up Han Dewang. He had mixed feelings about the tour guide, as he couldn't be certain that Han Dewang was actually a bad guy. In fact, he wasn't sure that he was even related to the crime in any way.

But, maybe he has some insight about the situation...

"Okay then." Zhao Yu said through clenched teeth. "Let's go and look for him, so we can ask him about this to his face!"

"What?" Su Jinmei was surprised by his words. "Master, how do we ask him about it? Are you crazy? We don't even know where he is! Plus, as we are in such a sticky situation, isn't it more realistic for us to first think about how to escape? You know that we are on an island, right? If we do not seize this opportunity to run away now, we might not stand a chance later!"

Zhao Yu spoke determinedly, "Su Jinmei! If we were to leave the Landing now, our innocence might never be proven! So, in the next twenty-four hours, we have to investigate the case, so that we can clear our names!"

"But master, I'm scared." Su Jinmei was trembling with fear as she spoke. "The police are after us. How can we solve the case if we can't even find the murderer?"

She then said in a tearful voice, "We are not starring in an action movie, after all! We can't be on the run for the rest of our lives! How do we save ourselves? We are not Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise! We are just ordinary people. I think it's best that we get in touch with our own people back in our country, then let them figure out a way to save us!"

As she finished speaking, Su Jinmei took out her phone to make the call. But, she soon realized that her phone was soaking wet! It no longer worked!

"Master, give me your phone. I need to make a call!" As Su Jinmei extended her hand emotionally, the police car swerved sideways and nearly went into the pedestrian lane.

"No... Let me call!" Zhao Yu said as he took out his phone.

However, after hearing the person that he called, Su Jinmei nearly broke down in tears. Zhao Yu had called Han Dewang!

"Hello, Mister Zhao, what happened earlier? The signal was bad..." Han Dewang's voice was heard from the other side of the phone. "Did you hear what I said earlier? Hello? Mister Zhao?"

"Tour Guide Han, where are you now? Are you still on the island?" Zhao Yu pretended to be calm as he asked his questions.

"Of course I'm on the island. I'm at my friend's place! How could I leave without your permission? Is there anything that you need me to do for you? If so, I'll come right now!" Han Dewang said.

"No, just tell me where you are! That will do!" Zhao Yu insisted.

"Oh, okay. I'm on Danny Street." Han Dewang quickly told Zhao Yu his location.

Zhao Yu didn't talk further, but hung up the phone directly after getting the address.

Zhao Yu then turned and told Su Jinmei, "Let's look for him now!"

"Master, could this be a trap?" Su Jinmei was shivering, as she was clearly worried. "We can't just keep jumping into traps!"

Zhao Yu grabbed ahold of Su Jinmei's shoulder and shouted at her, "God d*mnit! Calm down! If you want to get home alive, you have to listen to me! Understand?"

Su Jinmei finally came back to reality after Zhao Yu shouted at her. She then replied, "Okay. Danny Street is a few minutes away. We aren't far away. Mm... But Master, look."

Su Jinmei had no choice but to slow down, as they saw that there were many traffic police cars that weer setting up a roadblock right in front of them!

"Master, what do we do now?" Su Jinmei felt hopeless.

Zhao Yu clenched his teeth and roared, "Su Jinmei, step on the gas pedal and rev that engine…"