Crazy Detective
696 Creepy Bullets
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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696 Creepy Bullets

"Su Jinmei! Get down!" Zhao Yu couldn't just wait around passively for their demise, so he immediately ran behind Su Jinmei and pushed her to the ground.

The shot that had come from outside the balcony had been so sudden! It gave Su Jinmei such a shock, she had yet to respond. She definitely didn't understand what had just happened yet.

She was lucky that Zhao Yu had reacted so quickly! Just as Zhao Yu had pushed her to the ground, the police had started shooting from outside the door!

Bang bang bang!

As the numerous bullets shot holes through the wooden door, it created a terrifying scene. There were bullets flying across the room, wreaking havoc wherever they landed.

Zhao Yu didn't delay, but put on an Invisible Bullet Proof Suit the moment that he heard the gunshots. However, he was absolutely positive that the earliest shot came from outside the balcony.

This meant that they were, in essence, surrounded by gunmen on both sides. Theirs was the classic situation of one being caught between a rock and a hard place!

If they were only dealing with an enemy on one side, Zhao Yu was confident that he could protect Su Jinmei with his body. But since the bullets might be coming at them from both sides, he had no other way to ensure Su Jinmei's safety but to use his last precious Invisible Bullet Proof Suit on Su Jinmei.

After this, at least for a short time span, he didn't have to worry that either one of them would be shot...

Bang bang bang.

Now, larger bullets were fired. Zhao Yu never expected that the police would have even brought a shotgun! By now, the fragile room door had completely been turned into a honeycomb, as it was riddled with bullet holes! He could even see the moving figures and flashing gunfire through those holes!

"Ah!" As Su Jinmei had never seen such a scene, she was frightened to death and was screaming her lungs out.

However, her screams weren't that loud, at least not when they were compared to the shots being fired. All around the room were shattered lights, a broken sofa, and even a clothes rack that had been destroyed by the myriad bullets being fired into the room. Zhao Yu quickly covered Su Jinmei as the pair crawled to a corner of the living room.

As he watched the bullets destroying the room before his very eyes, Zhao Yu was trying to think. He felt that the dead woman in the bathtub and the earliest bullet went beyond the simple scope of framing someone for a murder. Plus, this sudden incident was definitely not a coincidence!

That sudden shot had caused a huge misunderstanding between he and Su Jinmei and the armed police who were outside. They clearly thought that Zhao Yu had taken the initial shot and was refusing to be arrested. Under such circumstances, even if they were to surrender, they might still be hurt or killed!

Although they both had bulletproof suits on, the suits were only functional for a limited amount of time! Plus, the situation was so complicated! As such, Zhao Yu couldn't even be sure if the police were the good guys or the bad guys in this scenario! If the police were corrupt, making them bad guys too, they would really be in a pickle if they surrendered!

At that moment, a thought startled Zhao Yu. From when he was out on the balcony early, he remembered clearly that there weren't any other buildings near the balcony. This meant that the bullet had to have been shot into the room vertically!

Then, where did that bullet come from?

Could it have been a sniper? Was the bullet shot from a long distance?

As Zhao Yu thought this, he had to rule this out. Although they were only on the third floor, the entire Landing didn't have many buildings that were taller than three floors. So, his sniper hypothesis just didn't make sense in this case.

So ridiculous!

Who made the shot, then?

What is going on?

As Zhao Yu weighed his options, he decided that he must be the master of his own fate and act immediately! After all, once he fell into the police's hands and came under their control, he could only sit and wait.

At that moment, he made up his mind. He put the tablets in his backpack, then carried Su Jinmei to the balcony.

He knew that the enemy who was outside the balcony might shoot a second time, but he couldn't be bothered by that at the moment. He had to seize this opportunity fast, as the Invisible Bullet Proof Suit was still working, but would not be functional much longer! Hence, when he got to the balcony, he jumped off of it with Su Jinmei without hesitation!

"Ah!" Su Jinmei shouted, as they fell into the pool.

As the water splashed around them, Zhao Yu didn't pause, but quickly swam to the side, while dragging Su Jinmei behind him. As the two of them were getting out of the pool, they could hear the shouts of numerous people above them.

Zhao Yu lifted his head and saw a bunch of police officers, poking their heads out over the balcony. Clearly, they already knew that the two of them had just jumped out of the building. At the moment, they were aiming the muzzles of their guns straight at Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei!

Seeing this, Zhao Yu quickly pulled Su Jinmei out of the pool and ran away. Remarkably, until the two of them made it safely to a nearby park, the police officers didn't shoot at them again!

At first, Zhao Yu thought the police didn't shoot at them because they wanted to arrest them alive. He also thought that maybe they couldn't bear to kill anyone.

As they made their way through the park and ran into the forest, they ran right into three police officers! This trio had apparently been preparing an ambush for them long ago!

"Don't move!" The police officers raised their guns as they surrounded Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei.

Su Jinmei grew pale as she raised both of her hands. She then told Zhao Yu, "Master, don't move! We can't escape!"

"That's not true!" Zhao Yu said coldly. "Disciple, do you believe in your master?"

"Phew. Phew." Su Jinmei was panting now. Although she didn't understand what Zhao Yu meant by his words, she still nodded.

"Close your eyes then!" Zhao Yu ordered her. "Don't open your eyes, no matter what happens!"

Su Jinmei obediently closed her eyes. Just as she closed her eyes, Zhao Yu ran towards the three police officers.

The three police officers never expected that he would run towards them, so they naturally were quite frightened and shot at him. As he ran, Zhao Yu purposely bent down and moved sideways, acting as though he was dodging the bullets. After all, he didn't want to reveal the secret of his bulletproof device.

This was pretty ironic, as Zhao Yu had always thought that the most ridiculous scenes in the movies were when the actors were dodging bullets in an action sequence. As he watched these scenes, he also thought to himself that, no matter how fast a person moved, they wouldn't be able to dodge bullets!

But, here he was, defying all logic! After all, because he was making those illogical and funny movements, these police officers didn't know that he wasn't really superhumanly dodging bullets!

In that instance, Zhao Yu got a confidence boost. Little did he know that, in actual fact, even if he didn't have his magical device, the bullets wouldn't have hit him most likely.

This was because there were very few crime cases in the Landing, so the police had not been on any active missions for many years, let alone participated in any actual combat. So, when they saw Zhao Yu run towards them, behaving as though he was mad, the three of them were dumbfounded. Although they pulled their triggers and fired their guns, every single one of their bullets went wide!

Now that Zhao Yu had gotten such a confidence boost, he was quite scary. He dashed forward like a beast, plowing into one of them with his shoulders! The police officer flew quite far and was knocked out instantly, while his gun dropped to the ground.

Then, Zhao Yu ran behind another police officer and seized him by his throat. Seeing this, the last police didn't dare shoot at him!

However, no one knew what that last police officer was thinking about. After he saw that Zhao Yu had acted so ferociously, he turned and aimed the muzzle at Su Jinmei, who had kept her eyes closed all this while!

"Motherf*ckers!" Zhao Yu saw this and ran to kick that last police officer, sending him immediately to the ground, groaning in pain.
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