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695 Kun Hexagram Fulfilled

"What is going on?" Su Jinmei was shivering in fear, and she felt as though her soul had left her body. She then asked, "Where did she come from? Who killed her? And... Why is she in our room?"

"Su Jinmei, this woman looks just like the missing girl that Han Dewang showed a picture of to us! Look at her!" Zhao Yu was a police detective, after all.

As such, he was able to control his emotions as he pointed at the dead woman and said, "That one from Thailand... Suchien? Remember?"

"Huh? It's her? It's really her!" Su Jinmei looked at the dead woman and nodded. "Yes, it's really her! But, why did she come to our room? Master, what should we do? Should we call the police now? Would they wrongfully accuse us of her murder?"

"No way! How could they?" Zhao Yu scratched his head and said, "We just got back to the hotel, and the hotel has surveillance cameras! Plus, we have no motive. Plus, the woman has been missing from here for such a long time, yet we just came to New Zealand."

Then, Zhao Yu started to think investigate the woman's body. He said, "The victim is a young female, lying naked in the bathtub. There are obvious cuts on her arms, and many of her arteries are severely damaged. Also, there are cuts on her chest and abdomen! Hence, the murder weapon must be something like an ax!"

He then added, "There are no signs of her being dragged here, so the deceased must have been placed in the bathtub before she was killed! Also, there doesn't appear to have been any signs of a struggle. The deceased might have been knocked out beforehand! Moreover, as the blood has yet to dry, this happened not too long ago!"

Then, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something and ran out of the bathroom. He looked in the closet and a few other places around the room, then said, "Be vigilant, as I feel that the murderer might not be far away!"

Hearing this, Su Jinmei was frightened and quickly hid behind Zhao Yu. She then looked around the room anxiously.

By this time, Zhao Yu had already activated the Invisible Detector and checked the room. But, he didn't see any signs of other human beings.

However, when he looked at the hotel balcony, he realized that the balcony door was open! He remembered clearly that he had not opened the door since the night before.

Hence, he quickly ran to the balcony to check it. There was nothing on the balcony, but when he quickly looked down, he saw that there happened to be a pool that was directly underneath the balcony.

As their room was on the third floor, it wasn't too far away from the surface of the pool, and as he looked down from the balcony, Zhao Yu quickly noticed something in the pool. Although it was slightly far away, Zhao Yu could still vaguely tell that it the object was a metal ax!

Could that by the murder weapon?

My God!

The murderer killed the woman, then threw the weapon from the balcony into the pool?

But… It still doesn't quite make sense...

What's going on?

"The tour guide! Han Dewang! It must be him!" Zhao Yu had just returned to the room, when he heard Su Jinmei's confident allegation.

She then said, "Master, it must be that tour guide! I found him to be so strange yesterday! Since he insisted to tell us about this Thai girl, who knows, maybe she was being held hostage by him all along!"

She then added, "If he really is a kidnapper, and he killed the person in our room. He must be trying to frame us! That would make sense as to why he asked us if we were looking for her! It was because he was worried that we had found out his secret. That b*stard..."

Just as Su Jinmei brought up Han Dewang, Zhao Yu's phone suddenly rang. It just happened to be Han Dewang calling!

Su Jinmei and Zhao Yu were equally surprised by this crazy coincidence. Zhao Yu quickly answered the phone and pressed the record button in order to keep the conversation as evidence.

"Mister Zhao! How have you been today?" On the other side of the phone, Han Dewang spoke politely as usual. "I'm really sorry to interrupt your day, but I wanted to inform you that there is an important event at our travel agency tomorrow. So, if you don't need me tomorrow, I am hoping that I can take the day off."

He then added, "This event is very important to me, so I hope you can approve this. Even if I can only have half a day... Mister Zhao? Hello? Are you listening? Mister Zhao.. Hello?"

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to question him, but as he heard Han Dewang acting so politely during the call, Zhao Yu suddenly realized that, if the murderer wasn't Han Dewang, they were in big trouble! Just based on his personal instincts and point of view, he felt that Han Dewang wasn't the murderer!

He had many reasons for coming to this conclusion. Firstly, Han Dewang was the star among all of the tour guides, and he had also been in the industry for many years. Hence, there was no reason for him to kill anyone, much less to frame someone else for the crime!

Secondly, Zhao Yu knew that it was exponentially more difficult to frame someone versus just killing someone! So, if Han Dewang had really kidnapped this girl, he might as well have just killed her and buries her. It made no sense that he would go to all the trouble of needlessly trying to frame them!

Besides, they were in a hotel that had surveillance cameras and witnesses everywhere! He surely wouldn't have been silly enough to pick such a busy and renowned hotel to as the location for framing someone for murder! After all, he was a tour guide, who was keenly aware of this hotel's busyness and high security!

Lastly, even if the culprit really was Han Dewang, his calling Zhao Yu just now would make absolutely no sense! In fact, it would seem outright crazy!

No, this can't be right! It just doesn't seem likely that it was him...

Zhao Yu felt like the dead woman in the bathtub might not have anything to do with Han Dewang at all. Then, Zhao Yu suddenly trembled with fear. This was because, if it really had nothing to do with Han Dewang, there was only one other possibility…

Would it have something to do with Miao Ying?


The more Zhao Yu thought about this, the worse it became in his mind. He didn't wish to speak any further with Han Dewang, so he hung up the phone immediately.

He then told Su Jinmei anxiously, "Su Jinmei, hurry up and call the police!"

"Okay!" Su Jinmei quickly took out her phone.

At that moment, another surprise arose! Su Jinmei had yet to make the call, when someone knocked on the door!

Knock knock knock.

As this person was knocking on the door, wailing of several sirens was heard. It was obvious that there were many police cars on the scene just outside of hotel.


Zhao Yu and Jinmei exchanged a glance, finding themselves in a sticky situation.

Knock knock knock.

Knock knock knock.

The knocking became more rapid and louder, and it was accompanied by other noises that were coming from just outside the door.

"Who is it?" Su Jinmei asked hesitantly.

As she finished speaking, someone shouted a bunch of English words from the other side of the door. It was needless for Su Jinmei to translate, as Zhao Yu immediately understood that those people outside the door were police officers!


Zhao Yu knew that, if the police had come to the scene after they had placed a distress call and reported the crime, it would have been fine. But, they had yet to call the police!

So, why did the police come?

Obviously, the murderer had called the police! So, if they opened the door, the police would definitely treat Su Jinmei and Zhao Yu as the prime suspects!

However, as Zhao Yu was a police officer himself, he knew for a fact that, although he and Su Jinmei's situation looked rather suspicious upon first glance, if the police were to investigate it further, they would surely discover that they weren't the murderers.

Regardless, under such circumstances, they couldn't do much. After all, it's not like that could run away, as the moment they attempted to do so, they would only look more suspicious! Hence, Zhao Yu waved at Su Jinmei and signaled for her to open the door for the police officers.

"Su Jinmei, don't fight them. Just cooperate with the police officers!" Zhao Yu advised her. "We are innocent, so we have nothing to worry about!"

"Okay." Su Jinmei nodded in agreement and walked towards the door.


Then, Zhao Yu sighed as he remembered the Kun hexagram for that day. He never imagined that it would cause such a drastic situation to occur! Zhao Yu had clearly underestimated the power of this Kun hexagram!

But, the excitement wasn't over just yet. Just as Su Jinmei was about to open the door, something unbelievable happened...


A bullet shot was heard! The bullet had careened in from the balcony door that Zhao Yu had left open, then blitzed through the room and hit the door!

The bullet was very powerful. When it hit the door, it went straight through the door and left a hole!

There was suddenly a groan that came from the other side of the door. Clearly, someone outside had just been shot!

A loud thud was then heard, which Zhao Yu assumed was someone falling down. Then, the police outside stopped shouting and suddenly started cocking their weapons. They were obviously preparing a counter-attack!

D*mn it!

Zhao Yu then realized that he and Su Jinmei were in big trouble!