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692 Not Acclimatized

Regarding the side quest for the day, Zhao Yu found it to be quite bizarre. He also though that the tour guide, Han Dewang, was equally strange. But, after he thought about it more carefully, he could understand the tour guide's behavior.

Just as he had mentioned, the thought that Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei were looking for that Thai girl was merely his own hypothesis. Hence, Han Dewang had come to update them on her situation if such was the case.

However, when he realized that Zhao Yu wasn't looking for the Thai girl, he panicked. He was worried that Zhao Yu would blame him for being a busybody. So, he had acted quite anxious.

Although the dates that the Thai girl went missing matched the dates when Miao Ying appeared in the Landing, Zhao Yu didn't think that there was any connection. After all, the Thai girl was still a student, so he just couldn't see how she would be affiliated with Miao Ying.

Plus, after Han Dewang left, Zhao Yu's accumulated points had only increased by thirty-one points. So, the side quest was obviously very ordinary, definitely nothing to be shocked about!

For these reasons, Zhao Yu didn't suspect Han Dewang, nor did he gave much thought to the Thai girl for that matter. After all, his main focus was naturally Miao Ying!

At the moment, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei, who each had their own tablet, continued to look for Miao Ying's whereabouts via the surveillance videos. Although watching the surveillance videos was a tough task, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei already knew the exact time frame to search. This made it considerably easier, and in no time, they found traces of Miao Ying's movements!

Through the surveillance videos that were taken along the shopping street, they could see that Miao Ying had come from the east side of the shopping street. After she entered the shopping street, she walked directly to the cafe, which was located towards the middle of the shopping street.

Then, she stayed in the cafe for two hours. After which, she left and headed towards the west side of the shopping street. She then walked along the shopping street until she finally had disappeared from view.

There was a crossroad junction on the west side of the shopping street, and through a surveillance video that was at the turn near the crossroad, they could see that Miao Ying had continued to head west until she disappeared from the video.

Since they had already walked down that entire street while they were procuring the surveillance videos, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei knew that the street led to the border of a forest if one were to continue to head west past the crossroad junction.

In fact, most of the entire island, besides the Landing, was forest. Hence, the city was on the northeast of the island, and the southwest portion of the island was basically covered with forest.

Due to its unique temperature and environment, not only were these forested lands moist, but they were also filled with miasma. Hence, the lands weren't suitable for humans. Besides the designated workers that labored there, rarely anyone would enter the forests.

On the shopping street, heading west towards the crossroad, there were only a few scattered shops. Once one passed the crossroad, after the shops ended, he would reach the border of the forested land. So, it wasn't impossible for someone to enter the forests from there.

Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei was curious…

What was she trying to do?

During their search, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei went to the shops near the forest to ask for their surveillance videos too. Due to the area's remote location, two out of the six nearby shops were empty. Of the remaining four shops, two of them had yet to install surveillance cameras, as they had just started their business, and another, which sold honey, had a broken surveillance camera.

In the end, they only managed to get the surveillance video from the one shop, which happened to be the one that was closest to the border. But, due to its location and angle, the camera and its footage wasn't of much help at all, as it only caught that she had walked near the forested area, but nothing else!

So, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei had no choice but to resort to their second best option. They continued to make speculations about what she had done after reaching the crossroad junction. After about 20 minutes, they finally found Miao Ying in the footage.

Miao Ying was still dressed the same, but she was shown turning to the south at the crossroad! According to the map, the route to the south led to the biggest port in the Landing.

As Zhao Yu and Jinmei were searching along the shopping streets that day, they hadn't manage to head over to the port. So, they didn't know where Miao Ying could have gone after that.

It seemed that the two of them would have to continue to search more clues the following day. However, Zhao Yu had a feeling that Miao Ying had gone to the port! If so, it meant that she might have left the Landing. If she had, it would be difficult to find her in the future.

But, Zhao Yu was also puzzled by this…

So… Miao Ying wandered around in the shopping streets, then went near the forest. Then, she just left? What was she trying to do?

Although Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei rewatched the surveillance videos again and again until midnight, they still couldn't find Miao Ying in any other videos. It seemed that Miao Ying might have left from the port after all.

As it was already the middle of the night, Su Jinmei couldn't stay awake. She soon fell asleep on the sofa.

On the other hand, Zhao Yu was wide awake. He kept watching the surveillance videos over and over again. After he had looked through all of the videos that Miao Ying appeared in, he started looking at the videos from days before. He wanted to figure out exactly when Miao Ying had first arrived at the Landing.

However, even though Zhao Yu looked through them all very carefully, he still couldn't find anything. Finally, around two in the morning, Zhao Yu felt his eyelids drooping and finally turned off his tablet and prepared to go to bed.

Just as he turned off his tablet, the miracle adventure system in his head sent him an ending notification and started blinking. As he hadn't found any conclusive clues, Zhao Yu was certain that he wouldn't get too high of a completion rate for his Kan Gen hexagram that day. However, when he activated his system interface, he was surprised to see that the completion rate was 142 percent!


But, there didn't seem to be anything major that occurred! Why would the completion rate be so high?

He opened his device bar and saw that he had received a very impressive device. It was called the Invisible Disguise Machine. After activation, it could change his appearance for a short period of time!

This is amazing!

Zhao Yu couldn't help but think of the Counter-surveillance Device, the Invisible Glove, and those sort of devices that he had gotten before. As he also had a Disguise Machine, he wondered…

Who could stop me, if I was to commit some wicked deed?

Tsk tsk.

System, what's going on?

There was a Kan Gen hexagram, then there was a bizarre side quest, and then there was a high completion rate of 142 percent… Why?

Somehow, ever since they had arrived in New Zealand, Zhao Yu felt that the hexagram and the reward that the miracle adventure system was giving him was confusing. He couldn't understand it at all!

Could it be that the system is still experiencing jet lag? Or motion sickness from the flight?

Zhao Yu thought to himself…

Bro System, regardless of what is going on with you, you have to help me with this one thing! Please give me another Kan hexagram!

After thinking these things, Zhao Yu got another hexagram. Zhao Yu was dumbfounded when the hexagram appeared.

Seriously, bro?

This is getting a little out of hand!

There were two huge characters that were right in the middle of the system interface… Kun Zhen!