Crazy Detective
682 I Will Find You
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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682 I Will Find You


What is this?

Emergency Evacuation Ball?

Zhao Yu thought he had misread the words, but he looked at them repeatedly and confirmed that the top grade device was really an Emergency Evacuation Ball!

What the heck is going on?

At first, Zhao Yu thought that he could maybe get a permanent device or an attacking device. He never would have expected that he would get a ball!

System Bro, can you tell me who is your customer service agent? I'd like to safeguard my legal rights and interests, as you can't just bully and push me around as you wish! It is a high achievement to get such an impressive completion rate. But, in the end, you only gave me a ball! Could this be a hint? Are you wanting me to go and play with a ball?


The most maddening part about it all was that this top grade device only had a one-minute lifespan!

One minute?

You are simply pushing my limits now!

Although he was bristling with anger, Zhao Yu, who understood the system patterns, yet had no leeway around them, suppressed his anger and read the instructions on the device.

In the introduction, the function of the Emergency Evacuation Ball appeared to be just like its name sounded. It was to be used for emergency evacuations. So, if Zhao Yu was to find himself in a life-threatening situation, the device would activate automatically.

However, as for how the Emergency Evacuation Ball would be activated and how it would perform, neither of these was mentioned in the introduction. Most likely, there would be a solid yet flexible ball that would appear in order to somehow protect him.

After Zhao Yu thought about it carefully, his anger slowly receded like an ebbing tide...


Gradually, Zhao Yu understood that the top grade device, although its name was corny, had a function that was beyond his imagination! Before this, Zhao Yu had once received a special device called the Emergency Alarm, which would be activated when there was a danger in order to warn Zhao Yu.

However, the device was only able to send an alert, such as a message that was relaying information about an upcoming bomb invasion, a long-range sniper, or something of that sort. It wouldn't be able to actually rescue him from any danger, as it still required him to take care of the danger himself.

Plus, if he were to be in a car accident or an avalanche, even if the Emergency Alarm could alert him, it would be in vain, as it could not protect him from such things! However, the Emergency Evacuation Ball was different. With it, when he encountered any dangerous situation, it could rescue him directly!

So, regardless if it was a bomb explosion, a car accident, his being stabbed in the dark, or any other kind of natural or man-made calamity, the Emergency Evacuation Ball would be able to rescue Zhao Yu! In other words, this device would allow Zhao Yu to escape from harm at the crucial moment.

Impressive! Very impressive!

Zhao Yu wiped away his sweat as he thought to himself. He felt like he had misunderstood Bro System. He now saw that, with this top grade device, he would be able to show off pompously at a much higher level!

Thank you, bro!

Zhao Yu mentally thanked the system. Just as he did so, he got another hexagram. Ever since he had received the news about Miao Ying, there was no doubt that Zhao Yu wanted a Kan hexagram the most, as this is the hexagram that represented women!

He could still remember clearly that when Miao Ying left, he had gotten a Qian Kan hexagram. So, if he could find Miao Ying, he felt that ,even if it wasn't a Qian Kan hexagram, it must at least be a combination that involved the Kun hexagram.

However, what he ended up receiving was Kan hexagram that came with a Kan Xun hexagram. It's okay, Zhao Yu thought, as long as there's a Kan hexagram, that means that there's hope that I will find Miao Ying!

Miao Ying, just you wait. No matter where you are, I will find you!

Now that Zhao Yu had finally received news of Miao Ying, he was inevitably finding it difficult to fall asleep. However, it had been a rather stressful and thrilling past few days, so he was really worn out. So, after he took a shower, he didn't even have the time to think much before he fell fast asleep!

In his dream that night, Zhao Yu naturally met Miao Ying, who was still spirited, bold, and vigorous. In his dream, Zhao Yu used his strength to give her a special "lecture," which consequently had him waking up in wet bed sheets!

The moment the sky grew bright the next day, Zhao Yu was wide awake. He packed his luggage and checked out of the hotel. He then went to the Bai Ling Police station to look for Chen Zhuo to say goodbye.

But, Chen Zhuo had already returned to the capital after receiving his orders. As such, Zhao Yu thought that it'd be best if he applied for leave with Division Chief Jiao directly. Chen Zhuo was only a contact officer, after all, and he wouldn't have been able to make any decisions anyway most likely.

Clearly, things had changed. If it was before, and Zhao Yu was to apply for leave right before they entered a battle, it would definitely affect his future.

However, now, as he had just taken up an official post, but still led the special investigation group in solving three major cases continuously, such meritorious achievements were unprecedented, so the higher ups had finally begun to see him in a whole new light, offering him much more leeway, rewards, respect and privileges.

This was especially seen in the Headless Female Corpses Case, which was once the top case in the nation, as was also one of the longest pending cases. For him to be able to solve the case, it was really surprising, It could even be said to have been miraculous!

Because of these impressive achievements, Zhao Yu had reached the status that allowed him to apply for leave. After he talked about this with Division Chief Jiao, he felt more confident of doing just that.

Division Chief Jiao had already looked highly upon Zhao Yu from the very beginning. Then, when she saw him arrive, the corners of her mouth, which tipped upwards in a smile, revealed her favoritism towards him.

Zhao Yu was very straightforward as he bluntly told Division Chief Jiao about the current state of things between him and Miao Ying. He said that he wanted to apply for a long leave in order to look for his girlfriend! Furthermore, he mentioned that he hoped that Division Chief Jiao would help him investigate this matter through government channels as well.

Division Chief Jiao was naturally surprised that Zhao Yu wanted to apply for leave. However, after she heard the whole story, she approved Zhao Yu's application on the spot.

Division Chief Jiao told Zhao Yu, "Although it hasn't been long since I took up this post in the Central Criminal Division, regarding what you have just requested, I could ask around for you about it through my personal connections!"

She then added, "I, of course, hope that all shall be well and that Jack shall have his Jill! But, from the technical point of view, I suggest that you be mentally prepared for whatever may come."

She looked at him seriously, with care. "After all, from my understanding, I've never heard about or seen anyone that compares to your girlfriend! I can't imagine who would have such power to be able to wipe away every trace of herself! So, I feel that your girlfriend might be in a more troublesome situation than you or I could imagine!"

"I know," Zhao Yu said determinedly. "Regardless, I will try my best! After all, she is my woman!"

"Honestly speaking..." Division Chief Jiao nodded delightfully. "I really want to meet your girlfriend! After all, how perfect of a woman must she be to be able to conquer the heart of my capable general?"

"Thanks!" Zhao Yu thanked her. "I will be sure to pass my tasks to my team members before I leave. Then, I will return after I take care of my personal affairs!"

Then, Zhao Yu saluted her and turned to leave.

"Hold on!" However, Division Chief Jiao quickly stopped him and said with concern, "Zhao Yu, you must be cautious, as everything relies on destiny. Hence, don't force it!"

She then asked, "Do you remember Section Chief Ma Runkui from the Pharmaceutical Murder Case?"

"Yes, why?" Zhao Yu was confused.

"Section Chief Ma worked for the Foreign Affairs Office for many years, so he must have some connections overseas!" Division Chief Jiao advised him. "I will give him a call later! If you come across any trouble outside, just give him a call!"

"Thanks!" Zhao Yu thanked her again.

Division Chief Jiao exhorted him again, "Also, don't forget your identity, and try not to get into any trouble! If you get into an international dispute, I might not be able to save you! At all times, please remember that you still have to return and help me solve more cases!"

Division Chief Jiao spoke so gently, she sounded just like his own sister. Zhao Yu was really touched by her concern, and he couldn't help but give Division Chief an air kiss gesture as he departed.
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