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666 Insane Serial Killer

"Look… This backpack should have been hidden above the ceiling previously!" Wu Xiumin pointed at the gap in the ceiling, then pointed at the backpack, which was half burned. She then said, "The things in the backpack…"

Zhao Yu looked closely and saw that the room was already covered in white ABE powder. Under the coat of ABE powder, there was a green backpack that had been thrown right around the place where Li Fei had tried to set himself on fire.

Zhao Yu vaguely remembered that the backpack was right next to Li Fei's foot back then. As there was fuel on the backpack too, it had been slightly burned.

That very moment, Cui Lizhu squatted next to the backpack and took out its contents. She immediately saw that the backpack was full of treasures, like jewelry, jade, and antiques.

"Motherf*cker!" Cui Lizhu looked at those things and cursed! "He used this bag to store all of these things! What a b*stard! Do you know who owned the house that my dad stole these things from? The brand is called Biagiodaro! It is a discontinued Italian brand! I can't believe that he G*ddamn burned this! My heart…"

"Mm..." Zhao Yu puffed out a breath through his teeth. When he saw Wu Xiumin's solemn look, he thought that they had found dead bodies in the room! He never would have guessed that they had only found Tao Xiang's treasure.

It seemed that there was a reason why the Dui hexagram had led the pair of the hexagram. But, although there were many treasures here, they had nothing to do with him!

"Do you know how much this is worth, Sis Wu? Tell me, have you heard of this brand?" Cui Lizhu was still bemoaning the burned designer backpack. "Although it is a backpack, it is a luxurious one! I'm not exaggerating, either! In fact, if all of the items in the backpack were added up, the amount might not be more valuable than the backpack itself! To think that he burned it..."

"Alright, don't move!" Zhao Yu saw that the room was covered in ABE powder, so he quickly warned his two female colleagues. "Leave this to the forensics department! We better not touch the scene!"

Although Zhao Yu said this, he couldn't help but still open the doors on both sides of the room. He saw that there were some pieces of broken furniture in the two rooms. Some of the furniture had already collapsed, which made the room appear like it had been vacant for a very long time.

Tsk tsk.

Looking at such scene, Zhao Yu felt that these things were very different from his predictions. He had assumed that he would arrest a serial killer, who was wealthy and perverted. But, Li Fei was dressed so shabbily!

Even though the gemstone and the treasure were both in his hands, he looked so poor. It was really a surprising sight.

Why would this house and this person look so miserable?

What is the house used for?

After all these years, what did the serial killer do? Why would he be in such a sad state?

With heavy confusion muddling their brains, Zhao Yu and the two ladies left the house. Then, they saw that Captain Sun was taking custody of the suspect from Ran Tao.

Captain Sun was an experienced old ginger after all, so after taking control of the suspect, he wasn't in a rush to let Li Fei get off the ground. Instead, he pressed on his back and shouted with full righteous indignation, "Li Fei! You are arrested!"

He then purposely moved his lips closer to Li Fei's ear and asked, "So, do you know why we have arrested you?"

Captain Sun was using the oldest trick that senior police detectives found to be highly effective. When a suspect was arrested, he was at his weakest as far as mental defences went. So, if he were to admit his wrongdoing then, it would naturally save them a lot of trouble in the future!

However, every police detective at the scene knew Li Fei's identity, so they knew that this person was not any ordinary criminal, but the prime suspect of the Headless Female Corpses Case!

He, who was a very careful person, definitely would already know of the difficulty that the police would have in charging him with his crime. Hence, everyone thought Captain Sun's interrogation wouldn't work.

However, the truth proved otherwise. Everyone had gotten it all wrong!

Although Li Fei was deadly pale and wore a numb expression on his face, he clearly nodded after Captain Sun had shouted the question!


The nod was terrific! Zhao Yu was stupefied! He never thought that Li Fei would admit his guilt so easily!

However, after his initial astonishment passed, Zhao Yu suddenly understood what was going on. Li Fei had wanted to burn himself to death earlier! This meant that his mental state had collapse long ago!

When Captain Sun saw that he had pleaded guilty, he immediately shouted another question, "Li Fei, tell us, are you the murderer behind the six headless female corpses case in Jinzhong?"

After he asked the question, the scene became absolutely quiet. All of the police detectives held their breaths and fixed their gazes at Li Fei. After a few seconds passed, Li Fei finally nodded again.



All the police detectives couldn't help but be completely stunned when they saw him nodding yet again!

"Hahahaha." The very next second, Li Fei started laughing maliciously. He then yelled hysterically, "Yes! I killed them! I did! I did! Hahahahaha."

Li Fei's malicious laughter gave all of the police detectives at the scene goosebumps. Some of them, who were more timid, even had chills run down their spines.

"Hahahaha. Woo woo woo." After laughing for a while, Li Fei started crying his lungs out.

Tears ran down his cheek, as though a water dam had broken. "Woo woo woo. This day has finally arrived. Why did it take so long? Woo woo woo. Why? Why?" After shouting a few more "whys," Li Fei suddenly became manic and started struggling intensely.

A few brawny police detectives saw this and quickly went forward to help Captain Sun subdue him. As Li Fei was scrawny, the few of them pressed him down easily.

However, even though Li Fei's face was against the ground, he stubbornly turned it to the side to face Zhao Yu. As his blood shot eyes looked at Zhao Yu, he roared, "Why? Why didn't you let me die in the fire? Why? Ah..."

Just then, Li Fei was shocked to see that Zhao Yu had squatted down before him. Not only was his gaze cold and sharp, but he gave Li Fei the middle finger!

Two hours later, at Bai Ling Police Station, in the corridor outside of the interrogation room.

At the moment, Zhao Yu was holding a cup of hot coffee as he stood by the window at the end of the corridor. His mind was occupied as his gaze was fixed upon the scenery outside the window.

Although the sky had just been bright, it was now covered in grey clouds, as though a storm was brewing. Zhao Yu felt just like the weather outside, brooding and gloomy.

But, we finally arrested Li Fei!

And, he admitted that he was the true murderer of the Jinzhong Headless Female Corpses Case! So, the police won't have to spend any more time and effort to collect evidence!

Even though these were all very good things, Zhao Yu still felt that there were many unexplainable facets to this case. For instance, after Li Fei was arrested, the police had searched his living space in Xiang Ling, the Xiang Ling Funeral Parlors, and also the old house where he was arrested. Although the police found the Hydrazine Enamine and the other preservatives that he had purchased from Bai Ling High School, they didn't find any other signs or traces that proved that he committed other crime.

This made Zhao Yu wonder if Li Fei had really stopped killing after the Headless Female Corpses Case, or whether he had any other venues that he used for killing. He also wondered if he cremated all of the other dead bodies in the funeral parlor to destroy the evidence.

It seemed like they could only know the full truth about the ins and outs of the case after Li Fei's interrogation. But, judging by his manic behavior when he was arrested, he couldn't help but worry that he had become the second Tao Xiang and gone completely insane!

However, his concern wasn't realized, as before he finished his coffee, Wu Xiumin shouted for him from the interrogation room. "Team Leader, Li Fei is emotionally stable now. We can start the interrogation!"