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665 The True Color of a Thief

"Don't move! I'll shoot!" Ran Tao saw the person holding a lighter and smelled a strong fuel scent while he shouted and aimed his gun at the person.

At the moment, the person was obviously planning to commit suicide as he had just showered himself with fuel and lit his lighter! As he had already decided to kill himself, Ran Tao immediately wondered if he would even care if he pulled the trigger or not! Quicker than words could tell, the person threw the lighter on the ground to ignite the fuel!


That instant, the flames soared ferociously. The fuel had apparently ignited something, as there was a thick smoke rising up from the fire!

"Ah!" Ran Tao shouted.

At the moment, he was at loss of what to do next. He couldn't pull the trigger, nor could he rush over! However, what shocked Ran Tao the most was that Zhao Yu rushed into the fire and pushed the person on the ground, even after the flames had shot up so ferociously!

As there was still a large amount of fuel left in the container on the ground, the flames ignited the container, which let out a tremendous thud as a huge fireball spurted out of it! As the scorching hot flames traveled across the room, Ran Tao fell backward.

"Ah! Team Leader! Don't..." Ran Tao had yet to get up on his feet when he realized that Zhao Yu might be in trouble. He shouted tearfully as he scrambled up from the ground.

Then, a confusing scene appeared before him! Just as he prepared to run into the fire to save Zhao Yu, he suddenly saw that Zhao Yu held the person who was trying to burn himself to death.

"This..." Ran Tao was stupefied.

"Ran Tao! Are you crazy? Run!" Zhao Yu shouted at him. Then, he pulled the person who had tried to burn himself towards the courtyard.

"I... You... What the h*ck?" Ran Tao saw that Zhao Yu and the person who had tried to burn himself were in perfect condition, which thoroughly confused him.

However, looking at the worsening fire, he hurried and ran out from the room. When he arrived at the courtyard, Zhao Yu had already taken out his handcuffs to handcuff the person who had tried to burn himself alive.

"Li Fei, you are arrested!" Zhao Yu handcuffed the person and spat on the ground.

"Oh? How is this possible? Ah..." Li Fei screamed in pain as terror spread in his eyes. He couldn't believe how he could still be alive!

"Team Leader! Team Leader! Are you okay?" Wu Xiumin and Cui Lizhu, who had heard the noises, both ran in, shouting at the same time. They were shocked when they saw the roaring fire in the room.

"Don't just stand there! Put out the fire!" Zhao Yu pointed at the room and said. "There might be important evidence!"

"Oh. Yeah!" Ran Tao quickly ran to the water tap in the courtyard, but there was no water when he tried turning it on!

"There's a fire extinguisher in the car!" At that crucial moment, Cui Lizhu, who was much calmer, hurried to the police car outside to look for a fire extinguisher. Then, she ran back into the room to put out the fire.

Wu Xiumin didn't just stand there, but searched through the hearse and found another fire extinguisher. Then, she quickly followed Cui Lizhu into the room, where both girls began to put out the fire together.

Although the oil container had exploded in the room earlier, the fire wasn't as bad as they had first imagined. This was because they're hadn't been many combustible items in the room. As such, the fire was able to be put out as soon as they used the fire extinguisher.


Then, along with the sounds of a siren, Captain Sun's troop arrived at the scene.

"Team Leader, Team Leader, let me look at you." Ran Tao moved his hands all over Zhao Yu anxiously. When he realized that there weren't any signs of Zhao Yu's being burnt at all, he relaxed a little.

"How did you make it out?" Ran Tao asked him in shock. "You weren't burnt at all? But, I saw the two of you..."

Bullsh*t! Zhao Yu cursed in his head. I wore a Fire Prevention Suit, so the fire obviously couldn't hurt me!

It turned out that Zhao Yu had recognized the person who showered himself in fuel the very moment he entered the room. He was the suspect, Li Fei, who the police were after!

However, Zhao Yu couldn't understand why Li Fei would run there, nor why he set himself on fire. Li Fei was asking for death when he threw the lighter into the fuel without hesitation!

As Zhao Yu saw that he couldn't stop him in time, he had no choice but to activate two Fire Prevention Suits swiftly. Obviously, one was for Li Fei and one was for himself!

It was an earth-shattering case, and they had finally found the prime suspect after all this time and effort. If Li Fei was to burn himself to death, the truth of the Headless Female Corpses Case might never come out!

So, regardless, Zhao Yu had to save him! He could not let him die so easily! Of course, he couldn't let himself catch on fire either, so he had to use two suits.

After that, Zhao Yu had pushed Li Fei down so that he could subdue him. He never thought that the fuel container on the ground would explode! Luckily, they had the Fire Prevention Suits! Otherwise, Zhao Yu would definitely have been badly burned.

"I'm okay, so stop touching me! Okay, but go ahead and…" Zhao Yu pushed away Ran Tao's hands from him and wanted to tell him to go ahead and help Li Fei, but before he finished his sentence, he suddenly thought of something and hurried to search Li Fei with both hands.

In the end, just as he put his right hand into Li Fei's pocket, he felt something cold. Then, without much thought, he took out the thing directly.

When he and Ran Tao looked at the thing, the two of them suddenly had their eyes wide open. Zhao Yu was holding a gemstone necklace that looked quite fancy!

A huge blue gemstone was embellished upon the necklace, and there was a hint of emerald in the blueness. It looked extremely delicate and beautiful.

"Ta... Tamil... Tamil Star!" Ran Tao was stuttering.

"That's right! This must be the Tamil Star!" Zhao Yu let out a heavy sigh as he thought, No wonder the hexagram today was led by Dui! It turned out to be referring to this gemstone!

Zhao Yu had imagined this exact situation, where he would find the gemstone, many times! Yet, he had never expected that he would found it in the pocket of Li Fei's shabby clothes in the remote courtyard of a cemetery!

At that very moment, Li Fei, who was being pressed down by Zhao Yu, had no intention of resisting him. He lay down on the ground with a numb expression on his face, not moving an inch.

Li Fei was short and scrawny, like a withered plant. Half of his hair was white, and it looked like it hadn't been trimmed for quite a while.

He looked extremely slovenly. With his shabby clothing, he looked like a standard hobo. However, none of these things screamed that he was a ferocious serial killer!

In that split second, Zhao Yu even thought that he might have gotten the wrong person. However, he had to admit that, besides his aging appearance, this person did look exactly like Li Fei from the photo! Plus, the Tamil Star had been found on him!

As the saying goes, "You can't judge a book by its cover." Hence, the scrawny old man that looked totally harmless just might really be the serial killer that cut off six females' heads!

Then, the police car that had rushed over had already parked at the door of the courtyard. At that moment, fully armed police detectives opened the car doors and hurried over.

Zhao Yu immediately wanted to hand over the case to them, but Wu Xiumin suddenly waved at Zhao Yu at the door and said, "Team Leader, hurry up. Come and see this..."