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I can't even use the Invisible Tracker!

Zhao Yu flatly denied this harsh reality in his head. As Li Fei drove, he didn't leave behind any scent, so Zhao Yu definitely couldn't use a tracker to find him.

Then, how do I arrest him?

In the end, just as Zhao Yu was trying to think of a plan, Captain Sun quickly provided him an answer. "Team Leader Zhao, I already contacted the local traffic department to get them to share their surveillance videos with us! Don't worry, if he were to drive this car to escape, he would fast and harder to detect. But, if he was driving the hearse, he would definitely not be able to escape our sight for long! That thing is too eye-catching!"

Luckily, the Bai Ling Police Station worked extremely efficiently, and just as Captain Sun finished speaking, his walkie talkie buzzed. "Captain Sun, we found it. The hearse that the suspect is driving is a white Jinbei. Also, there is obviously the name of Xiang Ling Funeral Parlor affixed on the front of the car!"

The voice on the other end of the walkie talkie then added, "Our radars gathered that the hearse was driving along Xiang Ling Highway, heading south! This was at four forty-seven!"

"What?" After Captain Sun heard the time, he panicked. "Four forty-seven? We have to hurry!"

"Did he say south?" Zhao Yu was very clear with his location, as they had just come from the south! He wondered why Li Fei was heading in that direction.

Did he want to go back to Bai Ling?

"Go after him! Hurry up!" Under the instruction of Captain Sun, the troop immediately got in the car and prepared to leave.

However, just to be safe, he left a few of his men at the funeral parlor, who continued to search through the place and guard the scene while the forensic department arrived to collect more evidence.

"Captain Sun, I'll be with my team! We will keep in touch via walkie talkie!" Zhao Yu didn't follow Captain Sun, but got in the special investigation group's car.

After he got into the driver's seat of the car, he immediately pushed Ran Tao into the passenger seat. He then stepped on the gas pedal and sped away.

It was only five in the morning, and the sun during winter rises late, so the surrounding was still covered in darkness. Very few pedestrians were out and about on the streets.

The moment they hit the highway, Zhao Yu drove like a race car driver. It was like they were in a Fast and Furious movie scene!

Besides Ran Tao, Cui Lizhu and Wu Xiumin were also riding in the car with him. Even though latter two were quite frightened, they just sat in the back quietly, not daring to utter a word.

Ran Tao, on the other hand, reacted far differently, shouting at the top of his lungs, "Team Leader, slow down! Be careful…"

"Team Leader Zhao, the suspect drove towards Bai Ling along the national highway. By our estimate, he will reach Bai Ling city in another ten minutes!" Captain Sun updated Zhao Yu via the walkie talkie. "Where are you now? I've informed the related departments to set up a roadblock!"

Ten minutes.

Hearing what Captain Sun said, not only did Zhao Yu punch the gas pedal again, he even used his last Invisible Propeller! Theoretically speaking, the suspect's car was already locked down by the police, so Zhao Yu didn't need to risk his life over this chase!

However, Zhao Yu felt that there was something fishy about Li Fei's escape. He was afraid that there would be some sort of mishap along the way. Hence, he reluctantly used the last Invisible Propeller to ensure that he would be the first to catch up with him!

After activating the Invisible Propeller, the car was as fast as a rocket. Everyone felt that the scenery outside the windows were flying past in warp speed! It was as though they were flying through space and time!

"Ah…" Ran Tao and the other two passengers couldn't hold their panic in anymore, so they all started screaming in terror.

"Attention all units, attention all units, something unexpected has happened…" Soon, there was another update. "The targeted vehicle has just disappeared from our radar. Attention all units, the last signal was pinged near Ginger Village. However, after the village, it never pinged again! Cars that are passing by this area, please pay close attention…"

Zhao Yu immediately slowed down after hearing this. His teammates were all panting for air, now feeling that they could finally breathe.

As he was checking his GPS, Zhao Yu noticed that he happened to be near Ginger Village!

Ginger Village!


Night Vision!


At such a crucial moment, Zhao Yu decided to use both of his remaining devices. But, at the very moment that he activated the two devices, Cui Lizhu pointed outside the window and shouted, "Team Leader! Isn't that it? Look!"

Looking towards the direction where Cui Lizhu was pointing, everyone saw a small village route on the right-hand side of the car. There was one set of headlights that could be seen. It was a that was driving a little further ahead of them. 

Using the Night Vision and Telescope devices, Zhao Yu saw distinctly that it was a white car. In fact, it looked exactly like a hearse!

"It must be him!" Zhao Yu took a crazy turn and chased after the car. At the same time, Ran Tao reported their current situation over the walkie talkie.

The village road was bumpy and muddy. However, Zhao Yu couldn't be bothered about that, but instead continued to chase after the car at top-speed. The three passengers in the car felt as though they were riding in a bumper car ride at a carnival from hel*, and they were complaining incessantly about being jolted to and fro!

Soon, Zhao Yu was getting closer and closer to the targeted vehicle. As the sun had finally risen and the sky was now bright, they could see clearly that it was really a hearse!

The hearse was driving impressively fast, while it swerved to the left and to the right on the road, trying to evade them. Unexpectedly, the hearse made a turn. Now, it didn't seem to be heading towards the village, but towards a cemetery that was on a road by that bordered the village!


A cemetery?

As Zhao Yu recalled, that cemetery wasn't where Du Manting's tomb was located. He wondered why the person was driving there...

After a few minutes, when Zhao Yu drove past a huge Japanese pagoda tree, he suddenly saw the hearse parked beside it. There were some old vacant houses that were right next to the cemetery, and the hearse was parked right in front of one of the houses.

"Gun! Gun! Gun!" Zhao Yu barked at Ran Tao. He obviously wanted to deal with the murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case directly! Hence, he naturally wasn't going to not carry a weapon with him when he did so!

However, Zhao Yu had always been rash and excitable, so in his rush to chase the person, he had forgotten to ask Captain Sun to provide him with a firearm.

Luckily, Ran Tao had great foresight. Not only did he bring his own gun, but he had thoughtfully prepared one for Zhao Yu as well!

After Zhao Yu parked the car, he immediately rushed down with Ran Tao, while Cui Lizhu and Wu Xiumin followed closely behind them. Zhao Yu and Ran Tao first checked the white hearse. They immediately saw that it did indeed have the name "Xiang Ling Funeral Parlor" on it!

After they confirmed that there was nothing strange with the hearse, they swiftly approached the old house. The door of the old house was wide open, and it had a courtyard that was filled with withered weeds.

On both sides of the courtyard, there was a row of rooms. There were three rooms on the south end, while on the North, there were three principle rooms.

Zhao Yu quickly beckoned to Cui Lizhu and Wu Xiumin, signalling for them to stand guard outside. Then, he and Ran Tao rushed into the courtyard.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to separate in a divide and conquer mentality, but the moment they got inside the courtyard, they heard noises coming from one of the principle rooms on the north end. They didn't delay any further, but kicked the door open and rushed into the room.

"Don't move!" Ran Tao shouted. But, due to the dim lighting, he couldn't see anything.

Zhao Yu, however, could see the situation in the room quite clearly, as he had the Night Vision device. He saw a person in black cotton clothing, standing right in the middle of a simple living room. He was holding a plastic container and showering himself with its contents!

Suddenly, a strong smell of fuel filled the air! Then, as the person saw that there was someone who had just rushed into the house and was holding a gun, he quickly cast the container aside and lit a lighter that was in his hands!