Crazy Detective
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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Previously, Zhao Yu had once asked Captain Sun to investigate the background of the pervert in Bai Ling High School. He wanted to see if the person was related to the Female Corpses Case.

Even thought Captain Sun was puzzled, he arranged for some of his men to investigate anyway. Their findings proved that the person was about the same age as Li Fei, but as his identity was cleared, he had been ruled out as a suspect.

So, when Zhao Yu brought up this same person again, Captain Sun was confused. He couldn't understand why Zhao Yu wouldn't just let the pervert off the hook!

At the moment, the pervert was actually still detained in the local police station, waiting for the next round of investigations. In order to buy time, Zhao Yu didn't let the police send him over, nor did he send anyone over himself. Instead, he sent Li Fei's photo to the local police station for the pervert to verify if he knew the person in the photo!

Zhao Yu had actually tried to recognize a criminal through a photo himself before. It was something that wasn't necessarily easy to do. However, it was possible. In fact, back when he solved the Bank Robbery Case, he had found the suspect Fang Yi and his accomplices via this exact method.

Due to the side quest the day before, Zhao Yu instinctually felt that there must be an important hidden hint on all of this! After thinking about it over and over again, he thought that the hint must have something to do with the pervert. Even though the person wasn't Li Fei, he might know something about him!

However, reality was harsh. After the pervert looked through the photos, he was extremely sure that he had never seen the person before. He even swore on his mother's name!

"Motherf*cker! Beat him up!" Zhao Yu shouted at the police in the local station. "Beat him up until he admits to knowing the person!"

However, after looking at Captain Sun, who was gawking at him in horror, he quickly coughed drily and joked with the local police. "I'm just joking. Ask him again nicely, and not just him, but ask whoever comes to bail him out later too. If you can find any clues, you will earn favor among the police!"

"Team Leader!" Zeng Ke immediately reminded Zhao Yu once he got off the phone, "Although Bai Ling High School had Hydrazine Enamine, it doesn't mean that the school is related to Li Fei in any way! After all, Li Fei is not stupid. The most dangerous place in the nation for him to be is Bai Ling. So, why would he stay in Bai Ling?"

"Yeah," Wu Xiumin advised, "Why don't we check ourselves? Go down the list, one by one on, to see if any of them were robbed and such? Although he would require a large amount of the ingredient, Li Fei, considering his capabilities, might have still been able to steal enough of it!"

"No!" Zhao Yu rejected the suggestion immediately through clenched teeth. He then turned and spoke to Captain Sun. "Captain Sun, send Li Fei's photo to all of the higher ups at Bai Ling High School, asking them to identify it! I don't care if it is the middle of the night! Then, when it's morning, show the photo to the rest of the teachers and students while they are at the school. Surely that will uncover some clues!"

"Bro," Cui Lizhu stuck her tongue out and asked softly, "What did Bai Ling High School ever do to you? What's your problem?"

"Shut up!" Zhao Yu snapped at her. He then turned around and told Captain Sun,"Hurry up and follow my instructions! I suspect that Bai Ling High School is associated with the suspect somehow!"

"Mmm..." Captain Sun looked awkward. Although he felt that Zhao Yu's suspicion was more emotional than fact-based, Zhao Yu was his higher up after all, so he had no choice but to follow his orders.

After Captain Sun left, Gao Facai spoke again, "Although preserving a dead body may seem like an easy process, it actually requires a lot of money! I know an expert overseas who specializes in embalming dead bodies, who told me that there are various costs related to it, all of which are based upon the level of embalming. If an embalmer wanted to do something similar to how the murderer preserved the dead body, specifically making it so that it never rots, it would cost at least ten thousand dollars or more! Thus, unless he possessed a small fortune, he wouldn't be able to maintain the expenses of such an endeavor!"

"That wouldn't be a problem for him," Ran Tao shrugged and said. "After all, Li Fei stole Tao Xiang's treasure, so he definitely would have had the money!"

"Not necessarily. I can easily tell that you have never been a thief!" Cui Lizhu said. "No one knows about this better than I do. Those scalpers that take in stolen goods are the real vampires! Those things that we spend the time and effort to steal normally won't even sell for a one-tenth of their values!"

She rolled her eyes, then asked, "Have you ever heard of any thief getting rich? If we were to sell the stolen goods at a comparable price to what they're actually worth, we would immediately draw the police's attention! Otherwise, why would my dad need to bury all of the priceless things in the cemetery?"

She kept talking, getting more passionate."My dad is the king of the thieves! But, whenever we shopped at the supermarket, we would always make purchases from the bargain area! Life as a thief is difficult! If I were to guess, I would think that my uncle was in a similar situation!"

"If that is so, then why be a thief at all?" Ran Tao shook his head.

"Yeah, I always asked myself that question too!" Cui Lizhu nodded bitterly, reluctantly agreeing with him. "But… Do you think I had a choice? After all, my biological parents, my adopted dad, even my uncle... They were all thieves! It is my fate!"

Just as she was expressing her emotions, the door opened and everyone got a shock. They turned around and saw Captain Sun!

Captain Sun shouted at everyone as he gasped for air, "We found it! That Bai Ling High School... There's really something wrong about this school!"

Everyone heard his words and got a shock.

Zhao Yu pulled at Captain Sun's arm and asked him excitedly, "Is there someone who knows Li Fei? Did Li Fei hide in the school?"

"No!" Captain Sun shook his head.

"Then, was the science lab ever robbed?" Zeng Ke guessed. "I knew it! Someone stole their Hydrazine Enamine!"

"No, it's not that either!" Captain Sun panted and waved his hands. "Let me tell you! Bai Ling High School gifted the Hydrazine Enamine to someone else!"

"What? A gift? To who?" Zeng Ke gasped. Everyone was confused.

Captain Sun continued to explain. "The staffer who was in charge of the accounting department told me that, ever since they stocked the science lab's experimental ingredients in 2008, the batch of Hydrazine Enamine hadn't been used at all. It had just been sitting in the storeroom. Also, it took up quite a bit of space."

He took a breath, then added, "However, towards the end of last year, someone got in touch with the school, saying that they wanted to buy their Hydrazine Enamine!" Captain Sun said in a hurry. "As the school was already planning to clear up the storeroom, they didn't even take any payment, but simply decided to gift it to the buyer in order to get it off their hands!"

"Oh! But... To who? Was it Li Fei?" Zeng Ke asked, barely able to contain himself.

"No, it was not an individual, but an enterprise!" Captain Sun steadied himself for a moment, then said, "But, the enterprise is no ordinary enterprise! It was a company in Bai Ling that just so happened to have a funeral parlor underneath it!"

"What the h*ck?" Zhao Yu's lips quivered. "A funeral parlor?"

"Yes!" Gao Facai quickly said. "From what I know, Hydrazine Enamine is only used for the two things that I previously mentioned to you. Neither of which have nothing to do with a funeral parlor!"

Zhao Yu then quickly surmised, "However, if the funeral parlor were to stock the ingredient in large amounts, this would mean that…"

Zhao Yu had yet to finish, when Captain Sun immediately cut him off and continued, "The staff at the school said that the person in charge from the funeral parlor explained to the school that they were wanting the Hydrazine Enamine to use in embalming dead bodies. They explained that the dead bodies that no one claimed could then be preserved longer!"

"Then, say no more!" Zeng Ke pointed at his computer and said, "Li Fei used to work in a funeral parlor! Now, this funeral parlor suddenly received a ton of Hydrazine Enamine! It must be related to Li Fei! Team Leader, I think that it is highly likely that he is hiding in this very same funeral parlor!"

"I've checked, Xiang Ling Funeral Parlor is only forty kilometers away from Bai Ling City," Captain Sun said, while nodding energetically. "I will send someone over now!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yu turned to give out orders excitedly as well. "Zeng Ke, stay back and check the details! See if you can find any more information on the funeral parlor! The rest of you, follow me. We have to arrest this demon Li Fei!"
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