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661 The Reason for the Bloody Miracle Adventure

Apparently, every cloud really did have a silver lining! Zhao Yu never thought that the forensic scientist in the autopsy department could figure out a way to arrest the murderer.

"Team Leader Zhao," Gao Facai sounded excited as he spoke to Zhao Yu over the phone. "If our inference is accurate, the murderer should still be studying how to embalm the perfect dead body! As such, we thought that he might be thinking of ways to improve the formula of his embalming fluid in order to enhance its stability."

He went on, trying to not use too much technical jargon. "So, we found three telling components of the chemical compound. We agreed that, if the murderer were to enhance the stability of the formula, he would have to add an antioxidant compound, an ethene mixture, or resin... These are all stabilizing agents. Then, it would be able to resist the corrosion effect of the embalming fluid, thus achieving a perfect result!"

"Oh." Zhao Yu replied, but he didn't quite understand it all.

"If the formula succeeded, any dead bodies that he made would be like resin dolls! But, resin dolls are toys, so what he would make…"

Just thinking about his words, Zhao Yu had goosebumps all over.

"However, that's not my point!" Gao Facai continued. "No matter which ingredient the murderer opted for, he would have to add an inductor called Hydrazine Enamine to stimulate the embalming fluid."

Then, Gao Facai spat a bunch of complicated chemical formulas at Zhao Yu before finally getting to his main point. "One of my students reminded me that Hydrazine Enamine requires a large piece of machinery in order for it to be extracted, as it wouldn't be possible for it to be extracted and purified individually. For this reason, there were only a few manufacturers that carried it in the entire nation."

He shook his head. "It is normally used for two purposes. One is for military research, and the other is for lab experiments in government-run high schools! Thus, the possibility of ordinary people using it is close to zero."

"We've already checked! It can't be bought on the internet either! So, if a private enterprise wanted to buy it, they could only order it directly from the manufacturer!" Gao Facai said excitedly. "So, if we could find out who purchased the agent, we would possibly find the murderer!"

"Wow! That's fantastic! Alright! I'll be on it now!" Zhao Yu was naturally very excited, so he asked, "Tell me again, what's this stuff called?"

Zhao Yu hung up the phone and immediately broke the news to the rest of his teammates! However, the teammates' reactions were different from Zhao Yu's.

Cui Lizhu was the first to stand up and state her opinion. "Bro, don't forget, my uncle is a professional burglar. If he knew that this stuff could be used to expose him, he would just steal it! It's just a factory, after all, so that would be easy peasy for him!"

"Then… Tell the manufacturers to check to see if any of the ingredient was stolen!" Zhao Yu said without hesitation. "The technology is so advanced now, I don't believe that he could possible get in and out without leaving some traces behind!"

"I think this could work!" Wu Xiumin nodded in agreement.

Zhao Yu also nodded, then told Zeng Ke determinedly, "Zeng Ke, hurry up!"

"Okay!" Zeng Ke's fingers were already dancing on the keyboard as he answered. Very soon, he found the information on the manufacturers.

"Master Gao was right. There are less than ten manufacturers in the nation that possess the equipment to produce Hydrazine Enamine. Among those, a few of them still have never actually produced it before." Zeng Ke quickly found something else. "That's great. Luckily, all of the manufacturers are large corporations, so none of them have since closed down. Now, if we eliminate the newly built manufacturers, plus the ones that haven't produced any yet... The h*ck? There are only two that fit our criteria!"

"Great!" Zhao Yu clapped his hands excitedly and said, "Hurry up and get the local police to contact the manufacturer, then request that they send over a list of people who bought whatever the heck its name is in the past few years!"

Zeng Ke replied, "Alright, but let Bro Tao or Sis Wu do the calling. Meanwhile, I'll try to break the firewall and see if I can get a gander at the orders directly!"

"Cool!" Zhao Yu gave him a thumbs up and nodded at both Wu Xiumin and Ran Tao, who immediately left to do his bidding.

Zeng Ke lived up to his reputation as a master hacker. Within ten minutes, he had broken into both manufacturers' servers. He got the orders and, after filtration, the buyers' information was all listed on the computer screen.

However, they were shocked and disheartened to see that the list of those who bought their specific ingredient was monstrously long! Even after eliminating military enterprises, the list was more than a hundred pages long! They had no choice but to separate them into batches, then filter through them manually.

As Zhao Yu looked through the information before him carefully, he saw that the list was mostly made up of cultural and educational organizations. It seemed that Gao Facai was right. Besides the military enterprises, they were all high schools! There weren't any other organizations that purchased that specific chemical agent, let alone individuals!

While she was looking through the information, Wu Xiumin expressed her concern, "Team Leader, this is bad! Look, there are so many schools that bought the chemical agent. What if Li Fei didn't steal from the manufacturers, but looted the schools instead?"

Just as Wu Xiumin spoke, Zhao Yu got a shock! Zhao Yu immediately ran before Zeng Ke and shouted, "Zeng Ke, hurry up and search to see if there is anything to do with Bai Ling on the list, especially Bai Ling High School!"

"Huh? Oh…" Zeng Ke had no idea why Zhao Yu was so excited, nor why he had made such a seemingly bizarre request, but he followed Zhao Yu's instructions nonetheless. "Found it. There is! Bai Ling Cultural and Educational Bureau bought a batch in 2008!"

In 2008?

"Oh my motherf*cker! Captain Sun! Hurry up and call Captain Sun. Tell him to come over quickly!" Looking at Zhao Yu cursing, Zeng Ke hurried to call Captain Sun.

Before Captain Sun came over, Gao Facai arrived first. "Team Leader Zhao, how is it going? I forgot to clarify something with you earlier. Although Hydrazine Enamine is a catalyst, due to its characteristics, it also requires extractions. Hence, the murderer would required a large amount of it!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu nodded, wondering how this might change things.

"Team Leader Zhao, are you looking for me?" Once Captain Sun received the order, he had immediately rushed over.

Zhao Yu saw Captain Sun and said, "Sun, please tell your underlings to contact Bai Ling Cultural and Educational Bureau to check their stock of Hydrazine Enamine. See which schools they may have shared the chemical agent with."

"What? Hydrazine Enamine? What do you mean?" Captain Sun naturally couldn't understand.

After a simple explanation by Gao Facai, Captain Sun was quickly briefed on the ins and outs of the matter. He then made a call to the bureau chief of the Bai Ling Cultural and Educational Bureau.

In no time, the Bai Ling Cultural and Educational Bureau replied, saying that their accounting department had just verified that it was during Bai Ling High School's science lab renovation in 2008 that some of this specific ingredient had been shared. Hence, the chemical agent and equipment were all given to Bai Ling High School!

Oh my God!

After receiving the update, Zhao Yu's heart was pumping! He finally understood that the side quest the day before wasn't any simple coincidence!