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660 Is There a Breakthrough?

"I found Lactic Streptococci in Bai Lili's remaining muscles in her skull. There is also a chemical compound that contained mercury and an unknown dehydrating agent," Gao Facai said.

He then held up his report as he told Zhao Yu, "Lactic Streptococci is a kind of preservative, which mainly is used to conserve the freshness of food. However, the murderer used it on a human's dead body! Especially for the time period of nineteen years ago, this advanced mental fortitude and genius is unbelievable! If he had done so in an academic setting, he would definitely have received an award!"

"Wow, he really sounds like a professional!" Cui Lizhu was shocked. "It seems like my uncle spent pretty much all of his time doing this! No wonder he couldn't match my dad's stealing acumen!"

Only after Cui Lizhu had blurted out her last statement did she realize that it was somewhat inappropriate to take something like this so lightly. So, she quickly shut her mouth.

"That evidence shocked me!" Gao Facai couldn't be bothered by Cui Lizhu's silly joke, but continued to share his findings. "The murderer was obviously trying a brand new embalming method. If it succeeded, he could make a dead body that would never rot, the kind of dead corpse that would not need to be soaked in liquid, yet would still look lively!"

"Oh my! That's terrifying!" Zeng Ke drew back in horror.

"However, I conducted a few experiments and noticed that the agent didn't succeed on Bai Lili! The three agents were not stable after being mixed together. If the amount was inaccurate, there would be corrosion, which would damage the dead body!"

Then, Gao Facai redirected the conversation. "However, even though it didn't succeed on Bai Lili, I have been worried that the murderer may have continued his evil killings, just so that he could work on improving his skills!"

"Oh my God!" Wu Xiumin was shocked to hear this. "You mean that the murderer might still be committing similar crimes? That would be terrifying!"

"Yeah!" Zeng Ke was equally shocked. "The murderer stopped killing because the police started to have more advanced DNA technology to quickly identity the deceased! Since there weren't any more headless female corpses for a time, we thought that the Headless Female Corpses Case had finally stopped!"

His eyes grew wide and his lips trembled a bit as the question rose to his mind. "But, but, what if it never stopped? What if the reason that there aren't any more headless female corpses is not because the murderer stopped, but because the murderer simply changed to another method of killing?"

"Try to imagine this..." Wu Xiumin said. "After he made a kill, he would only need to could just continue with his embalming experiment forever! He's a total demon!"

Just as everyone was trying to get over this sudden shock, Ran Tao opened the door. "Bro! Gao Wanlin recognized the person in the photo! He really is Li Fei!"

After that, Ran Tao noticed his colleagues in the room were all pale, and many of them had their hands over their mouths. Some of them looked quite sick.

"What happened?" Ran Tao was stupefied. "Did you eat something bad?

"You b*stard!" Wu Xiumin exclaimed. "You scared the hel* out of me!"

"Hey! Mister Gao is here too!" Ran Tao nodded at Gao Facai. He then told Zhao Yu that he had passed Li Fei's photo to Captain Sun and the wanted notice would be ready soon.

Cui Lizhu bit her lip and said, "It has been nineteen years since Bai Lili's murder, so if the murderer continued, how many people has he killed since then?"

"Li Fei is so cunning," Zeng Ke said. "I'm guessing he is still using the same methods. After he finds his target in a place, he kidnaps the person and takes them faraway, then kills them. Then, he embalms them! But, where do we find him?"

"Hey! We can try to started with the missing persons' list!" Cui Lizhu suggested. "As Li Fei only kills women who abuse children, we could totally find matches from the list to see who might have been Li Fei's targets?"

"Sis, do you know many people are reported lost every year?" Zeng Ke shook his head and said, "Plus, who would write their abusive past behavior in their resume? Moreover, even if we found a suspicious target, what could we do about it? We still can't find the murderer!"

"Maybe it's not as bad as we first imagined!" Wu Xiumin pondered a bit, then said, "Don't forget, Li Fei isn't young anymore! You have to wonder if he still even has the energy to do this..."

"Who knows?" Cui Lizhu shook her head. "Did you see my dad, Tao Xiang? Although he went crazy, he still could beat any brawny man in an arm wrestling match!"

"Hey, I'm confused. What are you talking about?" Ran Tao was puzzled. "Why can't I understand this at all?"

"Team Leader Zhao,"Gao Facai told Zhao Yu patiently, "There's tough work ahead and a long way to go! Although we found the victims' heads, if you want to officially close the case, we will still have to work really hard!"

Then, he extended his right hand and shook Zhao Yu's. "Alright, it's late. I shall not disturb you any longer! I will discuss this with my team again, then see if we can find any clues from the evidence! Let's all work together on this!"

Then, Ga Facai turned and left, while Zhao Yu politely walked him to the door.

Ever since they started the investigation in Bai Ling, Zhao Yu was in awe of two people in particular. One was Captain Sun, who was awe-inspiring and righteous, while the other one was Master Gao, who was very skilful and observant!

After giving it some thought, Zhao Yu felt that, if he were to continue investigating other major pending cases, he would require an expert like Gao Facai to assist him! So, if he had an opportunity in the future, he would definitely build a stronger relationship with him. Then, if he was lucky, he might get to work together with him again!

However, it was naturally just a dream for now. His priority now was obviously to find Li Fei!

Li Fei, where are you hiding?

According to Flying Squirrel Gao, when Li Fei entrusted him to sell his stolen goods, he had actually kept quite a few of them for himself. If he were to slowly sell them, he definitely would gain great wealth. Plus, he might most likely would still be holding onto the priceless Tamil Star!

So, Li Fei must be living quite the life! Moreover, with a vast amount of money at his disposal, he could easily hide without being noticed!

At that very moment, Zhao Yu was pondering the case information on the whiteboard, intent upon finding a breakthrough based on the clues. He really wanted to find Li Fei.

After all, things were entirely different now. In the past, every clue that Zhao Yu found only seemed to confuse the case even more, making for a very complicated case! Yet lately, the case had brightened up, as they only needed to find where Li Fei was!

However, as Zhao Yu looked at the board, he could see clearly that the information on it could only help him solve the case, but not find Li Fei!

Tsk tsk...

Will there really be no breakthrough this time?

Do we really have to offer a bounty, then just wait endlessly?

Just as Zhao Yu was drowning in his thoughts, the system in his head finally alerted him with the ending notification tone. Zhao Yu had achieved a completion rate of one hundred and thirty three percent and had received three Invisible Tracking Devices. This type of device was similar to a dog's nose.


Looking at the whiteboard that was filled with case information, Zhao Yu rubbed his hands together and said hopefully to his system, "Abracadabra! Bro system, show me what you've got! Then, I really will give my all! Whether I can arrest the murderer or not, whether I can earn fame in the Central Criminal Division, it all depends on your helping me! Come on!"

After pumping himself up, Zhao Yu tapped with his willpower to get a new hexagram. Right in the middle of the system, two characters appeared, Dui Gen.

Tsk tsk...

Seeing such a result, Zhao Yu could not help but feel a little disappointed. Although he got a Gen Hexagram, it was right behind a Dui hexagram. Hence, it meant that the miracle adventure that day was aiming at wealth, not solving the case!

According to Zhao Yu's past experience, the nearer the time to solving the case, the greater the need for a powerful hexagram became. An examples of this would be the Gen Qian hexagram or the Kun Gen hexagram. Only these would be on par with the superb position of the Headless Female Corpses Case!

Comparatively, the Dui Gen hexagram was obviously not powerful enough! Even if Gen were to be at the front, it would have been better.

However, something unexpected happened. Just as he was disappointed that his hexagram wasn't powerful enough, his phone suddenly rang. It turned out to be a call from the forensic expert Gao Facai.

"Team Leader Zhao," Gao Facai's cheerful tone revealed his excitement. "One of my students reminded me of something today. I think we might have found a way…"