Crazy Detective
657 The Reason to Kill
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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657 The Reason to Kill

Although Zhao Yu returned to the office, the interrogation of Flying Squirrel Gao had yet to end. Wu Xiumin and Cui Lizhu were still asking him for more details. As such, Zhao Yu reckoned that it would only still be going on at least until after the sky grew dark.

"Bro!" At that moment, Ran Tao entered the office to report to Zhao Yu. "Captain Sun sent someone here to verify that Gao Wanlin didn't lie to us. When the Gem Theft Case happened, someone really did break his leg in a fight!"

"Team Leader, I used all of our methods, but I still can't find Li Fei!" Zeng Ke said regretfully. He was sitting in front of his computer, still searching frantically. "He appears to be just like Tao Xiang, a person with no official identity!"

"Ran Tao, I told Captain Sun to arrange a portrait expert to draw a sketch of Li Fei. How is that going?" Zhao Yu stood before the whiteboard as he asked Ran Tao.

"Yes, he is the best portrait expert in all of Bai Ling. He is on his way here as we speak!" Ran Tao replied immediately.

"Mm…" Zhao Yu nodded, but his eyes were fixed on the whiteboard before him.

"Bro!" Zeng Ke paused and said, "Don't you think, Gao Wanlin's description about Li Fei is eerily similar to the psychology report that the police had previously? Did we really get the correct person this time?"

Zhao Yu nodded faintly. Zeng Ke was right. Gloomy face, cold eyes. Although the description that Zhao Yu had been given was merely a short phrase that Gao Wanlin had described Li Fei with, they seemed to have hit the target spot-on!

Recalling back then, when they suspected Tao Xiang, Zhao Yu had been doubtful. This is because he felt that Tao Xiang was too different from the serial killer that he was imagining in his head. But then, it was indeed entirely different!

Thinking about how Flying Squirrel Gao described Li Fei, Zhao Yu was even more determined that they were on the right track! Gloomy face, cold eyes. As he recalled those words, it was as though he could see with the murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case standing right before him!

Li Fei!

Li Fei!!

Are you really the murderer?

But, although the target was getting clearer, there was still a huge mountain-like obstacle before Zhao Yu!

Where is Li Fei now?

How do we find him?

According to Flying Squirrel Gao's testimony, after Li Fei sold Tao Xiang's treasure six years ago, he never appeared ever again! Based on what happened then, he must have left and gone to some other places, one after another.

Li Fei was just like Tao Xiang, the kind of person who had no identity and was good at disguising himself. The police had been after Tao Xiang for many years, but they hadn't managed to arrest him yet, let alone Li Fei.

With no photo, no fingerprints, and no DNA, he was just like the invisible man.

How can we find him?


As he was faced with such a tough situation, Zhao Yu couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh. He knew that the reason why he was able to arrest Tao Xiang by accident was merely because the miracle system had arranged for him to be at the right place at the the right time.

As for Li Fei, it would be quite impossible to come across him through the system! After all, Zhao Yu knew the miracle adventure system well.

Specifically, he knew that, even if he wanted to look for Li Fei via a miracle adventure, he had to first be close to Li Fei, or at least be within the same city! Hence, it wouldn't be reliable to depend on the system in this instance.

Then, are there any other methods?

Maybe it was because one would try anything when in a desperate situation, but Zhao Yu instantly thought back to the miracle adventure in Bai Ling High School!

Would it be possible that the miracle adventure system had arranged a hint? Would that peeping tom be Li Fei? Or, maybe he is related to Li Fei?

Hoping he was onto something, Zhao Yu told Captain Sun to investigate the peeping tom. Remarkably, he was able to get the results almost immediately. Apparently, the peeping tom was merely a peeping tom, and he had nothing to do with robbery.

The time flew by, and before Zhao Yu knew it, it was already time for dinner. Wu Xiumin and Cui Lizhu had finally finished interrogated Flying Squirrel Gao and returned to the office. Captain Sun, who was a very courteous gentleman, sent some of his people to deliver them a takeaway dinner.

As they enjoyed their dinners, Wu Xiumin told Zhao Yu that she had carefully observed Flying Squirrel Gao's body language as he spoke. She noted that he was very calm, citing that there was nothing suspicious about his mannerisms. So, either he was an expert in lying, or his testimony was the absolute truth!

Cui Lizhu said. "Also, Flying Squirrel Gao had no idea about my dad's secret hand signal, so he couldn't be my dad's ally!"

"Team Leader, although Flying Squirrel Gao wrote down the places that Li Fei might go…" Wu Xiumin shook her head. "He himself said that the possibility of Li Fei's staying back in Bai Ling was quite low! This was because in all of these last six years, he never heard any news about him!"

"Mm." These investigation results were as Zhao Yu expected.

However, even though the opportunity was slim, he couldn't be sloppy. He had to comb over every detail. So, he decided that once Li Fei's portrait was done, he would send someone to investigate this more thoroughly.

"Oh yeah, one more thing..." Wu Xiumin suddenly put down her chopsticks and told Zhao Yu solemnly, "When we were asking for more details, we found out one more thing about Li Fei. I wonder if it would be of any help to you in solving the case..."

"Yeah, I found it strange too!" Cui Lizhu added.

Zhao Yu nodded, waiting for Wu Xiumin to continue. She then told him, "When Flying Squirrel Gao gave his initial testimony, we already felt that something fishy, specifically regarding his recollection of the time when Li Fei ran away from home. We had to ask ourselves, 'Why did Li Fei run away from home? Why did the master's wife disappear after that? Why did the master die as well?'"

She took a breath, then continued. "Hence, we asked Flying Squirrel Gao again about all of that. Flying Squirrel Gao said that he was curious about it too. He said that he had even asked Cui Fangyu and Du Manting about it. However, the two of them apparently avoided the question and didn't say anything."

She shook her head. "After they refused to say anything, Flying Squirrel Gao got even more curious. So, he and Latou came up with two versions of a probable scenario. First, they eloped. They suspected the hot-blooded Li Fei had a thing for the master's wife, so they must have ran away behind their master's back! Master was pissed off, but he lied and said that his wife got admitted into the hospital in order to save his dignity and pride!"

"Second story they figured was that a murder had really occurred! They suspected that Big Bro had killed their master's wife and run away! When their master returned, he was so upset that his old illness flared up again and he died!"

She shrugged. "Regarding the two versions, Flying Squirrel Gao leaned more towards believing the latter, as their master's wife was quite old and ordinary. So, even if Li Fei was blind, he wouldn't have eloped with her! Moreover, before Flying Squirrel Gao joined them, he heard rumors that master's wife was going through menopause, which made her behavior very erratic. In fact, she was always bullying and abusing Li Fei and Tao Xiang."

She then concluded, "After joining them, Flying Squirrel Gao saw many times that Li Fei had bruises and swollen wounds on his body. Hence, they suspected that Li Fei couldn't stand the abuse anymore and killed the master's wife, which would then explain why he ran away!"

"Oh? Abuse?" Zhao Yu was stunned.

He seemed to realize something important, and he quickly turned around and looked through the identities of the six victims in the Headless Female Corpses Case.

Human trafficker, private school teacher, divorcee, kidnapper of children…

Suddenly, he was enlightened. He pointed at the whiteboard and exclaimed, "Oh God! I think I understand why these people were killed by the murderer!"
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