Crazy Detective
653 There’s No One Who Provoked Me Who Ended Well!
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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653 There’s No One Who Provoked Me Who Ended Well!

Just as he returned to Bai Ling Police Station, Zhao Yu could feel that something was strange! As the courtyard of the police station was filled with cars, he could tell that some higher ups must have come!

Zhao Yu had yet to stop the car entirely, when the contact officer Chen Zhuo greeted him. He placed his hand on the car window and shouted, "Zhao Yu, hurry up. Division Chief Jiao wants to see you!"

"Officer Chen, what is going on? Who does she think she is? How could she take my people away? How could she halt my case investigation? Do you know which stage of case investigation we are in? Why would she do this?" Zhao Yu spat.

"How would I know?" Chen Zhuo replied helplessly. "According to our original plan, the higher ups should have arrived tomorrow. So, I haven't prepared anything at all! Who knows what happened? I heard that Wu Fangfang lodged a complaint against you, saying that Cui Lizhu is a criminal, but yet she still follows you everywhere."

He waited a moment, then added, "As this is not aligned with the normal police procedure, she said that this behavior makes you a bad influence. Regardless, hurry up! Forget about the car and head straight to the bureau chief's office on the third floor! Division Chief Jiao has been waiting for you!"

"Motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu clenched his teeth and thought to himself, Wu Fangfang, you treacherous woman, you just wait and see how I'm going to deal with you later!

After getting out of his car, Zhao Yu followed Chen Zhuo to the bureau chief's office immediately. Chen Zhuo was terrified too, as he wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing that the Division Chief wanted to see Zhao Yu.

This bothered him because, after all, his own fate was tied to Zhao Yu and his other teammates. If Zhao Yu were to be punished, things for him wouldn't end well either! Hence, his legs grew so weak as they walked up the stairs, he nearly tripped! Luckily, Zhao Yu caught him and held him up.

After arriving at the bureau chief's office, Zhao Yu and Chen Zhuo saw that the door was wide open and there were a big crowd in the room. From the way they were all dressed up, the two men could tell that those people were all higher ups of various levels, some from the provincial office and some from Bai Ling itself. All of them were standing in the office, while listening to the speech that was being given by one of the higher ups.

"Division Chief Jiao, Zhao Yu is here!" Chen Zhuo stood at the door and reported.

"Oh, okay!" Division Chief Jiao's bright voice was heard. "Everyone, that's it for today. I hope everyone can continue to cooperate in the near future regarding the case. Thank you for your hard work!"

Then, many of the higher ups left the place. Zhao Yu saw that the few higher ups from the Bai Ling Police Station were there too. However, it was obvious that they were among the lowest in ranking! Not only did they leave the room first, they even extended their hands to humbly guide the way for the others.

But, at the moment, Zhao Yu couldn't be bothered about their rankings. He rushed in before everyone had even left the room!

Zhao Yu looked up and saw Division Chief Jiao, who he had not seen for quite some time. She was seated calmly and looked very different from before.

Division Chief Jiao was glowing with health now and looked fairly energized. Although she had a smile on her face, she somehow exuded an indescribable imposing aura.

"Zhao Yu, long time no see!" Division Chief Jiao could tell that Zhao Yu wasn't in a great mood. Hence, she greeted him first and with a smile.

"Division Chief Jiao, what are you..." Zhao Yu opted to be straightforward and got straight down to business. However, Division Chief Jiao waved her arms and beckoned for him to keep quiet before he had even finished his question.

"Mm..." Zhao Yu understood and shut his mouth immediately.

"Xiao Zhang, come here..." Division Chief Jiao waved her hands at a young man at the door, who immediately entered the room and closed the door behind him, leaving Chen Zhuo standing outside the door.

Then, something that surprised Zhao Yu even more happened. Xiao Zhang took out a security check device and searched Zhao Yu's body! At the same time, Division Chief Jiao stood up and closed the curtains behind her.

Along with the room's lighting growing dim, Zhao Yu's thoughts had a 180-degree transformation. He couldn't help but wonder, Seeing as how suspicious she is acting, did something major just happen?

Zhao Yu's Invisible Detector was still working at that time, so if there was any audio monitor there, he'd know about it immediately. After Xiao Zhang checked and cleared Zhao Yu, he signaled an okay sign with his hands towards Division Chief Jiao, then left the room and closed the door behind him. Then, there was only Division Chief Jiao and Zhao Yu left in the room.

"Zhao Yu, let me congratulate you first of all!" Division Chief Jiao beckoned for Zhao Yu to take a seat as she spoke calmly, "Regarding the pharmaceutical factory murder case, you contributed to it greatly! I've heard about your heroic deeds! It must not be easy for you to solve a case under such difficult circumstances! Plus, if it wasn't for your being a step ahead of the criminal, the consequences would have been disastrous."

Zhao Yu immediately changed the subject, getting down to the real matter at hand. "You should know that I didn't come here to receive your compliments. Let's talk about Cui Lizhu. Why are you backing her up?"

"Mm..." Division Chief Jiao's smile vanished as she replied solemnly, "Zhao Yu, although you are a great detective, I can assure you that you aren't seeing the proper factors here! You've gotten it wrong, as I am not backing Cui Lizhu up! In fact, I'm doing the exact opposite!"

"Huh? Why?" Zhao Yu was utterly confused by her reply.

"There's no use in panicking!" Division Chief Jiao gestured for Zhao Yu to calm down by pressing her palms in a downward manner. She then said, "Don't worry. The reason I was looking for you was because I wanted to tell you the answer that you are looking for! But, you have to be quiet and allow me to explain!"

"Mm..." Zhao Yu felt that there was indeed a story behind what had happened, so he held his tongue and prepared to listen to her explanation.

"Let's begin with the pharmaceutical factory murder case," Division Chief Jiao said. "Do you remember Ma Runkui, Section Chief Ma, the one who took over the case?"

Zhao Yu nodded, but didn't understand why Division Chief Jiao would bring him up.

"This has yet to be announced to the public, but you should know that, according to the information that Section Chief Ma Runkui obtained from the suspects, we already arrested the boss behind the scenes with the help of police from other nations, thus capturing all of the others in the whole consortium in one fell swoop!" She was clearly proud of this fact.

"Oh? That's fast!" Zhao Yu was shocked. He never thought that Ma Runkui's efficiency level would be so high.

"Plus..." Division Chief Jiao announced, "Everyone who was involved in the case will be extradited in order to stand trial here in our nation!"

Zhao Yu's eyes were wide open, as he found this quite interesting. After all, extraditing criminals from other nations sounded impressive. As for all of those criminals, who were brutal and treated human lives as if they were worthless, this was heartening news, showing that they would be brought to justice!

"Let me continue!" Division Chief said. "There were more than twenty consortiums that benefited from the pharmaceutical factory case illegally. Regardless of whether they were private or state-owned, they were all ordered to stop conducting their business in their countries as of now! Although the embezzled funds couldn't be recouped, their final outcome will most surely be bankruptcy, and they will have to close down!"

She smiled exultantly, then added, "This time, our nation decided to really lower the boom on them. Whoever provoked us is going to be punished to set an example to the others!" Division Chief Jiao said proudly. "Zhao Yu, this is our attitude, the attitude of a strong nation! Whoever plots against us, or bullies and humiliates us, we have to make sure that they learn their lessons!"


That got Zhao Yu's blood boiling! At first, he was unhappy with the Hasty Murder Case's results, as although he had arrested the murderer, the boss behind the scenes and those people who had benefited from it still remained at liberty. But, he then thought of how the case had achieved such a heartening outcome, so he was suddenly in a great mood!


That's right!

Our nation is much stronger now. Whoever messes with us, things wouldn't end well for him!


Just a minute...

Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized something and opened his eyes wide. He told Division Chief Jiao, "Oh... Now... I finally understand!"

He pointed at Division Chief Jiao and asked emotionally, "Regarding the exposure of the Gem Theft Case, it was... That was really your doing? You are the one who spread the news of Tao Xiang's being arrested?"
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