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"What is it?" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows, having suddenly noticed Cui Lizhu's solemn expression.

"Zoom in a little..." Cui Lizhu had her eyebrows tightly knit. The discovery before her eyes seemed to be somehow related to her.

As the image was enlarged, Zhao Yu was able to see that Cui Lizhu's target wasn't the celebrity Zhang Zichen, but her classmate who was behind her! Apparently, when Zhao Yu had been taking a photo with the celebrity, the photo happened to capture all of her classmates as well.

Cui Lizhu was pointing at a very good-looking girl, who was wearing a very expensive checkered shirt. She looked very poised and dignified.

However, Cui Lizhu's target was obviously not the girl herself, but the dragon-shaped bracelet on her wrist! Although it was made of gold, it had a dark shimmering glow to it. The head and tail of the dragon had been embellished with a blue gemstone.

Honestly speaking, it was the first time that Zhao Yu had ever seen something like that. He reckoned that it cost quite a bit.

"Ah! Seriously! That's right!" After Cui Lizhu certified this fact, she shouted out.

"What happened?" someone uttered, shocked by her shout.

Zeng Ke then took the photo and projected it onto the big screen. He then zoomed in on it so that the dragon-shaped bracelet that the girl was wearing was displayed clearly before everyone.

"My dad wore this bracelet once before!" Cui Lizhu recognized it instantly. "It was about ten years back! My dad did a big deal and brought back some beautiful things to show me. One of them was this bracelet!"

She smiled at the memory, then continued. "My dad thought that the workmanship was great, so he wore it on his wrist when no one else was around! He told me that it was most likely something that the emperor from the Ming Dynasty once wore!"

She giggled a little, then admitted, "I even made fun of my dad for wearing it back then. I said that, as it was worn by an emperor, it must have been found by a gravedigger, which meant that it must be unlucky! However, my dad said that he could feel the aura of an emperor when he wore it, which made him like it very much!"

Cui Lizhu then pointed at the photo and said, "Although the dragon looks slightly dark, it was made of pure gold, while the head and tail of the dragon was embellished with an expensive agate. This is clearly an antique! It's worth was already exorbitant back then, so I can't begin to imagine its current value!"

Ran Tao was still confused as usual, so he asked, "Why would the bracelet be on her wrist in this picture then? The girl must be very rich! She is also quite pretty..."

"This thing was in my house for less than half a year. Then, it disappeared and I never saw it again! I reckon it was sold off by my dad," Cui Lizhu guessed.

"Yes! It must have been sold!" Ran Tao jumped to his feet and cut in again, "Otherwise, how could the girl be wearing it?"

Ran Tao took a breath, then a stunned look came over his face, as he finally understood! "If we could find out where this girl got the bracelet, couldn''t we then find Tao Xiang's dealer? The dealer must know quite a bit about Tao Xiang, right?"

"Yes! That's exactly what I meant to say!" Cui Lizhu nodded her head in agreement.

"Ten years ago..." Zhao Yu pondered about it, then suddenly gave an interesting inference, "Don't forget that Gao Facai certified that Tao Xiang buried the metal box at Du Manting's grave ten years ago! Could it be that Tao Xiang didn't sell the bracelet, but buried it with the box?"

"Oh my God!" Ran Tao exclaimed. He was clearly astonished.

Everyone else was equally shocked at Zhao Yu's hypothesis. Zeng Ke quickly said, "That'd be crazy! If it were to be buried with the metal box, wouldn't it mean that the person who sold the bracelet to the girl was the person that stole Tao Xiang's treasure? Moreover, the person would then most likely be the murderer in the Headless Female Corpses Case too!"

"Yes! Exactly!" Cui Lizhu shouted emotionally. "I told you that my dad wasn't a serial killer! We have to investigate this further!"

Wu Xiumin heard this discussion and quickly stood up. She then told Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, we have to give it a try! Let's go find this girl and figure out who she really is."

"She's Zhang Zichen's old classmate!" Zhao Yu told Zeng Ke. "So, as long as we can find the registration of Bai Ling students, we will be able to find this person!"

"Alright! I will take care of it!" Zeng Ke immediately pumped went to his computer to search for the information.

Then, Cui Lizhu recalled, "My dad said that the ancient dragon-shaped bracelet was a classic male series model, so it's strange that a woman would be wearing it! It's actually a bit taboo."

She clucked her tongue, then continued. "Any person with the basic knowledge of social graces would know about this! It might even damage one's fate if it were to be worn recklessly! I don't know why no one reminded this girl of such a risk!"

"It doesn't matter if anyone reminded her or not!" Zeng Ke tapped on the keyboard as he spoke. "As long as you can confirm that the bracelet is the exact same one that you had before!"

"I am certain of it!" Cui Lizhu pointed at the agate on the head of the dragon and said, "I remember very clearly that the agate was half dark blue and half light blue. It is definitely the same one!"

"That will do…" As Zeng Ke was looking for the girl who was wearing the dragon shaped bracelet, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" As Zhao Yu answered, Captain Sun from the Bai Ling Police Station rushed in.

"Hi everyone! Thank you for your all of your hard work!" Captain Sun greeted them quickly, then went straight to talking business. "I came here to inform you about the second headless female corpse's identity. We found a match from the database! Here…"

Then, Captain Sun passed the stack of information to Zhao Yu and said, "The person's information is all there! I hope it will help!"

Zhao Yu thanked him and began to look through the information with everyone else.

"That's interesting!" Zhao Yu suddenly creased his eyebrows. "I thought that it would be found through the portrait! How come it was discovered through the matching of DNA? Had no one else looked through it in the past few years?"

"No!" Captain Sun quickly explained, "It's a coincidence! The deceased victim's cousin committed a crime in Longxi last month, so the police kept a copy of his DNA! As it was in the database then, we were able to match it with the deceased victim's DNA! We then contacted the local police and confirmed the victim's identity!"

"Zhao Yu then suddenly realized something and excitedly said, "Hey! I am from Longxi too! Is the victim from there?"

Captain Sun didn't hesitate but replied, "Although her cousin was arrested in Yunzhou, the deceased victim was from Qinshan!"

"What?!" Zhao Yu was shocked and thought to himself, Qinshan? How could it be so coincidental?

My bro system, what kind of joke are you making right now? Tell me honestly, do I know this victim?