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646 If You Were Him

It was already late at night. Although they had taken a nap at the spa center, it obviously couldn't resolve the weariness that had accumulated in the past several days. As such, the few teammates and Cui Lizhu were now taking a light snooze on the working desk in the office.

At that very moment, only Zhao Yu was still writing and scribbling on the whiteboard. The latest clues that they had obtained the night before were encouraging. But, after they looked into them in closer detail, they met a dead end.

Now, even if they knew that Tao Xiang stole the gemstone, cooperated with the Indian, and had a secret ally, they still had no idea where the Tamil Star was. Zhao Yu knew that he basically had two options.

The first option would be to investigate AK and reveal the truth behind his employment of Tao Xiang to steal the gemstone. His other option was to investigate Tao Xiang's ally, who had been hiding behind the scenes all this while. After all, maybe the ally would be related to the Headless Female Corpses Case too!

As AK was located in another nation and was a famous international tycoon, it was obviously unrealistic to investigate him at the moment. On the other hand, Tao Xiang's ally was even more difficult to find!

Even Cui Lizhu had no idea about the person's origins. It was clear that the ally was a very careful person as well, so it would not be easy to find him.

If both routes are not working, what other ways are there?

Then, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of Team Leader Wu Fangfang. Zhao Yu felt that she must have found Tao Xiang in the surveillance video too, just like they had been able to!

Perhaps they already knew that Tao Xiang had cooperated with the Indian! He wondered if Wu Fangfang had other information that would help them make some progress in the case investigation.

It was just too bad that the woman was so stubborn! The higher ups had already ordered her to work together with Zhao Yu, but she insisted on working on her own! If both teams were to share their resources and discuss the case together, they might be able to really make some progress!

At that very moment, on the whiteboard, Zhao Yu connected Tao Xiang's name with the Indian's and also the mysterious ally's. He wrote a small note in between — injured!

Zhao Yu felt that if AK's deputy, Lu Gang, was killed by AK, it at least showed that AK was a cruel person!

Then, could the situation be like this? ...

Perhaps Tao Xiang stole the gemstone as agreed upon. However, as they were trading with the Indian, the Indian wanted to kill them to shut them up. So, the Indian took action against Tao Xiang and his ally.

The heavy knock on Tao Xiang's head, could it be from the Indian's attack?

However, although he was severely injured, Tao Xiang and his ally managed to escape. In the end, his ally saw that Tao Xiang was in a coma, so he decided to run away with the gemstone alone. When Tao Xiang woke up, the awareness that he had been robbed by his ally, as well as the pain of his external injuries, caused him to have a complete mental breakdown.

However, Cui Lizhu said that Tao Xiang had left for more than thirty days at that time.

Why would he need so much time? Would it be… After Tao Xiang woke up, he wanted to look for the gemstone, so he tried to look for the ally? In the end, he must not have been able to find him and just gave up...

Zhao Yu shook his head. If these assumptions were correct, it would be even more difficult to solve this case! After all, Tao Xiang didn't know where his ally went!

It seems like it is going to be really difficult to find the gemstone!


After exhaling a long sigh, Zhao Yu suddenly recalled the lyrics from one of the celebrity Zhang Zichen's songs. The name of the song was If It Was You.

The song was very popular. Even though Zhao Yu hadn't memorized the lyrics, he could hum along with the melody. The more he sang along, the more meaningful he found the song's words to be.

Hence, he walked before the working desk and took out the CD that Zhang Zichen had given him. He then put it into the CD player and pressed the play button. The first song of the CD happened to be If It Was You!

Zhao Yu was afraid that he would wake the other teammates, so he put the volume to the lowest level. However, Cui Lizhu, who was nearest to the CD player, still woke up. Cui Lizhu didn't complain, but started humming along lightly.

"Walking through youth, radiant with joy. I like you to sing softly in my ears the most…" She sang along the entire chorus, then finally lifted her head.

She looked at Zhao Yu with her beautiful eyes and said, "Team Leader is in a good mood. Why would you start singing as you investigate the case? I don't understand. The song is about simple bliss, which seems to have nothing to do with this case!"

Zhao Yu smiled. "The reason why the song is so charming is because it is filled with determination, whether that be in a relationship or life..."

"Now, there's an excellent frame of mind! Who would have guessed that a police officer would have such a profound understanding of art, music, and life!" Cui Lizhu sighed. "I never expected you to like Zhang Zichen's song..."

As she spoke, Cui Lizhu stretched her body and took a closer look at the CD.

"Wow! This is a hi-fi pure audio album!" Cui Lizhu was stunned and exclaimed. "This... can't be bought in any ordinary shop, right?"

"Eh? You sound like a professional! You do know a thing or two about your music!" Zhao Yu suddenly was in the mood to show off, so he said, "Let me tell you, Zhang Zichen gave it to me personally!"

"What?" Cui Lizhu laughed and pointed at Zhao Yu, then said in a teasing voice, "Yeah, right! Like Zhang Zichen would actually give you a present!"

"Hey? Why would I lie about this?" Zhao Yu stood straight up and explained, "Zhang Zichen really gave it to me personally! Look..."

He then unlocked his phone and opened the camera roll to his photo with Zhang Zichen, while showing it to Cui Lizhu.

"Seriously? You photoshopped this, right? Hehehe..." Cui Lizhu clearly didn't believe him. "I never knew that you even liked Zhang Zichen! You have even photoshopped a photo with her in it!"

"No! Zhang Zichen is here!" Zhao Yu explained, "Look closely. Where can you find any traces of my using photoshop? She took this photo with me because I did her a favor and she gave me the CD as a thank you gift. This was just yesterday!"

"Hehehe... Carry on..." Although Cui Lizhu didn't believe him, she held the photo and looked at it closely. Suddenly, her facial expression grew solemn.

She held Zhao Yu's phone and said, "Actually, the photo is quite real looking. Are you really telling the truth?"

"Of course!" Zhao Yu assured her.

"Wow! Yesterday!" Cui Lizhu exclaimed. "Team Leader, you must like her alot, as you went to chase after her instead of working on the case!"

"No, no! I told you I went to investigate the case and just happened to run into her! Why would I like her?" Apparently, Zhao Yu's trying to explain himself was making things even worse!

"Hey, just a minute..." Cui Lizhu suddenly found something in the photo, so she quickly asked, "Team Leader, where did you take this photo? Who exactly are these people in the background?"

"We were in a Japanese restaurant, and these are all of Zhang Zichen's old classmates!" Zhao Yu replied. "Why? Do you see any familiar faces?"

"Familiar faces? No..." Cui Lizhu pointed at a spot in the photo and said excitedly, "But, I do recognize this thing!"