Crazy Detective
644 There’s Another Person?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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644 There’s Another Person?

"What did you see?"

Looking at Cui Lizhu's heightened emotions, all of the teammates were suddenly energized. Zeng Ke quickly ran to the control console to rewind the video.

"Rewind it just a little more…" Cui Lizhu fixed her gaze at the monitor, an astounded look in her eyes.

"Here?" Zeng Ke asked. "As I slow down the video, say stop when you see it…"

Zeng Ke had just started to rewind the tape and Cui Lizhu shouted, "Stop! Wow… It's real…" Cui Lizhu took a huge stride towards the screen and pointed at Tao Xiang's arm, then said, "Look closely at his hand!"

"What? His hand?" Zeng Ke quickly zoomed in to get a closer look at where Cui Lizhu was pointing. However, no one else could see anything abnormal. There was nothing in Tao Xiang's hand.

"Cui, what do you mean?" Ran Tao scratched his head and asked. "Do you think he already stole the gemstone or something?"

"No!" Cui Lizhu shook her head. She looked at Zhao Yu, then pointed at Tao Xiang's right hand and said, "Look more closely. My dad had three of his fingers closed together, while his index finger is exposed! This is a secret code that my dad used to use. It means that there's a guard there and that the route doesn't work!"

"What?" Ran Tao was confused. "There's a guard? The route doesn't work? What do you mean?"

"When they would steal things, they had secret signals in place to alert each other if something went wrong. That hand signal means that they can't go there, as there's a guard there!" Wu Xiumin explained, while looking at Ran Tao with disdain.

Cui Lizhu bit her lips and said solemnly, "This kind of secret code would only be used when there were many people involved in the scheme! So… So…"

"Oh my God!" Zeng Ke responded first. He exclaimed, "You mean… Your dad had ally?"

Zhao Yu looked extremely calm as he heard this news, as though he had expected this all along. This was exactly why he wanted to look into Tao Xiang's surveillance videos.

Zhao Yu understood how the thieves thought, so he figured that Tao Xiang wouldn't be able to steal such a huge gemstone alone! Hence, he had determined that Tao Xiang didn't commit the crime alone since the very beginning!

"Not just that..." Cui Lizhu said emotionally, "The secret code that my dad is using, there aren't many people that know about it! So, I'm guessing the person who stole the gemstone with my dad was someone that he was close to, who is in his inner circle!"

Zhao Yu thought about this a moment, then said, "As Cui Fangyu was called the Third Bro, if Tao Xiang was his senior, could he be…"

"Very likely!" Cui Lizhu exclaimed, following his line of thinking. "I'm assuming that my dad was the third, while the ally might be the second! However, I never heard my dad bring up anything about any other disciples under the same master!"

Zeng Ke said, "If there was another thief, would that person still have the Tamil Star? And, if so, who would it be? Mm… Hold on, let me see the angle on this video better…"

Zeng Ke then started carefully observing all of the different camera angles, intending to find out the identity of Tao Xiang's ally. Unfortunately, Tao Xiang's ally must have been in the blind zone, as he wasn't captured within the range of any of the other surveillance cameras either.

However, Zeng Ke didn't give up. He figured if the cameras could capture Tao Xiang's image, they would definitely capture his ally's.

Then, Zeng Ke searched again through the surveillance videos, but he still of the other didn't see any suspicious people. However, Cui Lizhu looked again and found another few places where Tao Xiang had given his secret code gesture.

"Hey! My dad snapped his fingers just then! This meant that this way wouldn't work, so they need to look for another route out! That's weird! Who was he sending these secret codes to?" Cui Lizhu was both excited and perplexed.

"Here, it should be here! Look!" Zeng Ke quickly switched the camera angle and said, "When Tao Xiang gave the secret code gesture, he was facing this exact direction, so his ally should appear in the surveillance camera number four from that angle! But… D*mn it…"

Suddenly, Zeng Ke, who was always quiet and polite, cursed! Everyone looked at the screen and found out why he was so mad all of a sudden. It turns out that the surveillance camera number four was aimed at a huge statue, and the statue happened to be blocking the person who was most likely Tao Xiang's ally!

Even though Zeng Ke zoomed in on the image, he could only see the person's body and arm, not his face! Besides the black suit that the person was wearing, there was almost nothing else that could be seen!

"Don't panic, stay calm!" Zhao Yu saw that everyone was getting frustrated and impatient, so he quickly steadied himself and told everyone, "Don't forget that we have the surveillance footage from all of the entrances for the exhibition. We'll comb through each one, then surely we'll find the ally!

Everyone nodded in agreement. They then divided up the footage among them and tried their bests to look through each frame of surveillance video.

Even after everyone had looked through the videos for a good two hours, no one had managed to find out the identity of Tao Xiang's ally! However, they did come across something even more fishy! The surveillance videos at the entrances of the exhibition never showed Tao Xiang at all!

Hey? That's not right!

If the cameras didn't capture Tao Xiang's image at the entrances, how did he enter? Moreover, how did he leave the exhibition?

"Cui!" Ran Tao rubbed his blood shot eyes and sighed, "Your dad lived up to his name as the king of the thieves, as he even came and went like a shadow ghost!"

Zhao Yu found this to be unexplainable and very fishy. He immediately thought of the device that he had received earlier…

Could it be that Tao Xiang had a Counter-surveillance Camera too, so he could avoid being seen by the camera?

What is going on?

Just as he thought of the system device, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of a personal matter. He had yet to get a new hexagram that day! So, he quickly used his will power to get one.

Lo and behold, Zhao Yu got himself a classic Gen Kan hexagram. This gave him a much needed boost of confidence, as this meant that he was on the right track in the investigation!

At that moment, Cui Lizhu looked at the video and pointed at Tao Xiang on the screen. "Hurry up and look. Look at my dad's body! I think I might know what is going on…"
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