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643 Great Discovery


As the door of the Japanese restaurant slid open, the celebrity Zhang Zichen walked through it. Upon seeing this amazing scene, several loud cheers erupted.

The tatami in the room was filled with people. After they saw Zhang Zichen, they waved their arms excitedly and shouted with glee!

There were also people with party poppers that set them off, sending confetti showering down from the air. The atmosphere in the room was suddenly quite lively!

"Thanks, police officer!" Zhang Zichen bowed and thanked Zhao Yu politely. She then took out a CD from her bag and passed it to Zhao Yu. "This is my tribute album. I even autographed it. It's to express my heartfelt gratitude!"

"Thanks!" As Zhao Yu took the CD, he looked up at the people in the room who were burning with ardor. He saw that they were all innocent and young. Then, Zhao Yu wanted to say something but, he couldn't find the appropriate words.

"Mm…" Zhang Zichen saw that Zhao Yu didn't make a move, so she quickly exhorted, "Please, don't tell anyone about me being here! These are my old classmates from Bai Ling, and we really don't want to be interrupted by anyone else!"

"Oh, I understand! Don't worry! Mm…" Actually, Zhao Yu was still pondering…

If it's a side quest, will there be any trouble?

Zhao Yu stood at the door and hesitated. He was holding his phone, which swung back and forth in his hand.

Zhang Zichen saw that Zhao Yu still didn't leave, so she suddenly thought of a reason for him to stay. She quickly took Zhao Yu's phone and shouted at one of her classmates, "Xiao Lin, come and help me take a photo with this police officer!"

Her classmate named Xiao Lin immediately came over and took Zhao Yu's phone to take the photo. Zhao Yu figured that he couldn't be a party pooper, so he allowed the photo to be taken as he stood beside Zhang Zichen.

After that, Zhao Yu really couldn't find any other reason to stay, so he bid farewell to her and exited the restaurant. After Zhao Yu got in the police car, he felt strange.

He never thought that he would get so close to a celebrity! However, as exciting as that was, he was much more concerned about the clues to solve the case and his miracle adventure accumulative points at the moment!

Obviously, his had merely been a short encounter with the celebrity, so he wouldn't get too many accumulative points from this side quest just now. In fact, the evening had turned out quite different than he had planned...

It turns out that Zhang Zichen had studied in Bai Ling when she was young. This was the sentimental reason why she selected Bai Ling as the venue for her hundredth concert.

After the concert, Zhang Zichen had accepted her classmate's invitation to attend the gathering. However, she had a conflict with her agent due to the timing of TV programming slots.

In the end, Zhang Zichen had gotten very upset and left. That was when she happened to run into Zhao Yu.

However, besides his surprisingly becoming her temporary driver, there was no other miracle adventure for Zhao Yu. Hence, when he rushed back to the Bai Ling Police Station, his accumulative points had only increased by a measly thirty-three points!

Thirty three points is too little!

Zhao Yu regretted these lackluster results. If he had known that it would be so fruitless, he might have just spent that time investigating the case instead!

Luckily, when he was on his way back to the police station, the special investigation group sent him some good news. Zeng Ke had found Tao Xiang in the surveillance video six years ago via his superb software!

Hence, their guesses were confirmed! The Tamil Star was really stolen by the king of the thieves, Tao Xiang!

Just as Zhao Yu had expected, Tao Xiang really did go to check out the venue two days before he stole the gemstone. All four surveillance cameras caught him in the act!

Surprisingly, he wasn't even wearing a disguise. In fact, he was wearing a very common suit when he appeared at the exhibition.

He then looked around casually at the exhibition, just like any other normal visitor. Hence, for six years, although the special force watched the surveillance videos over and over again, they didn't find anything that looked suspicious.

However, disappointingly, as predicted by Ran Tao, although he found Tao Xiang in the video, the footage still wasn't of any use. Even if the gemstone was really stolen by Tao Xiang, they still didn't know where the gemstone was!

Despite this, Zhao Yu was not discouraged. He was only motivated even more to solve this case!

In the afternoon, Zhao Yu was really sleepy, so he found a spa center with showers and such, bringing Ran Tao and Zeng Ke with him. As he and his team had been anxious and extremely tense for the last few days with this case, he knew that it would do them a world of good to just relax for a bit.

After the three of them luxuriated in the baths and took showers, they then stretched out in one of the healing rooms and took a nap. After they woke up, Zhao Yu called all of his teammates to meet them for some food in Bai Ling, as he wanted to enjoy the local delicacies together.

At this time, Zhao Yu sensed via his Invisible Detector that someone had been trailing behind them all this while. He assumed that it must be the people that Wu Fangfang had sent to spy on them. Hence, Wu Fangfang must also be unable to solve the case so far!

Although it was cold and someone was trailing them, everyone had fun during lunch. They almost sampled every single one of the local delicacies, starting from the beginning of Bai Ling's most famous food street to the end of it!

Moreover, Zhao Yu was surprisingly generous that day. Not only did he pay for all of the team's food, he even went into a few stores and bought everyone several luxurious items each!

Wu Xiumin and the rest of the teammates were dumbfounded and overwhelmed by his generous act. After that, everyone continued to shop in the area until about nine. They then returned to the Bai Ling Police Station.

When they arrived at the police station, everyone settled down and started their investigative tasks. However, even though everyone had recovered their energy levels, there still hadn't been any further progress due to the complex nature of the case.

As Zhao Yu was looking at Tao Xiang in the surveillance videos, a miracle adventure ending notification rang out. It alerted him that he had a completion rate of a hundred and fifteen percent and that the system had rewarded him with two new devices!

The first device was a pair of Invisible Gloves and the other was a Counter-surveillance Device. The former could allow him not to leave any fingerprints behind, while the latter allowed him to be invisible, so that he would not show up in any surveillance video!

That's interesting! Forget about the Invisible Gloves, the Counter-surveillance Device is especially interesting!

With that, Zhao Yu could avoid being seen by any surveillance camera. Thus, it was a magical device that enabled him to conduct wicked deeds!

Since I am now looking at Tao Xiang's surveillance videos and the system suddenly rewarded me with such a device. Is this a hint?

Just as Zhao Yu was thinking about this possibility, he heard a sudden scream in the office. As he quickly turned back and looked, he saw Cui Lizhu run up to the screen and point at Tao Xiang's image excitedly.

She then yelled, "Quick! Rewind the video for a bit, I think I saw something…"