Crazy Detective
642 Kan Hexagram
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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642 Kan Hexagram

"Team Leader, what are you up?" Wu Xiumin didn't understand what Zhao Yu meant. "How can you be in the mood to play a game in such a situation?"

"Trust me, this game will be fun…" Zhao Yu slowly walked towards Wu Xiumin and extended his hand to take her handbag. He then said, "Let's play an affirmation game, okay? We pick someone and then shower that person with compliments! What do you think? Who should we start with first?"

He unzipped Wu Xiumin's bag and took out a tiny black object, which was obviously a makeup powder compact. Looking at it in his hands, Wu Xiumin couldn't help but crease her eyebrows. The confusion in her eyes told everyone that it didn't belong to her.

Then, not only was Wu Xiumin confused, but everyone else was suspicious too. They wondered what Zhao Yu was doing.

However, everyone soon understood in an instant. Zhao Yu pulled lightly, revealing that there was a thin wire jutting out slightly from the powder compact.

"What the heck? Eaves…" Ran Tao had yet to finish blurting out the word "eavesdropper," when Wu Xiumin shut him up by covering his mouth.

She then pretended to chuckle and said to Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, now I understand! This game that you're talking about is quite interesting! For me, I think we should praise, Team Leader Wu Fangfang from the Gem Theft Case special force first. She's such a sexy beauty, after all!"

Wu Xiumin said this to remind everyone that the eavesdropper was most likely someone that Wu Fangfang sent to spy on them via the bug in the compact! Zhao Yu then pointed at Cui Lizhu's head, miming and gesturing, as if to complain that Cui Lizhu, who was the daughter of the king of the thieves, didn't even notice that Wu Xiumin was being bugged! Talk about embarrassing!

Cui Lizhu quickly understood what Zhao Yu was trying to say and replied in similar gesturing actions of taking off her pants. She tried to convey that she had gone to the bathroom, which was why she hadn't seen anything! Wu Xiumin nodded in agreement to verify what Cui Lizhu had just conveyed.

Zhao Yu didn't know if he should cry or laugh about that. He never thought Wu Fangfang would resort to installing a tapping device and use Wu Xiumin as her target.

That was really quite sneaky of her! If it wasn't for Zhao Yu's Invisible Detector, he might have fallen into her trap!

"I have something important to say!" Zeng Ke gestured at everyone and got closer to the tapping device before he said, "Let me start first! I'm best at giving compliments. I think Team Leader Wu Fangfang is a forever young beauty. She has already gone through menopause, but she still looks so young!"

"Pfft." Ran Tao had just taken a big gulp of water and spit it out that instant.

Even Zhao Yu was shocked by Zang Ke. He never thought Zeng Ke's level of understanding was so high. He then looked at Zeng Ke in a different light! Zeng Ke was pleased with his performance and flashed everyone a thumbs up before leaving the office.

"I'll go next!" Wu Xiumin pursed her lips and said, "I also think that Team Leader Fangfang is a beauty. I love her to death and would do anything for her. When I am rich, I will pay for her to stay in the best mental hospital!"

When she heard Wu Xiumin's cheeky words, Cui Lizhu nearly laughed out loud. Cui Lizhu wanted to join in the fun, but Zhao Yu stopped her. Zhao Yu thought it was inappropriate for her to join in since she wasn't an internal staff member.

"Let me go next!" Ran Tao finally understood the rouse and chimed in to join the fun. "I like Team Leader Wu Fangfang too. So, I wish I could break all of her little robot-like boyfriends and take out their batteries!"

Feeling that Ran Tao had crossed the line a bit with his last comment, Zhao Yu scolded him with a stern glance. However, Zhao Yu was still really having so much fun with this game! By this time, everyone else had joined him in "praising" Wu Fangfang!

Zhao Yu's suspicions were correct, as Wu Fangfang really had assigned someone to drop the tapping device into Wu Xiumin's bag! She had planted it there when she heard that Zhao Yu had found a metal box from the grave!

This shocked and impressed her. She then finally realized that, not only could Zhao Yu act like a gangster, the b*stard seemed to always get his way! Hence, she wanted to try to belittle Zhao Yu in some way, so she decided to leave a tapping device with them, looking for some dirt on his team!

However, Zhao Yu immediately spotted the bug and decided to turn her plot against her. Whatever Zhao Yu and his team were saying, Wu Fangfang and her underlings could hear clearly.

So, imagine just how pis*ed Wu Fangfang was! Her face was contorted with anger!

At two in the afternoon, Zhao Yu said goodbye to his teammates, then left the Bai Ling Police Station in silence. It was almost time for the day's side quest. As the location of the side quest was slightly further away than usual, he had to depart ahead of time.

After he had completed the concert side quest the night before, his accumulative points had shot up exponentially! Although the concert had nothing to do with the case, it had allowed Zhao Yu to increase his accumulative points tremendously, which meant that he could get a large sum of money. So, it could be said that it was definitely a fruitful trip!

Hence, Zhao Yu was looking forward to the side quest of the day. He wondered what he would come across now.

As Bai Ling Police Station was located in a brand new area of Bai Ling, it was some distance away from the city. He drove and drove, then finally reached the target area.

Even though Zhao Yu was driving a Bai Ling Police Station police car, he obviously didn't enjoy any special privileges like using the siren. So, he still had to be stuck in the traffic jams like everyone else.

He had just entered the targeted area when he was blocked off by several cars and a crowd of people. He had already entered the central area of Bai Ling City, but the road itself wasn't spacious, so traffic was barely moving!

Zhao Yu slammed the steering wheel with his hand, seeing that he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands. In order to get to the place on time, he had to abandon the car and run over to it instead! However, just as he got out of the police car and checked the location again, he suddenly realized that his target location was right where the car was parked!

Hey? What is going on? The time continued to pass, so the miracle adventure was obviously going to happen, but he was stuck in the traffic jam!

What other miracle adventure could I be encountering?

Helplessly, Zhao Yu opened the door and got back into the car. He was very confused as to what was going on!

He had not even sat back down in the driver's seat when the door on the passenger side suddenly opened to reveal a petite woman in a denim suit and cap! She was sitting in his car!

A refreshing scent suddenly greeted Zhao Yu. Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered the b*tch at the cemetery.

Could it be another gold-digging woman?

That's not right. I am not driving my Phaeton, after all! This is only a crappy police car!


The woman extended a finger to her lips and gestured for him to stay quiet. She then held her palms together and begged, "Mister police officer, please help me! I need to hide here for a while. Please, please!"

As the woman spoke, Zhao Yu saw her appearance clearly.

Oh my motherf*cker! At that moment, he suddenly remembered the hexagram for that day! It turns out that the Kan hexagram was indeed powerful!

I recognize this woman! She is the celebrity, Zhang Zichen!
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