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638 Funny Evidence

After he interrogated Ma Wenliang, it was already past midnight. Thus, Zhao Yu's miracle adventure for the day had ended.

Zhao Yu was shocked by the Dui Gen hexagram, as he never expected that it would turn out like it had. However, he had obtained a high completion rate of a hundred and thirty-six, as well as receiving a reward of three Invisible Appraisers!

As it was already past twelve, Zhao Yu didn't hesitate to get another hexagram. This hexagram then was even more bizarre! He got a rarely seen Kan Li hexagram.

Kan represented woman and Li represented friendship. This was the first time that Zhao Yu' had gotten this combination.

Zhao Yu thought about it... There isn't Gen hexagram or Kun hexagram, so it seems like everything should settle down a little today...

Especially without the Gen hexagram, does this mean that the Headless Female Corpses Case can be closed? Is Tao Xiang the psychotic serial killer? He found things to be unfair for his Goddess, Du Manting, so he killed all the women?

Just as the interrogation was about to end earlier, Ma Wenliang seemed to remember something new, and he told them that he had known Cui Fangyu since they were young, so he could guarantee that Cui Fangyu only was with Bai Lili, never any other women!

However, that obviously didn't mean much to them anymore, as the six victims in the Headless Female Corpses Case didn't have to be Cui Fangyu's affairs. Now, they might have offended Du Manting in some way, so Tao Xiang took revenge on her behalf!

Tao Xiang's love towards Du Manting was obviously one that no ordinary people could understand! Then, as long as the police could find the association between the deceased victims and Du Manting, this national case could finally be concluded!

Now that the truth had finally revealed itself, it was entirely different from what Zhao Yu had imagined…

For a period of time after the interrogation, Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu sat side by side on the bench in the office of the Bai Ling Key Case Investigation Unit. They had finally gotten a short break.

Cui Lizhu leaned on Zhao Yu's shoulders, as her mind and body were worn out. Her vacant eyes kept staring blankly forward.

Although Zhao Yu was resting his eyes, his thoughts in his head were running around chaotically. He recalled everything that had happened in the Hasty Murder Case over and over again.

He hardly ever came across such situations where cases overlapped one another. He felt that this resulted in a mountain of complicated evidence!

Because of this, Zhao Yu felt weary. He felt like he had been tense for so long that he was simply going to break! Plus, more interestingly, the father and daughter pair, Tao Xiang and Cui Lizhu, were involved in all three of his cases. It was fantastical!

Although the Headless Female Corpses Case was nearing its conclusion, Zhao Yu knew that the final collection of evidence would be very difficult due to Tao Xiang's deteriorated mental health and instability.

Even though Tao Xiang was most likely the murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case, it was obviously not easy to convict him for a crime that he had committed, at least not now that he was basically crazy! With his current mental state, even if he was convicted, he wouldn't receive the harsh sentence that he deserved.

Such a disappointing and unjust outcome was obviously not something that the victims' families were willing to accept. Besides collecting evidence enough to convict him, Zhao Yu had another thing that was on his mind. Where is the Tamil Star?

Moreover, although the Headless Female Corpses Case had progressed tremendously, the special investigation group still was under the deadline order to look for the lost gemstone!

What if we can't find the gemstone, and the Headless Female Corpses Case can't be closed? I would be in an awkward situation then...

Tsk tsk…

How do I find the gemstone? How do I convict Tao Xiang of his crime?

Just as Zhao Yu was pondering these things, his teammates arrived. Zeng Ke, Ran Tao, and Wu Xiuming entered, bringing simple equipment and updated information with them.

Although he hadn't known these men long, he had formed a strong bond with the three of them. After they arrived, Zhao Yu felt more energetic and confident immediately.

As soon as they were settled, Zhao Yu naturally had to explain everything to them. Zhao Yu told them the truth that, although he had found the clues leading to the cemetery, he was afraid that he wouldn't find anything, so he hadn't told them ahead of time.

His teammates understood Zhao Yu's reasonings. However, the three teammates were shocked by the news of the six skulls! No one expected that there would be skulls in Tao Xiang's treasure box, especially skulls that belonged to the deceased victims of the Headless Female Corpses Case!

After Zhao Yu shared his updates and the specifics from Ma Wenliang's testimony, everyone suddenly understood. They agreed with Zhao Yu in thinking that Tao Xiang was definitely the murderer.

As everyone was already there, the special investigation group started on their tasks immediately. They found an office in the Bai Ling Police Station and started setting up their equipment.

Their immediate priority was to find the connection between the six deceased victims and Du Manting. They had to figure out if they were related somehow. Besides that, they had to investigate Tao Xiang's past to look for new evidence.

At four in the morning, the forensic department in the Bai Ling Police Station sent them updates. The DNA comparison showed that the six skulls belonged to the exact six deceased victims of the Headless Female Corpses Case!

However, what confused the forensic scientists was that, although the six skulls had rotted, they did find a large amount of embalming fluid on the skulls, which also explained the pool of liquid that had collected in the bottom of the box! Theoretically, the dead bodies of the Headless Female Corpses Case were also treated with embalming fluid by the murderer!

However, the fishy part was that the degree of rot that the six skulls had suffered was identical! That was simply unexplainable, as the Headless Female Corpses Case murders had been carried out throughout a timespan of several years!

In those several years, the murderer took six lives. So, theoretically, the rot level of the skulls should be different, depending on the time that they had been murdered. Hence, they were stumped as to why such a situation occurred...

The experienced forensic scientists did make an inference. They thought that there was only one possibility that would lead to identical rot level in the skulls. That is, after the murderer killed the victims, he immediately soaked their skulls in embalming fluid.

Then, when he got all six skulls together, he put all of them into the metal box. As they were only exposed to the air, and all at the same time, the skulls had all come to their exact same current rotten state!

Oh my God!

When Zhao Yu heard this news, the very first scene that popped in his head was when he had found the victims' arms from the Hand Chopped Case in Li Dan's house! The image of those pale arms soaked in the liquid in the jars was trapped inside his head for a very long time. But… Those were just arms. Imagine if they were…. Heads….!

Motherf*cker, Zhao Yu didn't dare imagine any further. This murderer is so treacherous! He was really psychotic…