Crazy Detective
634 The Treasure of the King of Thieves
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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634 The Treasure of the King of Thieves

Digging up the grave was hard work! Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu began at sunrise and were still digging after the sun had set!

At that very moment, the cemetery was quiet and desolate. Although the two of them were covered in sweat, they felt a chill run down their spines.

Cui Lizhu even said a prayer as she dug. "Mum, protect me. Mum, protect me…"

Thanks to his metal detector, Zhao Yu was able to pinpoint the location of the box accurately. He reckoned that soon he would be able to dig the box up!

He had planned this all out long ago. Once he confirmed that it really was Tao Xiang's treasure in the metal box, he would immediately report it to the police and request local backup. If Cui Lizhu were to try any funny business, he would resort to force, as he wouldn't want her to make another mistake!


Just then, Cui Lizhu's shovel hit on a tough object and made a clashing sound that only metal would make. Cui Lizhu was thrilled!

She quickly turned on the flashlight function on her phone and shined it at the object. Zhao Yu saw this and quickly got into the pit, looking around carefully. Underneath the just unearthed soil, there really was a silver metal object!

"It's… It's a box!" Cui Lizhu immediately switched to a smaller size shovel and started digging along the edges of the metal box. Zhao Yu helped as well.

Soon enough, the two of them started unearthing the box. However, the box was still half buried beneath the heavy soil, so they couldn't dig it all out at that moment. However, the lid of the metal box was exposed entirely, allowing them to open it.

"Seriously? Why would there be two locks?" Cui Lizhu looked closely and realized that the ancient box had two locks on it. One required passcode and the other required a key.

"Can you open them?" Zhao Yu asked her about the locks. "After all, you're the daughter of the king of thieves!"

"I know the passcode! My father told me it once! As for the other lock, of course I can open that! However…" Cui Lizhu said awkwardly, "I don't have any tools here! Without my tools, I can't open it! Let me at least see about the first one…"

Then, Cui Lizhu touched the first lock carefully, spinning the letters and entering the passcode that she remembered. Suddenly, with a crisp clicking sound, the first lock was unlocked with ease!

However, she now saw that both of locks were intertwined! Hence, there was no use opening only one lock, as they still wouldn't be able to open the box!

"It's stuffed with soil!" Cui Lizhu examined the keyhole of the second lock carefully, then said helplessly, "We will have to find tools in the city! But, by this time, many places are already closed, right? Plus…"

Cui Lizhu blinked at Zhao Yu, she meant to say that neither of them was an appropriate candidate to stay back and look after the treasure alone.

Cui Lizhu took a step back, then said, "We should both just continue to dig until the box is exposed entirely!"

Zhao Yu thought for a moment, then realized the complication of the matter. Looking at the size of the box, if it was really filled with treasure, the battery powered vehicle that Cui Lizhu had stolen obviously wouldn't be able to transport the box.

Then, Zhao Yu came before the box and activated the Skeleton Key in his device bar. Now that he had activated the Skeleton Key, any box lock wouldn't be able to stand in his way!

However, Zhao Yu was an expert in acting, and he knew that he couldn't let Cui Lizhu know about his secret weapon. Hence, he pretended to direct his energy to his hand through his concentration. He then roared along with the tap on the skeleton key. And...Voila! The second lock was unlocked!

"See that? My strength brings miracles!" In order to not draw Cui Lizhu's suspicions, he intentionally exaggerated and acted boastful of his own might. "Don't admire you brother, as then I would become too full of myself!"

Cui Lizhu could only wipe her sweat and reveal a disdainful expression. As they both looked at the two unlocked locks, their hearts started pumping. Their eyes were opened wide and they were holding their breaths!

The box was made of metal, so even the lid was extremely heavy. Even working together, Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu only barely managed to open the lid entirely!

As the lid was opened, they both got a whiff of an old and musty scent. Then, a rotten smell followed.

Zhao Yu reacted by immediately using an Invisible Detector to detect the quality of air. In the end, the detector certified that the air within the box was normal, thus ruling out the presence of any poisonous gases and such. Only then did Zhao Yu relax.

Then, Cui Lizhu creased her eyebrows and ased, "Hey! Why would it be black inside?"

Hmmm… Zhao Yu was wondering the same thing. He thought that it'd be like when he had found the Golden Buddha treasure. At first glance, that treasure was a shimmering gold, accompanied by bright and sparkly jewels! However, unexpectedly, this box was just full of darkness!

"Seriously? Could it actually be empty?" Zhao Yu spoke with a disappointed tone.

"No way! What is this?" Cui Lizhu saw that there was something in the box, but she dared not touch it with her hand. Instead, she used the short shovel to flip it over.

"This is…" Cui Lizhu lowered her head to take a closer look, then suddenly understood what it was…

"Ah!!!!!" Cui Lizhu got frightened and started to tremble. She dropped her phone and shovel, then moved backwards till she fell on her butt!

"Oh my motherf*cker…" Zhao Yu was also shining his phone's flashlight in the box, so he saw exactly what was in the box at almost the same time as Cui Lizhu!

It was a skull!

Cui Lizhu was as as pale as a sheet and was scared out of her wits. She was shivering all over as she asked Zhao Yu, "Is it real?"

At that very moment, even Zhao Yu was deathly pale. He could clearly see that it was definitely a real skull! Although most of it had rotted, there was surprisingly still some hair on it!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt numb, as though the blood in his body had stopped flowing. In order to confirm his thoughts, he lifted up his phone and shined it into the box.

The skull was located at one of the corners in the box, so Zhao Yu extended his hand to grab the short shovel, then he poked around on the other side of the box. It turns out that there was a pool of water at the bottom of the box, too! As he moved around the short shovel, he felt other things within the pool of water!

Oh my God!

Suddenly, a strong suffocating feeling spread over the stupefied Zhao Yu!

1…2….3… He started counting in his head with a poker face.

He finished his counting at the number six. This is because he had counted six skulls in the box! Taking a moment to let the implications of this sink in, he then turned around and told Cui Lizhu regretfully, "This proves that Tao Xiang is the murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case..."
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