Crazy Detective
632 Atheis
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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632 Atheis

When Zhao Yu came forward quietly, he saw that Cui Lizhu was dressed in sky blue sports attire and was digging up soil with a shovel!

What the h*ck?

Zhao Yu couldn't believe his eyes! Why would Cui Lizhu appear?

"Oh, I see. It is Team Leader!" When Cui Lizhu saw Zhao Yu, she wasn't shocked at all.

She threw another shovel over at him and pointed at the tombstone, beginning to read its inscription aloud, "Dearest wife, Manting…. This should be it! It must be here!"

Zhao Yu took the shovel and felt uncomfortable. At first, he just stood there awkwardly, then he took a look at the tombstone.

The inscription on the tombstone showed that the owner of the grave was indeed Cui Lizhu's mother, Du Manting. However, due to the passing of time, the photo that was depicted on the tombstone had become quite blurry and worn.

Cui Lizhu moved some more soil with her shovel, then pointed at the next tombstone and said, "That's my biological dad's tombstone! Although they lived bad lives, they were still together at the end. This is considered another kind of bliss, right?!"

Zhao Yu walked before Cui Lizhu and scratched his back as he said, "Stop now. Otherwise, I'll take out my gun!"

"Hehe, Team Leader, stop fooling around!" Cui Lizhu couldn't be bothered with his nonsense, so she said, "I slept in your bed, so I know everything, including what you brought with you! There's no gun!"

"You… Mm…" Zhao Yu stuttered and continued to glare at her. He then asked, "Do you know what you are doing? Digging about a gravesite is not a becoming act for a woman, or anyone for that matter! Moreover, you are digging in your own mother's grave! Aren't you afraid of bad karma?"

"Team Leader, I am an Atheist!" Cui Lizhu said, continuing to dig. "If you want to talk about bad karma, wasn't the first half of my life tragic enough? I lost my parents, then was raised by a thief!"

"Yeah, exactly!" Zhao Yu seized this chance to give her a lecture. "I'm trying to pull you back to the right path? Listen to me, don't do silly things, just because you were raised by a criminal, okay?"

Cui Lizhu continued to shovel and asked, "You're leading me now? Are you Jesus? You think that I don't know why you are here? Don't tell me that you have a different intention than my own!"

"Alright. Tell me! What's the purpose of my visit?" Zhao Yu was stubborn.

"Alright!" Cui Lizhu finally put down the metal shovel. She walked before Zhao Yu and said with hatred, "You really remembered what my dad said! Honestly, I only understood this when you bought your railway ticket here! Fortunately, my response was fast enough. Otherwise, you would have been the early bird that caught the worm!"

Listening to what Cui Lizhu said, Zhao Yu finally understood. Cui Lizhu had realized that the gemstone might be hidden in Du Manting's grave!

As he, who was an outsider, could understand Tao Xiang's meaning, he had to wonder how Cui Lizhu, who was the person involved, could she not understand from the very beginning! However, if Cui Lizhu had realized his intentions long ago, it seemed that her anxiety during the previous day was most likely a show that she had just put on!

This female cat burglar is sure cunning!

"But… I don't understand…" Zhao Yu pointed at the grave. "How did you find this grave before I did?"

"It wasn't that difficult!" Then, Cui Lizhu took out her phone. "You kept Captain Sun's phone number, so I was able to find it too!"

"Oh… So, Captain Sun found it for you?" Zhao Yu was surprised

Then, he threw the shovel on the ground and said, "That means that none of the things here are yours?"

"No… I bought the sports attire, so that's mine!" Cui Lizhu pointed at the clothes on her back and said, "My clothes were too tight!"

Zhao Yu went crazy. "You bought that with money? Where did the money come from? Did you steal the money? Little Zhu, when will you start listening to me?"

"Shh! Alright, Team Leader, keep your voice down. We are digging up a grave, after all!" Cui Lizhu pointed at the grave before her and asked seriously, "How about this? We follow the rules, then we split this in half? After digging out these things, besides the gemstone to fulfill the quest, we will split the rest of the things evenly between us, okay?"

"You… What are you talking about?" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and asked, aghast.

"Oh please! I'm talking about serious business here!" Cui Lizhu said seriously. "My dad is the king of the thieves, after all! You aren't thinking that there is only a single piece of India gemstone in here, right? Do you know how many good things that he stole? Don't you understand? My mother's grave is most probably a golden mountain of treasures!"

"Bullsh*t!" Zhao Yu roared. "Are you sure that Tao Xiang would bury every treasure that he had ever stolen here? That is quite an assumption!"

"My dear daughter, after I die, you must bury me with your mother! You must remember this wish!" Cui Lizhu suddenly imitated Tao Xiang's tone, mimicking what her father had once requested of her.

She then told Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, can't you tell? My dad was leaving me an inheritance!"

Zhao Yu let out another sigh. Suddenly, he understood another thing…

It turns out that Cui Lizhu had misunderstood him. She thought that he was trying to take Tao Xiang's treasures as his own, when in actuality, Zhao Yu had no intention of taking all that treasure!

No matter how valuable those things were, they were all stolen goods. Thus, he couldn't take them into his personal possession.

The reason why he did so secretly was merely because he was afraid that he couldn't find anything, which would be embarrassing for someone of his position as team leader and a sleuth detective! However, what Cui Lizhu meant was regarding utility and efficacy!

No way!

Zhao Yu realized that, if he didn't give Cui Lizhu a stern lecture, she might be a thief for the rest of her life! He was even thinking of taking out his handcuffs to really scare her!

However, he then thought, What's the hurry? Even if I said a bunch of things to Cui Lizhu, and then it turns out that we don't find anything in the grave, I would have just been wasting my time and effort!


Oh yeah!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered that one of the latest devices that he had gotten was a metal detector!

It'd be great if I used the metal detector first, right? If it doesn't sense anything, there's no point in wasting our time and effort!

Then, Zhao Yu immediately tapped the device in his device bar and used it. The device rewarded by the system very powerful, and it could even detect any metal item below twenty meters in depth!

Beep, beep, beep… The detector started working, as Zhao Yu moved around in the cemetery. Cui Lizhu found his actions inexplicable.

Zhao Yu had merely walked a few steps, when the detector suddenly reacted.

Beep, beep, beep… Beep, beep, beep… The detector started blinking. In no time, a simple detecting plan had appeared in Zhao Yu's head!

Oh my God!

He looked at the detecting plan and shivered in excitement!

I never thought… Underground… There's really something there!

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