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631 Wishful Thinking

It turns out that Zhao Yu had travelled to Bai Ling City to not only investigate Cui Lizhu's origins, but to also look for clues about the Headless Female Corpses Case and the Gem Theft Case. So, he really did have ulterior motives!

Actually, he even had a third main goal, which was to look for Cui Lizhu's parents' graves. More accurately, he was searching for Cui Lizhu's mother's, Du Manting's, grave!

It turns out the story began from the side quest that Zhao Yu had experienced the day before. At that time, the side quest had pointed him towards a funeral that was held in a cemetery, where he met a gold-digging b*tch!

At first, it didn't seem like anything special, and Zhao Yu had scared off the b*tch, not thinking anymore of it. At least, not until night, when Zhao Yu read through the case information and suddenly had a great discovery. In Cui Lizhu's testimony, there was a crucial piece of information that had been recorded.

Cui Lizhu had said that, before something happened to Tao Xiang's brain, he had once told her he wanted Cui Lizhu to bury him with her mother! Back then, Cui Lizhu was curious about his strange request, so she asked him to explain more. However, Tao Xiang never carried the conversation any further.

Back then, Cui Lizhu had thought that it was merely Tao Xiang's emotional desire to be placed next to her mother, so that he would not miss her mother in eternity. But, after Tao Xiang went mad, he had told Cui Lizhu the same thing a couple more times!

As Cui Lizhu didn't even know exactly who her mother was, she still couldn't take the matter seriously. However, when Tao Xiang was arrested, and it was suspected that he was the murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case, Cui Lizhu could not longer take his last request lightly.

This was why she had immediately recorded it in her official testimony. With all of this uncovered mystery and secrecy, Cui Lizhu was beginning to worry that Tao Xiang might really be capable of having done such horrible things.

Cui Lizhu felt a chill run down her spine and she had goosebumps all over. Could my step dad, the man that raised me, really be a treacherous serial killer?

At first, Zhao Yu had thought of the same possibility. However, as he repeatedly pondered it, he was guessing something else entirely...

First off, the request had been made when Tao Xiang was of a sound mind, so it shouldn't be random nonsense. Specifically, there should be some hidden meaning behind it.

This was especially proven when, after the incident, he repeatedly brought it up again. This meant that he was not joking, but that there really was some vital and important reason for the request.

Next, Tao Xiang knew that Cui Lizhu wasn't his real daughter, so he wouldn't call another woman that he had nothing to do Cui Lizhu's mother.

In the end, Zhao Yu read between the lines, sensing a shocking truth behind the request! Could it be that Tao Xiang and Cui Lizhu's mother were actually related?

Of course, he was strictly speculating. Hence, he didn't investigate it any further.

However, when Cui Lizhu's DNA comparison report was completed, everything changed, especially when Zhao Yu found out that Cui Lizhu's mother had died not long after she was born! Hence, he had to reinterpret the request again.

As he did so, he obviously found out another piece of shocking news...

If Tao Xiang were to be telling the truth, doesn't it mean that Tao Xiang and Cui Lizhu's mother were in a very special relationship?

Then, would it be...

As Tao Xiang and Cui Lizhu's mother Du Manting were once a couple, this could have meant that Tao Xiang, who was still young at that time, had not yet had his manhood ability issues yet.

However, Du Manting didn't partner with Tao Xiang till the end, but instead married Cui Fangyu and gave birth to a daughter while she was with him. But, maybe Tao Xiang thought the child was his, so he stole the child away! Then, when the child hadn't yet turned a month old, Du Manting had died in a car accident!

According to the report, Du Manting had been driving during a bad snowstorm. She had lost control of the car and hit a big truck, which had killed her instantly. Theoretically, a woman who had just recently had a baby wouldn't drive out into a snowstorm alone!

Hence, she must have been trying to run away to be with Tao Xiang! Or... Maybe because Tao Xiang stole her daughter, she was in a hurry to find her?

Regardless, one thing was for sure, although Du Manting had died, Tao Xiang still missed her. Hence, he had made such a request to Cui Lizhu.

From Cui Lizhu's testimony, it could be seen that Tao Xiang never had any feelings for other women, as he had lost his physical ability for intimacy soon after that time. Maybe, in his heart, Du Manting was his one and only, so having that physical intimacy with anyone else just didn't seem to matter anymore...



If the Tamil Star was still with Tao Xiang, then... Would he have buried it in Du Manting's grave?

Could it be?

At first, Zhao Yu too was shocked by his own ridiculous hypothesis! But, the thought remained deeply carved in his thoughts...

Tao Xiang had said, "Bury me with your mother...Bury us together..."

This seemed to turn into a curse in Zhao Yu's head, causing his thoughts to whir.

Back then, Tao Xiang had stolen the gemstone and only returned it after such a long time! Was this because he went to pay his respects at her grave, which is why he had buried the gemstone in her grave?

Adding to his suspicions, Zhao Yu had happened to come across the funeral at the cemetery during his side quest, and he heard the Indestructible Great Wall song... Thus, everything seemed to be the system's hinting at him, pushing him to come to these conclusions about the case!

Especially during the analysis meeting, when Rao Tao had annoyed Cui Lizhu by asking why her dad hadn't divulged the whereabouts of the gemstone, it had reminded Zhao Yu that the reason Tao Xiang had repeated the request to Cui Lizhu might be because he wanted to be sure that she would find something in her mother's grave!

Hence, Zhao Yu immediately decided to take a trip to visit Du Manting's grave! After all, he must see if there was any truth to all of his suspicions!

Of course, Zhao Yu didn't want to hide anything from Wu Xiumin and the others, but his current idea was too strange. As such, he was worried that if he went and investigated, only to return empty-handed, he would become a joke!

So, he used some random personal excuse to head to Nanjiang alone. Then, if he could find the gemstone, it'd be a shocking and pleasant surprise to everyone. But, if he didn't find the gemstone, he wouldn't be embarrassed!

So, when Zhao Yu had gotten the Dui Gen hexagram on the high speed rail, he was super excited! He knew that Gen represented the progress of the case investigation, but he wasn't sure about Dui…

Did its meaning corresponded with the return of the gemstone?

If so, when Cui Lizhu felt anxious and wondered if all of this was a waste of time, Zhao Yu could still remain calm! Moreover, he had thought through all of this long ago. Once he was able to find Du Manting's grave, he would immediately get rid of Cui Lizhu and hunt for treasure in the cemetery himself!

However, since he might be digging up Du Manting's grave, and she was Cui Lizhu's mother, he obviously couldn't let Cui Lizhu know about it! Sitting in the taxi, Zhao Yu showed the driver the location of the cemetery as he chuckled maliciously.

If I really can find the Tamil Star, I'll be famous!


Wu Fangfang, you'll shower in your own regret! This will be your retribution for giving me the cold shoulder! You're too inexperienced to fight against me! You should have known better!

The taxi driver saw that Zhao Yu was laughing crazily, so he already thought that Zhao Yu was not quite right in his head. Then, when he saw that he was getting out at the cemetery, the driver felt even more terrified of him. He dropped Zhao Yu off and quickly drove away.

Zhao Yu hummed a song and walked through the graves to look for the location of the Cui family's graves. Zhao Yu quickly noticed that there was a two-seater battery powered vehicle located at the bottom of a small hill nearby. The weirdest part was that, when he got closer to the vehicle, he heard a digging sound next the grave!

Hey? What's going on?

As he was curious, Zhao Yu walked over to investigate the scene carefully. In the end, when he took a closer look, he was shocked!

Oh my! Motherf*cker! How could this be?