Crazy Detective
628 Traveling with a Thief
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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628 Traveling with a Thief

Zhao Yu didn't manage to catch the last flight to Nanjiang, so he had to take the high speed rail instead and travel through the night. Actually, the speed of a high speed rail wasn't much slower compared to the plane, as it would normally only take him three hours to reach the city. Besides, it was quite fast and convenient!

Zhao Yu didn't bring his team members, but decided to go alone instead. He had ordered his teammates be on standby in Jinping, while they continued to search for more information about the two cases.

Although it was already midnight, Zhao Yu didn't have time to rest. He was still listening to Zeng Ke's latest update over the phone.

"Team Leader, I found Cui FangYu's household registration record. His wife's name was Du Manting. The record clearly states that they had a daughter back then, whose name is Cui Jinghao. She was born on January 25, 1996. There was also a remark that was written on the record that said that Cui Jinghao went missing!"

"Oh… So, it seems like Cui Jinghao was perhaps Cui Lizhu's original given name?" Zhao Yu sighed.

"Team Leader, I've checked the record at the local police station," Zeng Ke continued, "Cui Jinghao has been missing for over ten years, and she was announced as being deceased by the public security agency!"

"Poor Little Zhu! Both her parents died, then she was adopted by the king of the thieves! I think it's best that I take good care of her then!" Zhao Yu said. "However, I feel that the reason that Tao Xiang took Cui Lizhu back then might be due to some secret agenda! This secret likely involves the Headless Female Corpses Case!"

Just as Zhao Yu was guessing, the system suddenly sent a notification that alerted him that the miracle adventure had ended. It was currently blinking in his head.

Zhao Yu knew that it was extremely important, as the adventure had just ended that day, so he quickly told Zeng Ke over the phone, "Zeng, we'll talk again soon. Don't forget to report to me whenever you get any updates! It doesn't matter how late it is!"

"Mm... Team Leader!" Over the phone, Zeng Ke suddenly stuttered, "Mm... actually, there's one more thing..."

However, Zhao Yu was in a hurry to check the system, so he hung up before hearing Zeng Ke out. It was only after he hung up, that he realized there was more updated news! However, the system was quite important as well, so he didn't call back, but quickly checked on the ended adventure.

The Dui Zhen hexagram that Zhao Yu had gotten had ended beautifully, which earned him a high completion rate of one hundred and forty-four! The system thus rewarded him with a trio device pack.

The three devices were all new to him, as he had never gotten them before. They included a Life Detector, a Lip Reading Device, and a Metal Detector.

The Life Detector was mainly used in a rescue. It could detect signs of life within a great distance. The Lip Reading Device, as the name suggested, could gauge the content of one's speech according to the person's lip movements. As for the Metal Detector, it was obviously used for hunting treasure!

However, Zhao Yu wasn't interested about that at the moment, as it was already past midnight by then. Right now, he was most anxious about getting a new hexagram! After all, Zhao Yu knew the importance of the hexagram!

As he was on his way to Nanjiang, if the hexagram were to involve a Gen, that would signify that he was on the right track! If it was contrary to this, he could return immediately!

In the end, his hard work had clearly paid off, as Zhao Yu got a Dui Gem hexagram! This was sufficient to prove that he was headed in the right direction!

I wonder if I will be able to find any breakthroughs here?

Just then, Zhao Yu's phone rang again. It was Zeng Ke calling him back. He figured that Zeng Ke must really have something important to report, so Zhao Yu quickly answered the phone.

"Mm... Team Leader,I have something that I forgot to inform you about earlier!" As Zeng Ke stuttered, Zhao Yu could feel that something was wrong.

"What's up?" Zhao Yu asked with concern.

"Cui Lizhu...She ran away again!" he managed to blurt out.

"What? She f*cking escaped? How did you let that happen? Eh? That's not right, she..." Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something. " Didn't she have a GPS locator on her? How could she run away? Don't tell me, she somehow managed to unlock the super expensive GPS anklet?"

"No! The GPS is still there, so she didn't cut her ankle off, but... But..." he was still stammering, as he was so nervous.

"Cut her ankle off? F*ck! What are you thinking? Cui Lizhu has already lost both of her thumbs, so why would she still cut her ankle? Hurry up and check to see where the hell she is according to the GPS! She can't be heading over to rescue her dad, right? Mm... Hold... Hold on..." As Zhao Yu was still babbling over the phone, he lifted his head and saw that Cui Lizhu was sitting opposite him!

And, as she most likely just overheard them talking about her lost thumbs and ankle-cutting, Cui Lizhu puffed up her cheeks and stared at Zhao Yu fiercely. She then shot him the middle finger!

"Mm, alright, I know where she is now! I'll deal with you later! Humph!" Then, Zhao Yu hung up the phone angrily.

"Team Leader Zhao, I suddenly realized something!" She squinted her eyes and said, "You are the head of the special investigation group, but it seems that you are even more treacherous than us thieves! You speak of one thing before certain people, then speak otherwise behind their backs to others!"

"This is called repaying evil with evil! But, Little Zhu, how does that make me treacherous?" Zhao Yu then asked maliciously, "I should be saying the same about you, right? After all, I'm the Team Leader! Do you know what the outcome is for not listening to an order? If I were to get angry, things wouldn't end well for you! If I were to be really provoked, I'd send you to Wu Fangfang, who'd drip hot wax on you and whip you!"

"Team Leader, from what I see, you feel guilty!" Cui Lizhu's eyes were like sharp blades, stabbing through Zhao Yu's heart.

This girl is impressive! Zhao Yu complimented her in his head... I never thought that Cui Lizhu, who is so young, would be able to see through my intentions.

"I'm not lacking in intelligence!" Cui Lizhu said. "You either tell me your real goal, or you're not better than me!"

"My real goal is to take advantage of you, then kill you! Then, I will make you into a headless female corpse!" Zhao Yu said impatiently. "I'm telling you, when we arrive at the station later, you must hurry up and buy a return ticket. Otherwise, don't blame me for not showing you any mercy! I'm warning you, don't challenge my patience!"

"Okay, Team Leader, I'll give you a present then!" Cui Lizhu threw Zhao Yu a watch and said, "This watch belongs to the old man who is sitting right behind you. If you don't allow me to follow you, I will shout out now, saying that you stole his watch!"

Zhao Yu was entertained by Cui Lizhu and quickly placed the watch on his wrist. He chuckled and said, "I'll count to three, and if you don't shout, then I'm going to shout! Let's see who's louder, okay? One... Two..."

"Team Leader, it's my bad! Stop!" Cui Lizhu finally realized that Zhao Yu was more shameless than she was, so she quickly pleaded for mercy, "Great Team Leader, I'm begging you! Bring me along! I might be able to help! Plus, you know why I have to follow you. It's my home, and I really want to know where I came from, and if I still have anyone left in this world! Team Leader, bring me along! I swear I won't cause you any trouble!"

"Mm... That's more like it! In the future, take note of your attitude, understand?" Zhao Yu smiled happily.

He then leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. However, he was thinking in his heart…

As the smart Cui Lizhu is now following me, I should make a corresponding adjustment to my plan.
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