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625 The Indestructible Great Wall

Not only was Zhao Yu able to easily able retrieve his car, but Bureau Chief Mu greeted him personally and transferred the two million in compensation fees to him! That two million, plus the four million that he also received in unregistered bonds, meant that Zhao Yu had conned six million from He Sheng Credit!

No wonder I got a Dui Zhen hexagram today! Zhao Yu thought happily. It seems like today I was meant to get some extra income!

In reality, Zhao Yu's Phaeton had not been severely damaged. Although his car headlight had been cracked, it wouldn't affect his normal driving.

In fact, the only real damage was an obvious scratch on the car bumper. Even so, he felt that it would probably cost less than ten thousand to repair it if he took it to the local automobile sales service shop.

But, since he was working under a deadline for the Gem Theft Case, he didn't have the time to repair his car. Hence, after he left the branch, he drove directly towards the north.

He drove in this direction in order to complete his side quest for that day. Zhao Yu had finally realized the importance of accumulative points, as with sufficient accumulative points, he would be able to upgrade the system, which would then enable him to strengthen the device and activate new functions!

Currently, the only way that he could obtain accumulative points was to complete his side quests. At present, he only had about a hundred accumulative points, so he was in a hurry to increase them.

According to the side quest's instruction, Zhao Yu arrived at a place called Liu Village. Once he looked around, he realized that the location was actually a cemetery!

What's going on?

Zhao Yu let out a heavy sigh. He didn't understand why did the side quest had led him to such a place!

It was already winter, and there were withering weeds among the gravestones. Zhao Yu looked at the bleak scene, watching as a bunch of people, who were dressed in mourning clothes, were conducting a burial ceremony.


The sound of firecrackers could be heard, echoing across the barren land, while paper money, which was being burnt for the dead, floated through the air…

It can't be, right?

Zhao Yu took a closer look and realized that the exact location of the side quest was right around the funeral!

Tsk tsk…

In order to get the accumulative points, Zhao Yu knew that he had to bite the bullet and actually drive the Phaeton directly there! When he got a little closer, Zhao Yu saw that there were many cars parked around the burial plot. There was also a crowd of people. It seemed like it was a big funeral.

Besides orchestrating the lighting of firecrackers and the burning of paper money, the host had even hired a monk and a priest to co-conduct the ceremony. Plus, there was even a band that was playing live music for the funeral!

After Zhao Yu parked his car and rolled down his window, he was shocked to hear that the band was playing the song named The Indestructible Great Wall! After the prelude, a man in a suit came to the middle of the stage and started singing with in a loud voice, "Centuries in trance, compatriots are waking up slowly…"

What the f*ck…

Zhao Yu was stupefied. He never would have expected anyone to sing that song during a funeral! However, the singer's voice was so professional, just like the singers on television!

Then, a few young men in silk tops and trousers popped up in front of the stage. Then, after a few roars of "He, he, ha, hey," they started to conduct a martial arts performance!

That's interesting!

Zhao Yu sat in the car and watched the proceedings seriously. He was intrigued by these cultural traditions of Jin'an. A funeral was held like a dinner banquet here apparently!

Just as Zhao Yu was watching happily, the passenger door of his car suddenly opened. A woman, who was in a pink jacket, blew warm air on her palms, while she took a seat inside the car casually.

Zhao Yu raised his right eyebrows, perplexed, but before he could say anything, the woman flashed him a gorgeous smile and said, "Bro, it's cold outside. Let me warm up here with you!"

Zhao Yu looked at her closely. She had dyed blonde hair and was wearing a white knitted hat, which seemed quite warm. However, she was only wearing a super short leather skirt on her bottom half!

"This is a Volkswagen Phaeton, right? You must be quite rich, huh?" The woman smiled and asked, "Are you a relative of the host? Why didn't I see you earlier?"

"This car isn't mine!" Zhao Yu spoke with a low voice, "I killed someone, then stole his car. The dead body is still in the car trunk! Do you want to take a look?"

Hearing that, the woman nervously gulped. Then, she smiled stiffly and said, "Bro, you sure are a jokester!"

"I'm not joking. Plus, I am not here to attend the funeral. I am here to look for a place to bury the dead body!" Zhao Yu said seriously. "I saw someone singing here, so I decided to come and take a look!"

Zhao Yu then began to sing along, "The indestructible Great Wall… the Yellow River surges for a thousand miles…"

His singing sent chills down the woman's spine. Soon enough, the woman couldn't take it anymore and spat out the word, "Psychopath!" She then opened the door and ran away.

Humph! Zhao Yu humphed and thought, Bit*h, you want to play with me? You're too inexperienced!

As it turns out, Zhao Yu knew the woman's identity long ago. She had just used an excuse to warm up in his car, but she was really attracted to the value of the car. Hence, she wanted to get closer to him to figure out a way to con Zhao Yu into bed. She obviously thought that he could be her new sugardaddy!

Although the woman was pretty, Zhao Yu was no loose man. As expected, when the Indestructible Great Wall song was finished, Zhao Yu saw that same girl go up on the stage to dance in a very sexy outfit!

Even as she swayed her beautiful body, Zhao Yu was not interested at all! Just then, Zhao Yu realized that his accumulative points had increased by twenty-one points!

It can't be, right?

System Bro! Zhao Yu complained, That's it? What the h*ll is this? I came all the way here to complete the side quest. Yet, in the end, you just arranged that b*tch for me? And, what do you want me to do with her? Do you want me to roll around in the bedsheets with her to get more accumulative points?

This is ridiculous…

After he finished complaining, Zhao Yu started his car engine and was ready to leave, when his phone rang. It was Zeng Ke calling.

"What is it, Zeng Ke?" Zhao Yu was upset. "Don't tell me any bad news, or I will…"

"No! It's good news!" Zeng Ke said excitedly. "Team Leader! I just received a notification from the DNA Data Center! They found Cui Lizhu's immediate family!"