Crazy Detective
623 Strategy and Countermeasures
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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623 Strategy and Countermeasures

"The higher ups gave the deadline order to both of us, which means that I have to solve the case, too!" Zhao Yu held Wu Fangfang's wrist tightly and shouted, "What you are doing now is very unprofessional!"

"Exactly! We have the rights to the same information as you!" Wu Xiumin, who was standing of to the side, added. "You are one who is misbehaving!"

"Zhao Yu!" Wu Fangfang had never been so humiliated, and she immediately roared unhappily, "You and I are different! You are the Division Chief's relative, so if you miss the deadline, you would merely need to transfer to another department! But, my people and I have to return home, having been released from the force!"

"Motherf*cker!" Zhao Yu became even angrier after hearing her words. He spat a hostile reply, "All of you b*tches! Are you going through menopause? Can't you see that we are all in the same d*mn boat? We are all being framed by the person who exposed the secret! What benefits do we get from continuing to fight amongst each other?"

Zhao Yu then continued to reprimand, "Actually, you all just look down on us! You think that you are the special force for the Gem Theft Case, and you see us as being meddlesome. In that case, let's part ways and see who solves this case!"

Then, Zhao Yu turned around and left.

"Zhao Yu! You… Listen to me!" Wu Fangfang roared in anger, "If you do not hand over Cui Lizhu, I… I will…" As Wu Fangfang spoke, she drew her gun her holster and aimed it at Zhao Yu's head!


Everyone was frightened. No one had expected for Wu Fangfang to take out her gun!

"If you are not going to hand her over, don't blame me for not showing mercy!" Wu Fangfang had a ferocious look in her eyes and her arms were shivering.

"Team Leader!" one of Wu Fangfang's underlings shouted. They were all frightened, as to aim her gun at her own people was a serious offense, even if they were unwanted collaborators!

"Calm down!" another of her underlings yelled. As everyone else rushed to to stop her, Ran Tao and Wu Xiumin took a few steps back subconsciously.

"Heh…" Zhao Yu laughed again as he stared down the muzzle of the gun. "Team Leader Fangfang, you are really dedicated! Try me!"

Then, Zhao Yu purposely moved forward. Wu Fangfang stared at him in fury, then cocked her pistol.

"Team Leader, don't act recklessly!" One of teammates, a young man, became frightened, so he dashed forward, intending to block Wu Fangfang's gun.

Just then, Zhao Yu kicked the young man off to the side.

"You…" When Wu Fangfang saw Zhao Yu's swift, brutal action, she shivered.

"Ran Tao!" Zhao Yu waved at Ran Tao and shouted, "Do you remember how they beat you up? Here's your opportunity to take your revenge! Beat them to death!"

Then, Zhao Yu kicked once more, sending the young man flying.

"Zhao Yu, you…" Wu Fangfang continued to aim her gun at Zhao Yu, but she was shivering all over.

By that time, Ran Tao had already dashed among the crowd and had started fighting with Fangfang's underlings. He looked like a tiger among a crowd of weak goats, and everyone was wailing in pain. It was a wretched sight.

"Zhao Yu! Ah!" As Wu Fangfang saw that her underlings were being bullied and couldn't stand it, she finally threw the gun on the ground. Seeing the gun on the ground, Zhao Yu and Ran Tao stopped their attacks.

"Alright! Zhao Yu, you won!" As Wu Fangfang clamored to regain her composure, she pointed at Zhao Yu's nose and roared, "How about this… We can share the information, but you have to hand over Cui Lizhu to us. What do you think?"

After hearing Wu Fangfang's proposed compromise, Zhao Yu didn't reply immediately, but squatted down to pick up her gun. He then passed the gun back to Wu Fangfang and said, "I'm sorry, Team Leader Fangfang, but it's really difficult for me to work with you!"

Zhao Yu then pointed at the gate and said cooly, "Seize this opportunity to leave unscathed, before I get really angry. Oh yeah, and f*ck off!"

Then, Zhao Yu snapped his fingers and led Ran Tao and Wu Xiumin upstairs, leaving Wu Fangfang, who was completely dumbfounded, in the middle of the courtyard! Wu Fangfang's face grew grave and her lips grew pale.

She looked at her underlings, all of whom were injured, and felt extremely embarrassed. She couldn't just let this slip!

However, besides being angry, there was nothing else she could do at the moment. She now realized that she had made a big mistake in belittling Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu! She thought to herself in silence, We are now enemies. Just you wait. We shall see who will be left smiling in the end!

Wu Fangfang then left with her teammates.

Meanwhile, from inside the house, Wu Xiumin watched Wu Fangfang and her teammates leave. She then quickly turned around to tell Zhao Yu, "Team Leader! They left!"

As Wu Xiumin was speaking, she saw Zeng Ke and Cui Lizhu appear at the stairway. They had been coming from the backyard and were panting hard. She could also clearly see that Zeng Ke was carrying a laptop in his hands.

"Did you manage to do it?" Zhao Yu asked anxiously.

"Of course!" Cui Lizhu crossed her arms and said, "I unlocked the car door, and he stole the information!"

This had all been Zhao Yu's stratagy from the beginning! He knew long ago that Wu Fangfang and her team would come to look for Cui Lizhu. So, he told Cui Lizhu and Zeng Ke to get the information from their car during their fight!

Since Cui Lizhu was an expert at picking locks and Zeng Ke was a pro hacker, the two of them worked together to get the information on the Gem Theft Case easily! In reality, from the very beginning, Zhao Yu had never intended to work together with Wu Fangfang!

Although the Gem Theft Case special force team did have more information, he honestly couldn't bear Wu Fangfang! Hence, even if Wu Fangfang had agreed to work together, Zhao Yu didn't want to deal with her. Now that he had the information, he wouldn't need them at all!

"That woman is crazy!" exclaimed Wu Xiumin. "She aimed her gun at Team Leader! I regret not recording it. Otherwise, I could bring it to Central Criminal Division, then she would be doomed!"

Not paying attention to her, Zhao Yu was in his own world of thoughts, stunned. He pondered, There seems to be something wrong…

He remembered that he had wanted to return to the house with Ran Tao and Wu Xiumin, but then Wu Fangfang had suddenly took out her gun!

Since she knew that she wouldn't pull the trigger, why did she draw her gun?

Could it be…?


Zhao Yu looked around the house, then quickly ran to the whiteboard and took a closer look at it.

"Zeng Ke…" Zhao Yu extended two fingers at Zeng Ke, who immediately understood what Zhao Yu meant. He quickly transferred the surveillance video. Then, everyone saw a shocking scene!

Just as they were talking to Wu Fangfang in the courtyard, someone wearing a mask snuck into their house and took photos of their information on the whiteboard! The person had also recorded Cui Lizhu's verbal confession!

Meanwhile, in Wu Fangfang's command car, one of her teammates complained to Wu Fangfang, "Team Leader, how could they beat so many of our people up? I should have recorded them, so that we could report them to the Central Criminal Division!"

"Humph!" Wu Fangfang held up her phone, then checked the information that they stolen from Zhao Yu.

She then said aggressively, "Zhao Yu, you didn't expect this, right? You have your strategy, but I have my countermeasures! Although we don't have Cui Lizhu, we still have the most complete amount of information! Now, let's see who can find the gemstone first!"
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