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618 Do We Really Have to Investigate?

"What?" Ran Tao gasped.

After hearing such news, everyone was shocked. Ran Tao immediately held Chen Zhuo by his arm and shouted, "Are you making fun of us?"

"Yeah, we are innocent!" Zeng Ke said in distress. "We aren't the ones that exposed the news, so why take it out on us?"

"Seven days? It has been six years since the gemstone was lost, and they only gave us seven days?" Wu Xiumin shook her head. "What can we do in seven days? This is obviously a prank! I don't understand what the higher ups are thinking!"

"Team Leader Zhao…" Chen Zhuo creased his eyebrows and said to Zhao Yu, "Will you ask Division Chief Jiao personally what is going on? This is the first time I've acted as a contact officer. If the special investigation group is dismissed, my career achievement will be zero! I wouldn't even have a chance to be promoted in the future!"

"Yeah!" Ran Tao suddenly recalled something, so he asked Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, weren't you saying you had thought of some plan? What is it? Hurry up and tell us!"

"I propose…" Zhao Yu looked awkward. "We solve the burglar case ourselves, and find that gemstone!"

"Isn't that the same as not saying anything?" Ran Tao was helpless. Everyone else shook their heads.

Wu Xiumin sighed. "If there was nothing wrong with Tao Xiang's head, there might have been a chance. But, that man is completely mad. There's no use to hypnotize him either, so what else can we do?"

"Exactly!" Ran Tao spread his hands out helplessly, then said softly, "We shouldn't be bothered about this. We should just let Tao Xiang continue to stay in the nursing home and be a weird old man. Ain't that okay?"

Zeng Ke shook his head helplessly, then told Zhao Yu, "Team Leader, the higher ups want us to join the Gem Theft Case special force in investigating. So, does that mean we have to go and look for Sis Fire to ask for a copy of the relevant information?"

"Wu Fangfang?" Zhao Yu looked up at Zeng Ke, then asked the contact officer Chen Zhuo, "Officer Chen, where's Wu Fangfang? If it's a joint investigation, shouldn't we call her over to discuss all of this?"

"Oh, Team Leader Fangfang's teammates are here," Chen Zhuo pointed at the window and said. "I heard that they were getting the procedures down, so that they know how best to move Tao Xiang. Apparently, they want to bring him back to the capital! I think she already received her orders, just as we just have, but…" He creased his eyebrows, then continued, "Zhao Yu, do you really want to investigate this case?Don't you maybe want to look for Division Chief Jiao and see what else you can do?"

"Can't you see that someone is trying to frame us intentionally?" Zhao Yu shook his head. "Forget about the Division Chief, as even a minister wouldn't be of much help to us now! Finding the gemstone is our only way out!"

"But… Only seven days! This…" Chen Zhuo creased his eyebrows again. He then took out his phone to call Wu Fangfang. However, she didn't answer, even after several rings.

"What's going on with Wu Fangfang?" Chen Zhuo hung up the phone helplessly.

At that moment, Zhao Yu realized something, so he quickly told Ran Tao, "Ran Tao, Zeng Ke is right. If we want to investigate this case, we have to get ahold of their information. So, go and look for Wu Fangfang. Then, ask her for the information! She must be where Tao Xiang is being held captive, preparing to take him away!"

"Alright!" Ran Tao agreed and turned around to leave.

Then, Zhao Yu exhorted, "Remember one thing! We are carrying out orders from the higher ups. If Wu Fangfang doesn't give the information to you, beat her up! Understand?"

"What?" Ran Tao was dumbfounded. "Team Leader, you really want me to beat them up?" Ran Tao was stunned, and everyone else was surprised.

"Yes!" Zhao Yu smiled maliciously. "If they don't give you the information, it means that they are looking down on us! I've been unhappy with those uppity b*tches for far too long, so don't be afraid! If they don't give it to you, beat them up! I will take responsibility!"

Although Ran Tao was still confused, he followed Zhao Yu's instructions. Ran Tao had just left, when Zhao Yu turned to speak to Chen Zhuo.

"Officer Chen, Ran Tao definitely won't be able to get the information, so I will have to entrust this to you! If you still want to be promoted in the future, do what I say. Get the information on the Gem Theft Case for me, then send me a message once you do so," Zhao Yu said, obviously not having much confidence in Ran Tao's ability to be a bully!

"Oh… Mm…" Chen Zhuo was dumbfounded.

Zhao Yu then turned his other colleagues and said, "Sis Wu, Zeng Ke, let's go! The two of you, follow me. I have another more important task for you!" Then, without waiting for their response, Zhao Yu dragged the two of them with him. The trio then got in the police car and drove away.

"Team Leader, think this through. Do we really have to investigate the Gem Theft Case?" Wu Xiumin asked with concern. "Can't we think about another method, such as revealing the person who exposed the news? We can't just take the blame!"

"Yeah! Once we get start investigating, it means that we have officially accepted the order!" Zeng Ke added, "Then, there is no turning back! And seven days is simply impossible!"

"Humph! Have you ever thought…" Zhao Yu paused and asked, What if we can't find the person who exposed the news? What if the person who framed us is one of the higher ups in the Central Criminal Division? What should we do then?"

The two of them were shocked, and Zeng Ke quickly replied, "Team Leader, I believe that might be overthinking this! Why would the higher ups in the Central Criminal Division do that?"

"I don't know!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said. "I only know that only by finding the gemstone will we be able to pass through this difficult time! So, instead of wasting our time investigating those who exposed the news, we might as well get down to business! So, the two of you need to head over to the workplace that we set up, then search for all of the information that you can find regarding the Gem Theft Case!"

The two of them recalled the secret place that they had once built for the Hasty Murder Case investigation. However, not long after the base was built, the Hasty Murder Case was solved, leaving it abandoned and empty.

"But, what about you? Where are you going?" Zeng Ke quickly asked.

"Don't worry about me!" Zhao Yu waved them off. "Get out of the car. Follow my instructions! I will meet up with you as soon as possible!"

Although Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke were suspicious and worried, they didn't say anything else. It was clear that Zhao Yu had made up his mind. So, they had no choice but to follow Zhao Yu's arrangements at the workplace.

After dropping the two of them off, Zhao Yu drove to Bethane Hospital. It turns out that Zhao Yu knew all along that Wu Fangfang had no intention to work with him! Although she had realized that Zhao Yu and his team hadn't exposed the news, she also knew that she and Zhao Yu were in the same boat. As such, she still looked down on Zhao Yu's special investigation group, not wanting them to participate in the investigation.

However, Zhao Yu wasn't someone that gave up easily. Even though Wu Fangfang looked down on him, he wouldn't be bothered by the explosive woman!

Hence, the reason he had told Ran Tao to ask for information from Wu Fangfang was merely to interrupt her team and buy some time. His real intention was to pick up Cui Lizhu from the hospital!

It was clear to Zhao Yu that, if he wanted to solve the Gem Theft Case, Cui Lizhu was actually more important than Tao Xiang! This was because Cui Lizhu was the only person that knew Tao Xiang's life history. Thus, only she could help find any clues about the gemstone!

Seriously… Motherf*cker! Zhao Yu cursed continuously as he drove along.

He had never expected that it would be so difficult for him to investigate such matters! It was really such a headache!

The way he saw it, the exposure of the secret news had made the higher ups angry. As such, unless he found the gemstone within the seven days deadline, he would really be sent home in shame! Moreover, he wouldn't be given any opportunity to investigate any of the other cases in the yellow notebook!

But, everyone knew how difficult it was to find the Tamil Star! After all, the special force team had been looking for the gemstone for six years, and it was still nowhere to be found!

Another reason that Zhao Yu felt such an urgency in finding the gemstone was because he was so stubborn! He felt that, as he had already become the team leader of the special investigation group, he couldn't afford to be looked down upon!

So, he wanted to use the investigation of the Gem Theft Case to teach those who looked down on him a lesson, especially those who had tried to frame him from behind the scenes! By the time all was said and done, they would all look at him in a new light!