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607 The Qian Hexagram Kept Going!


After he hung up the phone, Zhao Yu humphed. Regarding the issue with He Sheng Credit, Ma Laodan had actually told him everything long ago. Apparently, the company and Ma Qiang's robber gang had been colluding together, so they were all rotten!

As for the statement about the kidnapping hostage, hitting his car, and the malicious attack being attributed to just personal actions, that was all plain bullsh*t! If the leader of He Sheng Credit didn't give such instructions, then why would those henchmen be so aggressive? That just didn't add up.

But, taking only two million as compensation to settle it, well that was just not Zhao Yu's style at all. Theoretically, two million wasn't a small figure, but to Zhao Yu, who was already a billionaire, it was really more about the principle of the matter!

Hence, he wanted to teach the people in He Sheng Credit a lesson. He couldn't let them commit crimes and suffer no consequences!

Zhao Yu thought about these things, then redirected his attention back to Cui Lizhu's matter. The first thing that he had to do was arrest Cui Lizhu and her father, then bring them both back to the police station.

But, Cui Lizhu had just had her surgery, so her physical situation was still unstable. As such, she would need to be treated at the hospital for some time yet.

Hence, he decided that Cui Lizhu would need to go back and remain in the hospital. As for Tao Xiang, Ran Tao would take care of him by sending him to the guard room, where he would be held captive.

Regarding Tao Xiang's identity, Zhao Yu naturally would keep it a secret. Even the Jinping police wouldn't find out that the old man was the notorious king of thieves!

At that moment, the northerly wind howled and the biting cold breeze sent shivers up his spine. As Cui Lizhu was thinly clad, Zhao Yu took off his coat and covered her with it. He then embraced her in his arms. Cui Lizhu's body was weak and she was trembling. In the end, Zhao Yu almost had to carry her to the car.

Once they were inside the car, Cui Lizhu finally settled down amid the heated air. Seeing her finally warmed up a bit, Zhao Yu started the car engine and drove to the hospital.

As there was a vast temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the car, the windshield immediately fogged up. As such, Zhao Yu could only drive at a very slow speed.

As he drove, Zhao Yu stole a glance at Cui Lizhu in the rear-view mirror. Coincidently, Cui Lizhu was looking at him via the mirror, too.

Their gazes locked and Zhao Yu felt a stir in his heart. That moment, it was as though Gege, who had died many years ago, was resurrected before his eyes. So many thoughts began whirring through his mind...

They look so much alike!

Too alike, as though they were made from the same mould! Could Cui Lizhu be related to Gege by blood?

Zhao Yu hesitated, then asked her, "May I ask, who is your mom? Is she also a famous person?"

"I don't know…" Cui Lizhu replied straightforwardly. "My dad told me that my mom left me after giving birth to me. She ran away with another man! She's a very irresponsible woman!"

"Whatever! Your dad is the king of thieves! Can't he look after his own woman?" Zhao Yu shook his head, then continued to ponder…

If Cui Lizhu was really Gege's daughter, doesn't it mean that Cui Lizhu is Tao Xiang and Gege's child? So, maybe Gege left the king of thieves for a relic merchant? My God, as to what goes through a criminal's mind, I really have no clue!

"I don't know…" Cui Lizhu sighed pitifully. "My entire world is filled with only my dad. I don't even know what motherly love is like!"

Hearing what Cui Lizhu said, Zhao Yu felt even more sorry to her. He turned around and looked at her, thinking... Actually this girl is quite pitiful. As the daughter of the king of thieves, her fate was predestined, ever since her birth!

Just as Zhao Yu was in a despondent mood, Cui Lizhu moved her body forward and patted his shoulders. She then passed him a photo.

"This is my mom!" Cui Lizhu said weakly. "I accidentally found it when I was arranging my dad's things! There are burnt traces along the edges. I don't know if my dad intentionally kept it, or if he was trying to burn it and didn't quite manage to…"

Zhao Yu slowed down again, so he could take a glimpse at the photo in his hand. It was a very old photo. In the photo, there was a fashionably dressed woman, who was carrying a little girl, who appeared to be about two years old at most.

The little girl had black shiny hair, big eyes, and decent eyebrows. She looked very pretty. One could easily tell that it was Cui Lizhu.

Zhao Yu took a closer look at the woman in the photo and wanted to make a comment. However, just as was about to speak, he was suddenly stunned!

The shock was so sudden, Zhao Yu felt a chill run down his spine. Then, he suddenly accidentally slammed on the gas medal, causing the car to dash towards the side.

Zhao Yu suddenly stepped on the brake and held the steering wheel tightly. As he did so, the police car screeched its tires, then finally stopped!

"Police Officer Zhao… What happened…" Cui Lizhu asked, as she had almost fainted from the scary jolt.

However, Zhao Yu couldn't be bothered about the car or his driving at the moment. Instead, he just gripped the photo tightly, his eyes almost popping out of his head!

"Motherf*cker!" After a while, Zhao Yu roared, then turned around to ask Cui Lizhu, "Are you sure that this is your mom?"

"Mm…" Cui Lizhu nodded with a pale look. But, after some thinking, she started shaking her head, "Since I know my dad's temperament, I've never actually shown my dad this photo, so I don't really know if the woman is my mom. Police Officer, can you tell me what is going on?"

Zhao Yu was so emotional, he took a moment to gather himself, then asked again, "After so many years, have you tried to look for this person?"

"No, because she left us. Why should I look for her?" Cui Lizhu shook her head bitterly. She didn't understand why Zhao Yu cared anyway.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to tell Cui Lizhu about what he knew. But, he didn't know how. As he looked at Cui Lizhu's weak appearance, he was afraid that she might be overwhelmed by the facts.

Hence, he started the car engine and drove back into the road, then headed towards to hospital directly. On the way, even though Cui Lizhu asked him a few times, Zhao Yu still didn't tell her the whole truth.

At the hospital, after he settled her into her ward for treatment, Zhao Yu then took the photo and called Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin over to a temporary office.

"What happened Team Leader? You arrested the people, so why do you look so anxious?" Zeng Ke asked.

"Yeah, what's up?" Wu Xiumin was confused too.

Zhao Yu quickly passed the photo to them. At the same time, he took out his phone and called Ran Tao, saying, "Ran Tao, this Tao Xiang is very, very important! After you reach the police station, tell them to send another ten policemen as backup. Also, look after Tao Xiang for me! Twenty-fours nonstop. Not one single second should he be left unattended. Understand?"

"Yes… But…" Ran Tao took the orders, but he didn't understand why.

"Just do as I say! If anything happens to Tao Xiang, I will kill you!" Then, he hung up the phone before Ran Tao even had time to respond.

"Oh my! Oh my!" Then, Zeng Ke, who had just seen the photo, shouted crazily, "Team Leader, this photo! Where did you get this?"

"Oh my! This woman… Isn't she Bai Lili from Ganlong City? Oh God? Why would it be her?" Wu Xiumin was shocked, too, "This person… She was the last victim in the Headless Female Corpse Case, which happened way back in 1998!!!"