Crazy Detective
606 High Class Scam
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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606 High Class Scam

"the tamil star!" ran tao looked at tao xiang again, obviously shocked. "oh my god, are you kidding me?"

"the tamil star!" tao xiang repeated ran tao's exact reaction.

regarding the gemstone, zhao yu recalled some impression of it in his memory. specifically, six years ago, during an international auction that took place in the capital, there was a shocking robbery! apparently, a blue gemstone from india had vanished into thin air, and it was still nowhere to be found!

it was said that the blue gemstone was about sixty-seven carats, was crystal clear, and was exquisite beyond compare. furthermore, it had graced one of the ancient indian king's crown. as such, it was considered to be a national relic treasure of india.

as the item's market value was over a hundred million back then, it should be priceless now! although the gemstone was privately owned, it still stirred up diplomatic turmoil after it was taken. in fact, it almost caused an international dispute!

hence, the shocking case had always been listed among the top three robbery cases in the nation, making it one of the cases that the central criminal division focused heavily on. in fact, the central criminal division even established a special force just to handle that case. as of now, the force had yet to cease chasing after the whereabouts of the gemstone, and it had been six years so far!

who would have guessed that the person who stole the tamil star was this old man with mental issues, tao xiang?

this person surely has lived up to his nickname as the king of thieves. he has even dared to steal a national treasure!

but, why did the gemstone magically disappear?

also, what has happened to him?

"police officer zhao, i have been paying close attention to this case for the past few years," cui lizhu said. "the gang of people who was after my dad back then, has yet to revoke the bounty on his head. plus, my dad offended many people in his league back then, so once his identity is exposed, it would attract countless enemies, and he would definitely die! so, i beg you, keep this secret for us!"

zhao yu pondered this for awhile... as the employer is still after tao xiang, this means that the employer has yet to obtain the gemstone…

that's interesting. this tamil star, then, who has it now?

then, zhao yu complimented in his head, the qian hexagram is really the most amazing hexagram in the miracle system! i never expected that it would not only help me arrest the murderer of the hasty murder case, lao feng, but also help me obtain such a surprising reward!

after all, the gem theft case was a national level one major case! as such, arresting the robber would be a huge merit to his name! even if he couldn't find the whereabouts of the gemstone, he would at least be praised by the higher ups in the central criminal division, as well as the other special investigation groups.

however, zhao yu was well-aware that the central criminal division had assigned a special force that was investigation this specific case. this meant that the case would definitely not fall into his hands. hence, regarding cui lizhu's request, he couldn't make any promises.

"cui lizhu, cui lizhu!" zhao yu shook his head helplessly. "you and your dad are legendary figures! tao lizhu, right? or maybe, you're not lizhu at all? zhuzhu? forget it, regardless of your name, i am going to tell you responsibly...your matter exceeds beyond my jurisdiction. as such, i can't help much. i can only operate according to the proper procedures!"

"huh?! my dad is already in such a bad state! do you really want him to be dead on top of it all?" cui lizhu roared.

"we have a saying: sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. regardless of who you are, you have to be responsible for what you do! the same goes for you, as well as your dad! but…" zhao yu spread his hands and said, "my following procedure doesn't mean that someone has to die! don't worry. your dad's case involves an international dispute, and as the gemstone has yet to be found, the investigation group won't expose the news!"

he continued to explain, "plus, your dad is their only lead to find the gemstone. as such, the investigation group wouldn't be willing to let him die! if he died, how would they find the gemstone?"

zhao yu then patted her shoulder and said, "so, go ahead and have your prison meal! leave your dad to us!"

cui lizhu relaxed a little then, as she realized that what zhao yu said made sense. previously, she had been so worried that tao xiang's identity would be exposed. however, from the looks of it now, if her father were to be passed over to the national investigation group, it would actually mean more protection for him!

"police officer zhao, thank you!" cui lizhu said sincerely. "my dad's situation is getting worse each year! although i have hired many doctors and poured tons of money into his care, there hasn't been any improvement. please, tell them not to make it too difficult for my dad, okay?"

"you don't have to worry about that!" ran tao couldn't help but cut in. "in order to keep him well, so that we can find out the truth, the investigation group will definitely find him the best doctor. who knows, they might even be able to heal him!"

"alright! i will follow you back. i have seen those criminals that kidnapped me, i can be a witness!" then, cui lizhu held zhao yu's hands emotionally. "you have save my dad's and my life! although i am a thief, i am considerate. so, in the future, i will listen to you and do anything for you! if i can't return your favor entirely in this lifetime, i will continue to return it in my following life…"

"ah! hero, please stay back in my sweet dream…"

zhao yu wanted to chat with cui lizhu longer, but his phone suddenly rang. the call was from the chief of one of the branches in jinping.

"team leader zhao, hello, i am mu anshun. we've met before!" over the phone, zhao yu heard an experienced yet respectable voice. "regarding your phaeton, we have contacted he sheng credit union. their general manager asked me to inform you that he is really sorry about the damage on your car and is willing to pay for all of it!"

zhao yu asked, "ok then. but, bureau chief mu, how do they plan to compensate me?"

"team leader zhao," bureau chief mu smiled and said, "i know that it was not only about the damage of your car, but that you are also concerned about the few criminals that offended you. they are even involved in a kidnapping case apparently! regarding this matter, don't you worry. we are going to take care of them!"

the chief continued to explain the current situation. "actually, we have already investigated it. apparently, that incident was merely a personal action, taken on their own volitions, so it was completely unrelated to he sheng credit union!"

then, bureau chief mu paused and continued, "after the general manager heard about the situation, he was very angry about it. he proactively expressed his intention to take care of team lead zhao for any inconvenience! although it was a personal action, the group did indeed represent the company. so, he is willing to pay two million to you in compensation for your car and suffering. what do you think?"

hearing the generous sum, the corners of zhao yu's lips lifted into a satisfied smile. his eyes also became extremely suggestive.

after all, he had gotten a qian hexagram that day! so, it turned out that there was still cash reward at the very end of his journey!

although the phaeton had cost a lot, its repair would only cost several thousands. as the general manager had now offered two million, that was almost enough to buy a brand new car!

zhao yu smiled and told bureau chief mu over the phone, "bureau chief mu, the general manager is so generous, as they only hit my car's headlight, yet he wants to compensate me two million! what should i say?"

"yeah, it is very generous." bureau chief mu agreed.

"however…" zhao yu suddenly redirected the conversation. "you might not know about this, but not only did they damage my car when they hit me, but head was banged up, too! really, i even feel dizzy and nausea now!"

he pretended to groan in pain as he spoke. "if i wasn't at the brink of closing this case, i would have go to the hospital!" then, zhao yu's voice became cold, "i think, you should know what case i am working on! if the case were to be held up because of my injury, there would be big consequences..."

"big…. big…" bureau chief mu repeated the words, his voice quivering. "don't worry, team leader zhao, i will talk to he sheng's general manager again..."

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