Crazy Detective
597 Motive for a Massacre
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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597 Motive for a Massacre

The Jinping police were sparing no effort in investigating the case. This was because they had finally realized that the Hasty Murder Case might have a major hidden agenda. Hence, the provincial office immediately transferred more manpower to assist the Jinping Police Station in the investigation.

As Zhao Yu was injured, many local higher ups came to visit him, but were all rejected. After all, he simply didn't have the time to entertain such political activities. His main focus had to be unearthing the truth as soon as possible!

Then, Li Luoyun, Ma Laodan and his father, Cui Lizhu and the other two surviving criminals were all in the hospital. They were taking turns having their surgeries.

Luckily, although the six of them were severely injured, the hospital informed each of them that they didn't have life-threatening injuries. The best part of that news was that Ma Laodan had survived! Of course, the Invisible Hemostat that Zhao Yu gave him had played an important role in this seeming miracle.

As Second Master Ma Qiang and Cui Lizhu were both in the operating room, they couldn't get any useful information from the two of them just yet. As such, no one knew what they encountered yet.

Thus, Zhao Yu and the rest could only wait for the Jinping police force to follow up with the investigation later. They had however gotten one piece of great news. After conducting a thorough search, the police had found Cui Lizhu's medicine from room 606 in the nursing home!

Zhao Yu knew that there was something fishy about the medicine, so he told them to bring it to the lab at the station for further inspection. In order to prevent any accidents, he sent Ran Tao to monitor the entire process.

Then, the results were out, and they really did shock everyone! After the inspection, they found a special catalyst in the Butyrophenone medicine. This catalyst would transform the Butyrophenone into a special Benzene compound.

This particular kind of Benzene would affect a human's nervous system, leading to a pathological change in the nerve cell or neuronal necrosis. If taken excessively, it might even cause death!

"Oh…" Looking at the results, Zhao Yu suddenly became enlightened. "That's it! That is the motive for the Hasty Murder Case!"

"What?" Ran Tao and Wu Xiumin shook their heads, bewildered. They couldn't understand his meaning.

"Oh my God! It turns out that the murderer has concocting a cover-up, playing tricks on us in the process!" Zhao Yu sighed. "We have been fooled by the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case, as we overlooked the things that we couldn't see! Zeng Ke, hurry up and check Changxin Tailong pharmaceutical factory's current stock market situation! I'm guessing that, with such a major incident, their stock prices must have fallen sharply, right?"

Zeng Ke quickly tapped his keyboard and found the results that Zhao Yu had asked him about. He then reported, "Team Leader, you are right. There was indeed a sharp drop in their stock prices! But, their foreign policy is different from ours. The pharmaceutical factory has already applied to suspend trading, but they have yet to receive any confirmation."

"It's an international conspiracy!" Zhao Yu sighed. "I am not too familiar with the stock market, but you understand it, right? If someone were to know that the pharmaceutical factory's stock prices would crash right after it was listed, does that mean that someone would be able to benefit from it?"

"Oh Gosh! Team Leader, I finally understand what you mean…" Zeng Ke was suddenly also enlightened and begin immediately tapping on his keyboard more swiftly.

He quickly found was he was looking for, directly reporting it to Zhao Yu. "You are right. There was someone that benefited from the crash of the pharmaceutical factory's stocks! As you know, international traders allow two-way trading. In other words, you can short the stock! The transaction records reveal there were more than twenty international companies and individuals that invested in the pharmaceutical factory's stock via financing bonds! After the stock prices crashed, these companies had already turned a profit of almost thirty-billion!"

"Huh?! That is so ridiculous!" Ran Tao scratched his head. "Is that truly possible? If so, are you saying that these companies that shorted the factory stock ahead of time are the real murderers behind the Hasty Murder Case?"

"Are you dumb?" Wu Xiumin raised her hand and scoffed. "It's obvious that someone sold them the news! Thus, the one who sold the news must be the true murderer!"

"Oh… No wonder. Not only did they kill people, but they burnt money! They even uploaded the photos of the murder onto the internet!" Zeng Ke sighed, then shook his head. "It turns out that Liu Yu was merely like a chess piece that they took advantage of!"

"Six lives in exchange for over thirty billion," Ran Tao evaluated aloud. "This is a great deal!"

"Not just that!" Zhao Yu shook his head and said, "The market value of the pharmaceutical factory is more than a hundred billion! So, how can thirty billion possibly fill their appetites? Actually, they have yet to play their last card!"

"Oh?" Ran Tao and the other two teammates were stunned. Zeng Ke replied first. "Oh… You meant, the medicine?"

"Bingo!" Zhao Yu said enthusiastically. "I'm guessing that Liu Yu made these medicines for them ahead of time. At first glance, the medicine looks exactly the same as the one produced in the Changxin Tailong pharmaceutical factory, but once it enters the market, it would lead the consumer to develop food poisoning! Try to imagine the disastrous outcome…"

"Oh Gosh!" Ran Tao's eyes were wide open again. "If that were to happen, the pharmaceutical factory would be in big trouble, right? They would only need five or six of them to die from poisoning in order for them to make buckets and buckets of money! No wonder those killers didn't mind taking such a huge risk to obtain that medicine!"

"But… Only with some poison…" Wu Xiumin was confused. "They lost the medicine, but since they could just make some new medicine, why did they have to find Cui Lizhu?"

"Sis Wu, here comes the answer!" Zeng Ke raised his cellphone and said, "There's an update from the laboratory. They have apparently hired a medicinal expert, who said that the synthesizing method of the catalyst on the tablet was very unique. In fact, it was almost identical to the assembly line in the pharmaceutical factory. As such, if they were to really bring the medicine up for inspection, they would definitely think that it was pharmaceutical factory's mistake!"

"Oh Gosh!" Ran Tao sighed. "If this is all true, this is a major matter! Team Leader, I think you'd better report this to the higher ups! Not only is this a transnational crime, it is also related to our nation's benefit! Our money can't be allowed to be earned by the foreigners!"

"I would report this…" Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows. "But, we have to get more evidence first, and we have to arrest the mysterious man! Otherwise, we can't live up to our name as the special investigation group!"

"Mm…" Ran Tao mumbled while thinking, then asked, "Team Leader, there seemed to be three letters, right? If the mysterious man is so amazing, I'm afraid that he would have already fled!" Zeng Ke shook his head. "It's a pity that we didn't even know what he looked like!"

"It's about time!" Zhao Yu looked at his watch, grabbed his jacket, then said, "I reckon that the surgeries should end soon. You head over to the hospital and wait! Interrogate whoever comes out of their operation first! We are racing the clock now! Oh yeah, remember to keep a close watch on Cui Lizhu. That girl is very sneaky, so don't let her escape! Even handcuffs can't lock her down!"

After his team mates nodded in agreement, they realized something…

Zeng Ke quickly asked, "Team Leader, you told us to go to hospital. What about you? Aren't you coming with us?"
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