Crazy Detective
596 Who’s the Mysterious Man?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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596 Who’s the Mysterious Man?

Just as Zhao Yu turned around, he was surprised to see that the medics had already finished giving the two criminals first aid. They were now pushing them into the ambulance!

As the mysterious man had parked the car with the bomb installed in it right next to the ambulance, his intention was crystal clear! That person wanted to kill them to shut them up!

Once the police car exploded, it would definitely have also taken out the ambulance! Then, the two injured criminals would definitely die in the hubbub!

D*mn it!

Looking around, he counted not only the two criminals, but many other police officers, medics, and miscellaneous personnel on the scene as well. Were the car to have exploded, the consequences would have been disastrous!

However, just as Zhao Yu turned around, one of the two criminals had already snuck on the ambulance, and the other one was halfway into the ambulance! Thus, it was obviously too late for Zhao Yu to tell everyone to evacuate now!

Due to the urgency of the situation, Zhao Yu couldn't be bothered about chasing after the mysterious man. So, he quickly detected the exact location of the bomb via the Invisible Detector.

As it turns out, the bomb was installed underneath the police car. Zhao Yu couldn't think too long before taking action, so he immediately decided to use two devices at the same time. One was the Energy Booster, which could boost his strength, the other was the Invisible Bomb Disposal.

As he was running out of time, Zhao Yu knew that the mysterious man would most likely feel pressured to ignite the bomb at anytime. Zhao Yu quickly went underneath the police car to take a look. As he had the aid of the Energy Booster, he merely used both of his arms and was able to lift the car up.

Then, when he found the exact location of the bomb, he immediately used the Invisible Bomb Disposal. Then, the system finally sent a safety notification, verifying that the bomb disposal was successfully executed. The bomb that was installed underneath the car had already been removed!


After seeing that the bomb was no longer a threat, Zhao Yu let out a breath of relief. At this point, he was already drenched in sweat. He crawled out from under the car, while letting go of the car.


The car landed heavily on the ground and made a loud thud. The nearby staff member all stopped and watched. None of them knew just how close they had come to death! If Zhao Yu had been any slower in responding, it could have turned into an abyss of misery for them all!


Zhao Yu cursed, then immediately clenched his teeth and stood up. Even though he had just saved all of these people's lives, he still needed to look for the mysterious man and arrest him!

Because the bomb hadn't exploded, Zhao Yu concluded that the mysterious man wouldn't be too far away! After all, he would most likely be watching from nearby to see what had happened.

However, just as Zhao Yu got up, before he even was able to start to look for the mysterious man, he suddenly felt the disarmed police car shake…

He looked at it more closely and was surprised that there seemed to be something alive in the car! But, the window was transparent and he couldn't actually see anyone!


Zhao Yu suddenly realized something, which caused him to quickly run to the rear of the car. He then opened the car's trunk.

Oh my God!

Two people were lying in the car's trunk, both of their mouths taped shut! Although they were covered in blood and their hair was messy, Zhao Yu recognized the woman immediately. It was the female cat burglar, Cui Lizhu!

As for the man, Zhao Yu guessed that the person was most likely Ma Laodan's missing father, Second Master, Ma Qiang from Zhang Ping Street! The police saw that there were people in the car's trunk and quickly hurried over.

"Hurry up! Call the medic!" Zhao Yu quickly ordered them.

Zhao Yu quickly bent down to take a closer look. He saw that Cui Lizhu was covered in blood and looked a mess! He could also tell that she wasn't in a good mental state. However, luckily, her life didn't seem to be in danger.

In contrast, Second Master looked much worse than Cui Lizhu. The corner of his lips had been torn by a sharp blade and his chin and chest were drenched in blood. It was a wretched sight.


Zhao Yu spat on the ground, as many thoughts raced through his mind...

The mysterious man is so brutal! He kept Second Master and Cui Lizhu in this car's trunk!

He obviously wanted to kill them, Ah Biao, and the other accomplices altogether, so that he could shut them up.

He was probably going to burn their corpses and destroy the evidence afterwards!

No longer able to control his rage, Zhao Yu dashed through the crowd to look for the mysterious man. However, he was nowhere to be found!

"Hurry up! Pass me that first aid kit…" Then, the medic came over shouted as he looked into the car's trunk.

Hearing the him, Zhao Yu turned around and looked. He was surprised to see that Cui Lizhu's right hand was tied with a bandage, which was stained with fresh blood. Zhao Yu quickly ran over and helped to carry Cui Lizhu out from the trunk.

"It's… You…" Cui Lizhu was dazed, but she was still able to recognize Zhao Yu.

She bit her lip and smiled. She then shed a few tears as she told Zhao Yu, "I'm sorry… Woo… So sorry…"

Then, she fainted due to exhaustion…

Two hours later, the sky grew bright. From the office window of the Jinping Police Station, the staff could see the rising sun and the morning glow that filled the sky.

However, the people in the office didn't bother with enjoying the beautiful scenery, as that very moment, the members of the special investigation group were waiting for the latest investigation results. They were ready to take action at anytime!

While they waited, Wu Xiumin was taking care of Zhao Yu's wound. Although Zhao Yu had defeated the three criminals in all three battles, he had still been severely injured, especially when he had fought Ah Biao.

"This is impossible! How could we not find anything?" Zeng Ke shook his head and sighed. "There were so many surveillance cameras at the scene, but not one caught a clear image of the mysterious person!"

"That person was wearing a hat and a mask after he left the scene. Such a high level figure naturally would take great pains to disguise himself!" Ran Tao shook his head and explained, "The police found the surveillance record of the ambulance, too. It only showed the mysterious man's car, but not even a glimpse was seen of the person who drove it! Moreover, the police car was actually stolen from the Hongta Branch by the mysterious man!"

"What the h*ck! It is very difficult to steal a police car!" Wu Xiumin was shocked. "That must mean that this person must be a police officer, too! Otherwise, why would he be so familiar with the police and their cars and such?"

"Sis Wu, he might disguise himself as a police officer. After all, such an expert criminal doesn't have to be in the system itself!" Zeng Ke shook his head.

"But you've seen it with your own eyes. Ever since the Hasty Murder Case, the criminal has been one step ahead of us at every turn!" Wu Xiumin was upset. "How can this not prove that there is a spy within the Jinping police force?"

What Wu Xiumin had just said was exactly what Zhao Yu had been thinking, too. In fact, Zhao Yu had thought the scenario through, taking it even further than her. After he went through his recent life-and-death battles, Zhao Yu felt that the real murderer behind the Hasty Murder Case was similar to Zhao Qing and his gang. Specifically, they were all incredibly well-trained!

Moreover, they had used Liu Yu's hatred to kickstart the Hasty Murder Case. According to the norm, teammates were in charge of carrying out the missions, while the head of the operation was in charge of issuing commands and instructions, as well as cleaning up the pieces at the end of the operation!

Hence, the man in the jacket, the three killers in the nursing home, Ah Biao and the driver were all quite similar to members of an organized gang! That being the case, it only made sense that the mysterious man that had tried to ignite the bomb was most likely their head honcho!

Hence, Zhao Yu and his team only had the possibility of unearthing the truth if they arrested the mysterious man alive!

But… Who exactly is this person?
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