Crazy Detective
595 Noises Asking for Help
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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595 Noises Asking for Help

Zhao Yu had no idea why, but ever since the Hasty Murder Case, he could not get Cui Lizhu, the female cat burglar who had descended from the sky, out of his head. He wasn't sure if it was because Cui Lizhu looked so much like Gege, because of her unique career, or because of her beautiful innocent face with huge boobs, but Zhao Yu was always thinking about her!

Due to this reason, among others, it was completely understandable why he was not only disappointed, but extremely worried when he didn't see Cui Lizhu in the BMW. From what he knew of those professional killers' styles, if Cui Lizhu wasn't in the BMW, it meant that she was most likely dead!

However, Zhao Yu refused to give up hope. He quickly ran to the driver and gave him another slap. "Tell me! Where's Cui Lizhu?" Zhao Yu roared loudly, but the driver only smirked back in disdain.

"Motherf*cker! I'm asking you and you still won't answer…" Zhao Yu extended his finger and stabbed it into the wound on the driver's calf.

"Ah…" The driver, who was still in great pain, let out a wounded howl. He then started to pant and clench his teeth.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to question him more closely, but he realized that the driver was pale. He obviously had lost too much blood. As such, if Zhao Yu were to continue to question him now, he would most likely cost him his life!

D*mn it!

Zhao Yu looked at the man named Ah Biao from afar. As he was beaten beyond recognition and was lying on the ground, Zhao Yu obviously couldn't interrogate him either! Helplessly, Zhao Yu searched around the driver's body, looking for any useful clues.

Whoop whoop…

Finally, after listening to the police alarm sounding for a while, a few police cars arrived at the scene. It was weird that the car lamp and car alarm had stopping working almost at the exact moment when they arrived...

Zhao Yu then realized that his power jamming device was still on! Then, after it was turned off, the police car lamp came on again! However, the place where the power was transmitted under the streetlamp had terrifying sparks spouting again!

This greatly shocked the police, who got out of their cars and immediately approached Zhao Yu. After they verified Zhao Yu's identity, they awaited his orders.

Zhao Yu told them to save the two criminals first. After receiving the orders, the police immediately took action. Some of them sealed off the scene, while some searched for evidence, and some even contacted the traffic and municipal department to take care of the broken streetlamp and fire hydrant.

Aiyo, I nearly forgot!

Zhao Yu suddenly recalled the bomb that he had thrown away, realizing he was the only one who knew about its location. So, he quickly showed the police the location of the bomb.

As he had been distracted by the matter of the bomb's location, he had loosened his grip on the driver, who had then fallen to the ground. The driver was very pale and was was already in a heavy stupor. However, as he fell, something black had tumbled out from his ear.

Zhao Yu noticed it and picked it up. He had yet to look at it very closely, when the detector in his head already leapt into action, providing him a detailed introduction. Apparently, it was the communication device that the criminal wore in his ear!

The model and specification serial number of the communication device were the same as the three professional killers in the nursing home. Hence, they were definitely all from the same gang!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt hope rise in his heart. He pondered for a moment.

The power was blocked earlier, so the two criminals definitely couldn't send out any information then...

So… would I be able to find the mastermind behind these criminals, if I were to put in more effort on the communication device? If I can find this person, does it mean that I could then find Cui Lizhu?

With thoughts still racing through his head, Zhao Yu quickly placed the communication device over his ears. Immediately, he could hear a bunch of noises on the other side of the line.


He wasn't sure if the communication device was damaged or of it was being affected by other electronics' interferences, but the line seemed staticy and impaired. Zhao Yu was quickly getting a headache from the earphone, so he finally took it off.

Just as he took it off, he heard something that shocked him enough to make him place it on his ear again to listen carefully.

That's not right!

Although it was all just a bunch of noises that were coming the communication device, Zhao Yu could hear some distinct voices in the background. There were people talking…. and also, a police siren!

At first, Zhao Yu thought that that the main voice was Ah Biao's, but then he thought that was impossible. This was because, when Zhao Yu was brutally punching Ah Biao's head, his communication device had fallen off, only to have Zhao Yu accidentally step on it immediately thereafter! Plus, the Invisible Detector clearly showed that there was only one communication device at the scene.

But… Where did the noises in the communication device come from then?

Frustrated, Zhao Yu listened to it again. In the end, he heard a heavy panting sound in the background.


The police alarm continued to wail..

Noisy background…

Heavy panting sound…

Would it be…

Zhao Yu suddenly stood up and looked around.

Beepo Beepo…

An ambulance could be seen driving towards them from a distance. After it parked, a few medics exited from the back of it, carrying stretchers.

The medics were swift in taking action. Under the instruction of the police, they started giving the two criminals first-aid, then carried them on stretchers to rush them back to the hospital for treatment.

"They must wear handcuffs. These are important criminals! Look after them carefully. Send more backup if needed!" Zhao Yu exhorted the police officers in charge. The police nodded and immediately sent for more manpower.

Although Zhao Yu was paying attention to the work before him, he was also observing his surrounding environment simultaneously. He saw with his detector that the medics and police officers around him were carrying their phones and walkie-talkies, but that there was no communication device in sight. That meant that these people weren't suspicious.

But… That heavy pant, what's going on with that?

Zhao Yu quickly left and to go search around the cross junction. He felt that it was very possible that there was a person that carried the same communication device!

But...Who is it?

If there's really such a person, that person must be the killers' accomplice…

Then, Zhao Yu felt a chill run down his spine. He had a suffocating feeling that he was being watched by a demon.

Zhao Yu scanned his gaze through the crowd quickly. Suddenly, he heard a busy tone through the communication device that he only normally heard after the signal was cut off.

Now, he couldn't hear the noises and the panting sound anymore! It was obvious that the person, upon sensing that Zhao Yu was onto him, had most likely turned off the communication device!

Zhao Yu was in shock. Sensing something unusual was afoot, he quickly turned around to look at a corner where the ambulance was parked. At that very moment, the place was packed, completely overrun with bustling police officers and personnel.

But, amid all of the commotion, Zhao Yu was still able to clearly see that there was a police car, which had its police alarm on, parked right next to the ambulance. Zhao Yu then saw a person suddenly jump out of the police car!

The person was wearing a police cap and had his back facing Zhao Yu. He was quickly walking off in a hurry, heading straight towards the crowd of people.

That's not right!

Zhao Yu could tell that there was something wrong with the person immediately. So, he quickly sped up and chased after the person. As he ran, the detector detected a communication device in the police car, the model of which was the same as the criminals'!



These criminals sure are bold!

But they are also arrogant!

Determined to catch him, Zhao Yu quickly ran towards the person. However, he seemed to notice something and quickened his pace.

This made Zhao Yu even more certain that the person was definitely the criminals' accomplice! Hence, he ran even faster, too, while he took out his gun with the muffler.

However, just as he prepared the gun, Zhao Yu suddenly came screeching to a halt, totally shocked. At the very moment, the detector monitor in his head had suddenly flashed a red light, alerting him that there was a bomb-like signal that had come into sight!

Oh my God!

Zhao Yu turned around and looked. He had never expected that there would be a bomb installed in the police car!
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