Crazy Detective
594 Beyond Expectation
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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594 Beyond Expectation

As they were entangled, Zhao Yu hit Ah Biao in the back with the sub-machine gun, while Ah Biao dashed forward. He then pushed Zhao Yu onto the mobile command unit forcefully!

When he collided with the mobile command unit, Zhao Yu felt extreme pain, which caused him to drop the sub-machine gun immediately! The mobile command unit, which was now overturned, was splashing water all over. It appeared as though it was raining, with the two of them getting thoroughly drenched!

While cold water continued to shower down on them, Zhao Yu roared like a wild beast. He then bunched up his fists and started throwing punches.

However, Ah Biao was no easy target. He also started throwing back punches with all of his strength, determined to not let Zhao Yu beat him!

Zhao Yu quickly noticed that Ah Biao's attack style was different from the professional killers that he had experienced before. He was just like Zhao Yu had been in his previous life, having no meticulously planned movements, only using brute force.

The two battled each other fiercely, neither prepared to give an inch to the other. Zhao Yu grabbed Ah Biao's head and pushed it towards the car, while Ah Biao held Zhao Yu's thigh and punched his abdomen.

At first, Zhao Yu had hoped to defeat his enemy without shedding any blood, fighting according to how Miao Ying had taught him. However, in the face of Ah Biao's ferocious attacks, his uncivilized rage was triggered, making him become violent!

So, Zhao Yu lifted his fist and started throwing heavy punches at Ah Biao's head. Although Ah Biao tried to block them with his hands and punch back, Zhao Yu was like a stubborn blacksmith, pounding away!

Soon enough, Ah Biao couldn't stand it anymore. He tried to push away from Zhao Yu and retreat. But, Zhao Yu was still holding on to his neck, launching one punch after another!

As Ah Biao couldn't stop Zhao Yu's ferocious attacks, his face soon became swollen and covered in blood! Ah Biao's body slowly slumped to the ground, as he had completely lost the power to resist.

However, Zhao Yu was still as crazy as ever, so he actually kept punching! Every punch he landed, a new stream of blood splashed and gushed from Ah Biao's body!

"Ah… Ah…"

Suddenly, the driver, who had been shot earlier, shouted from the ground. He had apparently stolen a glance at Zhao Yu and been completely shocked, as if he had seen a demon!Then, the driver picked up his muffled gun, crawled on the ground, and took aim at Zhao Yu.

"Hehehe…" Zhao Yu giggled and grinned at the person, his malicious smile extremely scary. The driver saw it and quivered in fear.

Zhao Yu then easily dodged the driver's feeble attempt by hiding behind the car. Ah Biao was still lying on the ground, like a pile of mud. It was obvious that he was already on the verge of death.

"Ah!" the driver screamed with rage.

He then struggled to pull himself up into a standing position, then ran towards Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu, who was now behind the car, used an Invisible Fluoroscopic device that allowed him to see the driver's movement through the car.

Meanwhile, the water that was spurting from the hydrant was getting heavier and and louder. The driver, while dragging his lame leg, walked towards the mobile command unit with great difficulty.

Zhao Yu smirked coldly. He then leaped towards the driver, who was already weak. As Zhao Yu leaped over, his gun flew off to the side. When Zhao Yu realized what had happened, he looked like he was going to faint!

As he looked up, Zhao Yu saw that the driver now wore a creepy smile. The driver then clenched his teeth and roared at Zhao Yu, "Go to hell!"

Zhao Yu only replied with a smile of disdain. He quickly followed that by giving the driver a tight slap. He then asked, "Hey stupid! Do you think that I would fall down at the same place twice?"

"Mm… You?" The driver lifted his head and looked like he had seen a ghost again.

"Are you wondering why the bomb didn't explode?" Zhao Yu chuckled and said, "If I were to tell you that I had already disarmed the bomb, would you believe me?"

"What? You… How did you know about it?" He touched his waist subconsciously and asked in surprise, "Who are you?"

"Can't you tell? I'm your ancestor!" Then, Zhao Yu gave him another quick slap and took of his shirt. He then pulled off a small metal box from around his waist.

"Impressive! To think that such an amazing explosion could come from such a small box," Zhao Yu complimented. "You guys are so technologically advanced! I'm impressed!"

As it turns out, when Zhao Yu was chasing after the BMW, he had already detected that there was a bomb in the BMW. That's why he was so certain that those were the professional killers' allies!

Then, using the Invisible Detector, he was able to detect the exact location of the bomb. Hence, he had used the Invisible Bomb Disposal to disarm the bomb!

But, coincidentally, the system device had reminded him that the bomb couldn't be ignited again, so he didn't need to use that device. Zhao Yu then realized that he had already used the power jamming device, too.

So, he was guessing that there was some power source that was required to ignite the bomb. If that were so, it would help Zhao Yu save a precious bomb disposal. Hence, it was naturally a great plan!

However, Zhao Yu had never touched a bomb, so he was a bit nervous. However, he quickly cast all doubt aside, took out the handcuffs, then placed them on the driver.

After receiving a cold shower from the fire hydrant, Zhao Yu slowly settled down. He knew that he had stopped the bomb from exploding, and also that he needed to keep this would-be victim living! After all, he wouldn't let the criminal that was related to the Hasty Murder Case die on his watch!

He also had another important task, which was to look for Cui Lizhu! If his speculation was valid, Cui Lizhu was most likely in the BMW! But, as this was just a guess, he could not be sure.

Whoop whoop…

Just as Zhao Yu picked up the criminal's gun and walked towards the BMW to check it out, there was a pressing alarm that sounded in the air. It must be the backup that Zeng Ke had called for earlier.

"Cui Lizhu…"

"Cui Lizhu…"

Zhao Yu mumbled her name quietly to himself, while he walked towards the BMW. However, after he opened the car door, he realized that there was no one in the car!


Suddenly, Zhao Yu had a bad feeling. He quickly ran to the BMW's trunk. He opened it, only to see that it was also empty!


I got it wrong!

Cui Lizhu isn't in this car…

So, where could she be?
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